UNSTOPPABLE : A Poem to encourage girls…..!!!


You go Girl,

Chase your dreams,

And conquer the world..

Never Ever doubt yourself,

If u want it, You can get it.

You know that, You are all that You need…

Don’t listen what they say,

Don’t care what they judge,

Its your life not theirs to live…

Do whatever you wanna do,

Love, Live, Laugh, as its all in yourself.

Never forget your worth,

Your strength, will power, wishes, dreams,

Its all yours, so why care for others opinion..

So go ahead my girl,

With your smile as your most precious ornament,

Keep your head high with confidence,

& wear the crown of your pride..

As You are always UNSTOPPABLE…!!

What do you think?

Written by Rashmi Daryani

A food lover for whom travelling is a great escape..
A reader and writer by heart..!!


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