Top 10 Fashion and Beauty Trends of 2016


Here I am back again with this post to tell you about the most loved fashion and beauty trends of 2016. As 2016 is about to end giving a trendy start to 2017. If we talk fashion-wise, these given trends started in 2016 with a bang and hopefully gonna continue their charm in 2017 as well.

Here we are presenting top 10 FASHION TRENDS of 2016


Yo baby..!! The second half of 2016 was all about Off-shoulder. The trend is totally in and loved by all. The best thing about Off-shoulder style is that it looks good on all body types and comes with variety as well. It is available in all kinds of dresses like tops, t-shirts, kurtis, maxis, etc.

off shoulder
off shoulder

The return of the basics

Here I am talking about the wardrobe basics or we can say the fashion’s “must have”. Colors like black, white and grey are top of it. Tees, trousers, skirts, jeans of these colors are all time favorite as well these are most apt for a simple yet classy look. From Celebrities to Commoners, all drool over the Basics in 2016.


Sleek middle-parted hairdos

Girls who follow either Kim Kardashian or Deepika Padukone, You know better what I am gonna say. 2016 was all about Bold and Beautiful and this one is both Bold as well as Beautiful.This is not-so-difficult to carry hairdo. One can carry this look with her own preference and choice like the ponytail, fish-braid and much more. It is a bold style statement and goes well with all outfits. Don’t think, Go Try…


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80’s is back in business baby. Chokers were hugely popular in the 80’s. As we say History repeats itself, Chokers are back with a Bang. We are going crazy over its different cute little patterns and styles. Our mothers are more than happy to see us reviving their fashion trends.


The lob

If you are thinking what’s this??? Chill Ladies, LOB stands for long-BOB. Basically, it is the same old Bob cut with added a few added inches in its length. WOW..!! It fulfils both your needs, the length as well as the look of the cut. It is a great trending haircut and you can try it blindly as it looks good on all the face shapes. Hey, for reminder Do you remember Jennifer Aniston or I should say Rachel Green from Friends..!!


Slip Dresses/Camisole with T-shirt

This is a unique and cute style to try. Just put your regular tee underneath your Camisole or Slip Dress. This is a very cool kinda look. Teenagers and college girls are mad over this trend and carrying it fearlessly.

img source: Whaelse
img source: Whaelse

Dark lips

Do I need to say more?? Dark Lips became the sexiest beauty trend of 2016. Bold and Bright colors like Red(and many more shades of red), Magenta, Brown, Purple… and it can go on and on.. Basically, dark shades of any color are the trending right now. Ladies this is the right time to try all the dark shades and stock up your collection because its gonna stay for a while.


Stacks of delicate jewellery

Instead of wearing one big ring or necklace, stacking more than one piece of delicate rings, necklaces, etc is totally today’s call. Jewellery-wise piling up is the new and shouting trend. So you can buy more and more, and wear them alternatively with others. It’s a great trend to show-off as well.


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Dresses with ruffles style are all about frills, laces, ribbons,etc. In short, we can say the princess type dresses or gowns that we desire in our childhood, is in. This is the right time to invest in this kind of dresses and make yourself feel like a queen. The fashion is totally in and is available in many different patterns and styles depending on one’s personal choice and preferences.

Img source: Artsfon

Brushed-up brows

This is not a new beauty trend. The Brushed-up brows were very popular some years back. It has revisited our beauty generation this year from New York Fashion Week and now it is hugely appreciated and followed. The best thing about this beauty trend that it is easy to do other than some very complicated trends as well it gives more natural and subtle look.

img source: Sugarscape
img source: Sugarscape

So, Girls… if you still have not tried these trends. You still have time, Go and Grab them…!!

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What do you think?

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