50 Unique and Best Tattoo Ideas for Girls with Latest Designs| 2021

Best tattoo ideas for girls

Our body is like a canvas, even the flaws ornament it. And since time immemorial, women have decorated their bodies. Be it with jewelry or body art. Tattoos have a significant place in our culture too. Both in the form of temporary henna tattoos to celebrate an occasion and as the ink carvings on the body. Art has no doubt evolved through civilizations.

The word ‘Tattoo’ got its origin from Polynesian and Tahitian languages as ‘Ta’ means ‘strike’ and ‘Tau’ means ‘mark’. Well, many theories have been stated about the origin of this art. Tattoos even played an essential part in our ancient culture. Men, as well as women, believed to get inked as it was a symbol of their masculinity and femininity. The modern generation has seen tattoos in various ways.

Considered as a taboo at once, today the tattoo industry has grown large and people are more open to the idea of defining their individuality and personality through the power of the ink. Many people use tattoos to hide any kind of marks on the body.

Here in this article, we are listing the unique tattoo ideas for girls as per their styles. But before that, let’s discuss the types of tattoos.

Types of Tattoos

tattoos for girls

There are countless styles of tattoos. But briefly speaking, tattoos can be classified as either permanent or temporary tattoos. As you need ink to write on a piece of paper, similarly ink is also required to outline a design on your skin. But you don’t have to go through the pain all the time. Yes, that’s what temporary tattoos are meant for. It is the one answer for everyone who admires the spectacular designs still cannot be sure about having it engraved on his body.

Temporary tattoos are either stickers or paints. Anyone who is not allergic to stickers can go for it. No doubt, they are inexpensive and offer you the same designs as permanent tattoos.

While the temporary tattoos last for a few days or weeks, permanent tattoos remain on your skin for a lifetime. The piercing on the needle does pain but as the wise people say “No pain, No Gain“. Also, the shading hurts a bit more than single lines as the needles used vary.

Unlike temporary ones, permanent tattoos require at least 3 weeks to completely heal, until then you need to be immensely careful. The only way to remove such tattoos is opting for some highly expensive laser treatment.

How is it Done?

Recent years have witnessed a revolutionary change in the way people have accepted body art. Interestingly, the oldest tattoo was found on a 5000 years old Mummy. Today it does not only represent a culture but showcases the experiences of a person, their dreams, and ideas.

It might sound bizarre to you but there is a human who has done tattoos all over their body (Literally). There are few people in the world who have even inked their eyes. It might sound bizarre to some but according to them, it was a lifetime experience. The foremost thing while inking is the design. Precisely, everything depends on what the need of the client.

So, the basic step is to finalize the design and where to do it. This is followed by making an outline of that particular design on the skin. All types of equipment are sterilized and the tattoo designer chooses the ink and sets you for the tattoo. The time of the inking process depends on the complexity of the tattoo. While some end within a few hours, others require a number of sittings. The number of needles also varies.

Once you’ve got inked, you wait for the tattoo to heal and become more prominent. It does not end with simply getting inked. Aftercare is very important and must not be ignored.

Tattoo Ideas for Girls or Women

Tattoos are just like a sketch that defines something magical. Your tattoo should be the replica of your thoughts and imagination. Here are a few out-of-the-box tattoo ideas for women or girls. We are classifying tattoos according to shape and style. You will definitely get the perfect idea of your tattoos from here.


geometric tatto design ideas for girls

The newest addition to the world of Funky yet sophisticated tattoos are geometric tattoos. Certain geometric patterns are repeated continuously, giving a perfect figure. The design might consist of simple lines or rectangles, triangles, and circles. Sometimes, there are shapes within shapes. The geometric tattoo designs range from miniature circles to matrices and even animals drawn in certain shapes. Definitely, they give an extremely vibrant look.

Check inkme.tattoo for more Geometric Tattoo Ideas for Girls.

More geometric tattoo designs:


mandala-tattoos-for women

Favorite among people of all age, the Mandala tattoos stand out of all. Representing the spiritual and ritual symbols of Buddhism and Hinduism, Mandala has always had significance in our culture. They provide a sense of spirituality, sensibility, and positivity. Though originally presented in the form of a circle that represents the Universe, the mandala tattoos continue to be recreated in various forms. You can try the elephant or lotus mandala. Or even opt for colorful mandalas. The options are endless, one better than the other.

Check wildtattooart for more mandala tattoos for women

More Mandala Tattoo designs:

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Cosmic Constellation Tattoo idea

Cosmic or Constellation tattoos are mysterious yet attractive. This unique tattoo can be with simple black ink or using colored ones too. Constellation tattoo is like redefining the designs like single stars and sun signs. Also, those who don’t want shading can opt for this instead. You can do it anywhere, from the wrist to the back of your neck or even feet.

Check this tattooblend page for Cosmic or Constellation Tattoo ideas for girls.

More Constellation Tattoo designs for girls:


Moon-Tattoos-for girls

The shine of the Moon remains unmatched. And so does this tattoo idea. Inking phases of the moon are the latest trend. The phases of the moon represent the never-ending or regenerating cycle of life and also of our deeds. Another fabulous moon tattoo design is the crescent moon. The small moon can be done anywhere and it also suits perfectly in the couple tattoo bucket list.

Click here for best Moon Tattoos Ideas for girls


The floral tattoo is for those vibrant and magnificent ladies reading this. You can go for the simple Dandelion, Sunflower, Lotus, Daisy tattoo.  Or choose to ink colorful shades in a rose or a wildflower. The list is endless. Right from tiny flowers to bouquets. You can add more glam to it by detailing the flowers. Some floral tattoo designs consist of certain geometrical figures to provide an extra edge.

Click Here for more Floral Tattoo Ideas

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Roman Numerals Tattoo Designs

Certain occasions leave a lifelong impact on us. They are days to remember and cherish, forever. So why not preserve by decorating it on our body. Inking the special dates in Roman is another great tattoo idea. Classic yet cool, you can’t miss these tattoos. You can choose whether to have the large ones with shading of simple designs. Though they look great when done anywhere on the body, doing it on shoulders gives a more glamorous look. And this fits every list; you can do it for your partner, best friend, and parents or maybe ink one important event of your life.

Click here for more Roman Numerals Tattoo Designs


small tattoo ideas for girls

Miniature tattoos are both stylish and eye catchy. The small size does not constrain the world of creativity. You can choose from a range of ideas. A tiny flower, your pet or even something as personal as a signature. You can turn any design to its miniature form and it will still have the same charm. Done with black and gray inks and also colorful inks, the miniature designs are just perfect. You can do it on your finger, ankle, behind the ears, on the neck, arms, back; simply anywhere. You can also ink one work that defines your thought and personality or dedicate a miniature tattoo to your favorite TV series or book.

Click here for small tattoos ideas for girls or women


Perfect Quote Tattoo for girls

Single line tattoo is done by creating a design with one single line. Often a very simple design, one can also get large tattoos with a single line. You can ink small quotes, mountains, trees, flower, and animals too. If you’re one ink lover and visualize your life through the traces of ink, then you won’t even mind inking faces with a single line. Yes, it comes with no boundaries.

Click Here for Perfect Quote Tattoo ideas for girls


finger tattoo designs

Finger tattoos are both for the gentle and fierce. You can either go for the simple moon outline, olive leaves, constellation, and one word; or shade your finger with different designs like Roman numerical, animals, religious symbols etcetera. They look amazing. Glam it up with finger rings and you’re ready to rock.

Click here for best finger tattoo designs for women


Watercolor Tattoos designs for girls

Watercolor looks perfect in a painting, isn’t it? Well, so does it on our body. The watercolor tattoo is one of the most exotic and brilliant designs. Though you might initially assume that the colors used are different, but the setup is the same as other tattoos. Just the technique differs, and that makes all the difference. The watercolor tattoos look lively. You can do a butterfly, tulip, unicorn or dedicate it to the magical world of Hogwarts. Imagine as much as you can and paint your body.

Click here for best Watercolor Tattoos designs for girls

There is one more idea and that is the one you have in your mind. You can design your own tattoo and it will be definitely an interesting affair. The most vital thing while going for a tattoo is the shop and the artist. It all depends on the excellence of the artist and how comfortable he makes you feel.

Tattoo Aftercare: How To Take Care of a New Tattoo

After getting inked first thing is to take care of your tattoo to make sure you don’t get a skin infection. So, make sure that your new tattoo is something that you don’t end up regretting. Follow these simple steps while your new tattoo heals.

  • The artists always cover new tattoos in a thin layer of petroleum jelly and a bandage. Be sure that your tattoo artist does this.
  • Remove that bandage after 24 hours.
  • Gently wash the tattoo area twice a day with antimicrobial soap and water and be sure to pat dry. Don’t rub.
  • Apply a layer of antibacterial/Vaseline ointment twice a day, but don’t put on another bandage. Keep it moist.

You shouldn’t:

  1. cover the tattoo with sunblock until it’s fully healed.
  2. scratch, rub or pick at the tattoo.
  3. wear tight clothing over the tattoo.
  4. go swimming or immerse your body in water (showers are fine)

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The piercing of needle pains, that’s obvious. But then, every sweet thing comes with a price. Just make sure that the equipment to be used is sterilized and the tattoo inks won’t affect your health. And never forget about the aftercare of the tattoo and especially your skin. Do proper research about what you want and where you want it.

Happy inking.

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