12 Best Home Remedies for Skin Care in Winter

winter skin care tips for dry skin

Winter is finally here and it is the best time for outings. We all really feel cozy sitting in the sun or roaming to our favorite outdoor places. But we must not forget that our skin needs extra during these months of cold as it tends to get dry and crack. We need to restore the lost moisture from the skin in winters.

Looking gorgeous and beautiful often becomes a tough task during winters but you will be surprised to know that you need not devote much of your time to keep your skin beautiful. You can keep your face and body flawless and hydrated in winters.

For preserving the ‘beautiful you’, you don’t even need to step out of your house and buy costly products. And Yes, no need to visit the parlor for perfect skin in winters. You can take care of your skin at home with effective home remedies.

We have curated the best DIY homemade remedies and some cool ideas to take care of your skin at home during winters. We mention all kinds of winter care from hairs to feet.

Home Remedies for Skin Care in Winter

Here are the best ways to take care of your skin in winter.

1. Aloe Vera, Rosewater and Toner Face Spray:

This is my special secret recipe to keep the face hydrated in winter. This magic beauty potion keeps the face flawless, moist, and, soft. For this winter face spray, you need aloe vera (3 tablespoons), rosewater (5 tablespoons), Himalaya toner (5 tablespoons), glycerin (1 tablespoon), orange essential oil (5 drops), and Vitamin E capsules (1 capsule). Mix all in a spray bottle and shake well before every use.

2. Washed Red Lentils Scrub:

This is the DIY Homemade scrub that I use all around the year. But for winters, I do add some almonds to it. Take 1 cup of washed red lentils (dhuli masoor dal) and 5-10 almonds (depends on your skin type). Grind them properly and make powder. Use this as a scrub. This will give soft and beautiful skin throughout the whole winter.

3. Aloe Vera and Glycerin lotion:

As we know Aloe Vera is a magical plant. It has all healing powers. The Aloe Vera and glycerin which act as a magical potion can solve most of your problems. You can use this lotion for your face as well as for your body.

Note:- Use 4:1 ratio of Aloe vera: glycerin.

4. Tea tree oil in Lukewarm water:

Hot showers are really alluring in the low temperatures but you need to be on guard and use only lukewarm water. Hot water can make your skin really dry so it should be avoided. Adding a few drops of glycerin or tea tree oil to the water while bathing can give your skin the glow you desire.

5. Aloe Vera and Honey Lotion:

Aloe Vera mixed with honey can act as an excellent pack for your skin especially your hands and neck. This lotion can act as a miracle in keeping skin hydrated.

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6. Sugar and Olive oil Face Scrub:

Your face always needs the extra bit so start with a scrubber that has sugar and olive oil. The oil mixed in the scrub should vary depending on your skin type. The ones who are extremely prone to acne can use Aloe Vera gel instead of any oil.

Now, coming to face packs you really have a variety of packs available in the market. So, always choose the one which suits your skin. Or you can use a homemade face mask for winter care.

7. Banana Face pack:

Banana, yes the fruit which is often a part of our daily diet can be your best friend. Smashed banana mixed with honey, yogurt, and milk powder can really keep your skin moisturized and impart a beautiful glow.

8. Almond milk and coconut oil as a face moisturizer:

Some of the overnight treatments for the extra special beautiful skin you want are a paste of almond with milk and coconut oil. The paste can be used on the face which acts as a strong moisturizer and the coconut oil can really be that effective that you do not need to nourish your skin with anything else.

9. Egg Face pack:

You can also use a face pack having egg yolk, olive oil, or eucalyptus oil, and yogurt. This face pack helps in hydrating your face.

10. Buttermilk as Moisturizer:

One of the best and very easily available items found in the Indian kitchen is buttermilk. It can help you attain the extra sheen you want. It is all and more than sufficient for your hands.

11. Carrot Juice and Sesame oil as a moisturizer:

Carrot juice and sesame oil act as good moisturizers. It heals the skin in winters and makes you feel good.

12. Curd

 Curd is a good source of calcium, protein, and various essential vitamins that makes skin soft, nourished and supple. It can make your skin extraordinarily beautiful and glowing.

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How to take care of your Lips in Winters?

Now coming to the lips which all ladies want to keep beautiful and glossy, you just need glycerin mixed with honey. Ladies out there beware of all the fruit-flavored lip balms as they because more evaporation and your poor lips are even more deprived of the moisture they need. Your constant companion needs to be the lip balm that you prepare at home using glycerin and honey.

To take care of your lips, start with exfoliation. You can make your own lip scrub with ingredients you already have at home. All you need:

  • 1 tbsp. of an exfoliating ingredient, such as sugar or sea salt
  • 1 tbsp. of an emollient, such as honey or oil

To make this lip scrub for winter you need a small bowl or container for mixing your ingredients, a cotton swab, and a damp washcloth to remove it. Mix exfoliating ingredients and emollient in a bowl ad apply it with the cotton swab. After 5-10 min remove it with a damp washcloth.

After this process, apply home remedies for chapped lips to help soothe, moisturize, and protect lips from drying.

How to take care of your feet in Winters?

Another area that bears the brunt of the chilly weather is your feet. The best food for them is glycerin, yes again glycerin. Wash your feet and apply glycerin. Do not forget to wear socks after this. Keeping it overnight can act as a wonder.

You can do pedicures at home regularly. This will protect your feet from harsh winter. After the pedicure, apply any homemade cream to protect it from drying.

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These basic things can help your skin to retain moisture. Your skin needs extra moisture or oil that it loses during winters. Skincare in winter is really important. Last but not least eat healthily and drink lots of water as good inner health always brings out the most beautiful skin.

Happy winters!

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