How to do Morning Walk for Weight Loss

Morning Walk for Weight Loss

Walking is the best possible exercise to make a great difference. Habituate yourself to walk very far.”

Caught up in the hustles of a hectic life and busy schedule, have you ever wondered how far you have neglected the essential needs of your body? Starting right from healthy eating to nurturing your brain with some fresh air, there’s a lot that you need to inculcate in your daily habits. One such important activity that you need to adopt in your lifestyle is the morning walk.

It is seen from a study that, 80% of the Indian women population suffer from cardiovascular diseases and a major portion of them are between the age category of 30-40. Walking helps in preventing cardiovascular diseases as well as improves your social and mental well-being. If you throw some light into the depth, there are several health benefits of walking.

Walking gives you energy for the rest of the day and prevents you from frequently getting exhausted. Along with it, morning walks bring some fresh new ideas and a motivational spirit for the rest of your day to keep you going. Expert nutritionists suggest that early morning can make a major difference in your weight loss journey and help to boost your metabolism in a faster way.

Going on morning walks necessarily doesn’t mean that you spend a long time outdoors. Let it be-be a just 30-minute walk daily, it’ll promisingly make a huge difference to your health and lifestyle. Apart from all this, one best reason to start your morning walk from this moment itself is that it helps in reducing breast cancer as well.

If you are looking for how to do a morning walk to lose weight, you are in the right place. We have something really interesting about morning walks and your healthy balance.

Different people have different lifestyles. Some are athletes while the rest may be calm composed in their space. So, you have to choose the walking styles accordingly in order to lose weight. Well, here’s a list of a few different types of walks that you can pick up to add to your daily routines and make a great difference in well-being being your physical and mental conditions.

Below is the list of different style of morning walk for weight loss. Choose any one which suits your routine:

Types of Morning Walk to Lose Weight

1. Brisk Walking

Brisk walking involves walking briskly for 4 miles per hour of space. This type of walking mainly helps to cut down the risks of diabetes and reduces cholesterol levels.

2. Treadmill Walking

For all those who aim at a vigorous walking session yet are afraid to damage their muscle cells and get knee injuries, Treadmill walking is the best option for them. Easy as well as convenient at your own pace and with your own preferred speed. It is good for arthritis

3. Water Waking

You can even try walking on a water surface or a swimming pool to enjoy a water walk and soak your feet in the water. Water walking has effectively benefited people in burning out more calories and rejuvenating their mood.

4. Hill Walking

It is just a sort of recreational walking on a hilly side or across the mountains. It helps to lose weight rapidly and strengthens your leg muscles.

5. Interval Walking

You need to walk as fast as you can for 20 seconds and then walk at a moderate speed for about 40 seconds. Repeat the same for 20-30 minutes. This type of walking suits best for an athlete.

Talking about the need of the hour, a major population of the world today is mainly concerned about reducing their weight and getting back into shape. The lavish heavy exotic lifestyles have made us vulnerable with our body appetite and routines.

Benefits of morning walk

Walking 30 minutes a day can help in losing weight but again you have to keep in mind the variations in walking. You have to walk as fast as possible or do one of the types of walking mentioned above in order to burn fat.

There are several benefits of walking in our lives. Walking also helps in burning calories and quick weight loss. If you add around 30 minutes of brisk walking every morning, then you can burn around 150 calories for sure in a day. The more you walk, the quicker will be the process of burning extra calories from your body. Manage your walking from moderate to vigorous level and look for the magic within yourself. In no time you’ll see the new you in the mirror.

1. Boost energy

Walking every day in the morning helps in boosting energy. Starting a day with a walk may give more energy throughout the day.

2. It may help in losing weight

Walking every day at a moderate pace for 30 minutes may help in losing weight. Along with walking follow a healthy diet and strength training in order to lose weight fast.

3. Strengthen muscles

Walking helps in strengthening the muscles in your legs.

4. Good Sleep

Walking also helps in improving sleep. A study shows that anyone who experiences difficulty falling asleep at night or has insomnia can be cured by walking. Walking improves sleep quality.

5. Improves mood

Walking anytime whether in the morning or night may help in boosting mood. It reduces stress and anxiety.

Morning Walking Exercise Plan

Still confused, how to start yet? No problem. We’ve got a super easy and effective plan for you to begin your baby steps. This guide plan for walking will push you to begin it all easily and then start working a little tough with your efforts. But follow this walking exercise plan daily.

Week 1:  Start with a daily 15 minutes walk, to begin with, our habit. Take a two-day break in between as your rest day. You can make the day 3rd and 6th as your rest days.

NOTE: If you normally walk daily for 15 minutes, increase the minutes as per your stamina.

Week 2:  Your week 2 goal changes from 15 minutes to 20 minutes. Yes! Just 5 more minutes. But take care that this week also, you take a break for two days. You’ll be working for 5 days in total.

Week 3: Add 5 minutes more! Change your goals to 25 minutes daily. 5 days a week. By now you should have trained your body to very soon set your target to 30 minutes daily.

Week 4: This week you’ll shift your goals to 30 minutes, 5 times a day. By now your weekly goals will be set from 125 to 150 minutes.

The best about this plan is that once you’re into this then you can definitely add on more new different workouts to add intensity and endurance to your efforts. You’ll feel a change in how you think and how light your inner body feels from inside. Meanwhile, remember not to hurt yourself. At any time if you feel any difficulty, no problem, slow down further and return to your starting point to begin it again. Always be conscious about your health conditions while beginning your walk.

Dedication and efforts in the wrong direction will never let you achieve effective results. You gotta do things in the right way to achieve your happy results. We’ve got you some do’s and won’t’s to have safe and effective morning walks.

What to do for Morning Walk for Weight Loss:

  • Wear good shoes made of mesh fabrics rather than the leather ones.
  • Wear synthetic socks to prevent blisters and pad the heel.
  • Carry a water bottle with plain water to stay hydrated between the walks.
  • Try to walk on a flat surface to reduce strain on your feet.
  • Always remember to warm up before your intense walk sessions.

What not to do for Morning Walk for Weight Loss:

  • Avoid cotton socks to prevent blisters and pad the heel.
  • Avoid drinking cold water while walking.
  • Don’t swing your hips while walking. Keep your posture straight.
  • Avoid caffeine before your morning walks and try to take some water and fruits.

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Do keep these tips in mind to stay safe and avoid harming yourself. Walking might seem to be one of the laziest activities, to begin with, but trust me once you’ve started practicing it, there’s no looking back.

Fitness trainers have claimed that those who were habituated with daily morning walk sessions, enjoyed their workouts too. Within a short span of time, your body will adjust to healthy habits and you’ll see your dream results in the mirror.

As it’s rightly said,” Walking gets the feet moving, the blood moving, the mind moving and movement is life.”

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