20 Best Matching Couple Tattoos Ideas to Show your Love

Couple Tattoos Ideas

With the world coming up with all the trends and new fashion statements, tattoos have caught up a lot of attention and trend these days. Be it minimal self-awareness or spirit motivating icons, there’s so much to narrate via these little drawings. Of course, tattoos are much big commitment and we do not appreciate anyone getting them, but for those who are willing to get tattooed, here’s something for you.

Tattoos over time have become very expressive elements and couples love getting one as a couple. You don’t have to wait until next valentine’s day to get one. Anything that has some meaning to you both can be imprinted.Β 

If you are also looking for matching Couple Tattoos Ideas this is the right place. Check out these best Couple Tattoos Ideas for yourself.

Couple Tattoos Ideas

Here’s a quick list of tattoo ideas for couples keeping in mind the trend around.

1. Moon tattoo for couples

a little sober and humble statement piece to get tattooed with your partner is this little moon. It is something small and with a deep message that shows how you can be miles apart but never away from each other’s thoughts. Also, this tattoo is easy to conceal. You can conceal it and keep it for yourself too. 

2. The “promise” tattoo 

The word promise means something more than just being a 7-letter word. The word is a celebration of how you’ve taken an oath to be with each other always celebrate your union. Getting the word imprinted looks elegant too for styling and flaunting it anyway. 

3. The lock and key tattoo

This is something cute and meaningful at the same time. A lock and key show how incomplete you are without each other. A key to your lock is probably the cutest gesture to carry always with you. You can get it imprinted on your fingers or maybe near the ring spots.

4. The heartbeat symbols

The heartbeat symbol is a vintage classic tattoo. Looks effortlessly chic for all occasions. You can get it imprinted on the ring finger along with your partner to show how deeply you connect.

5. The puzzle tattoos

This one can be tricky but if you go to a good tattoo artist, they surely know how to get the right one for you. Pick an image of two jigsaw puzzles and get it imprinted in your arm or wrist. Something very adorable that depicts how you’re a part of each other and life is incomplete without each other for both of you. You can build it out just the way you like. It looks soft and beautiful.

6. The finger heart tattoo

Another finger adorning tattoo idea for a couple is this universal symbol of love. The thin line hearts. You can make it anywhere in your body. Conceal or flaunt, the sign looks super cute and pretty. We suggest you get one on your fingers that look admiring and connected.

7. Special anniversary date

Get your special anniversary date tattoed along with your partner if you wish to hold on to a special memory or mark a special day. It can also be your partner’s birthday or the day you both met. We just believe that there’s always this one day which stands as a special one for every couple. If you are married, give a thought to get the wedding date imprinted as well. 

8. The word “always”

We love how some bonds are just meant to be forever and ever. The word always on your wrist shows how you stand for each other despite all the highs and lows of life.

9. The infinity symbol

How can we forget the OG favorite symbol when it comes to partner tattoos. The infinity symbol is one of the best and most picked ones among the couple. It’s amazing to attach multiple deep emotional thoughts to this one symbol. A hidden way to show how your forever promises are never going to end and you are made for each other in every world that exists.

10. The Q and K tattoos

You can be king and queen to each other who rule on each other’s hearts. Get a tattoo on your wrist according to your gender or to make it more interesting, exchange the letters to show that you own one. You can also ask your tattoo artist to customize your tattoo as per your choice.

11. Compass and yacht tattoo

It said that couples are the ultimate road of guidance for life who hold your hand and promise to show you way in times o dark and light. The compass and yacht tattoo denotes how you both are equally important to walk on the road of life and without each other’s support and guidance, you reach your destination.

12. A little camera

If you and your partner believe in capturing all special moments in a picture or love collecting polaroid, then get a mini camera tattoo beneath your wrist back. Another random and cute idea to keep your emotions hidden from the world and let nobody know what’s the story behind them.  Interesting right?

13. Quotes lines

You can try getting a simple quote tattoo on any part of your body or some secret line that probably nobody knows except you both. We believe literature has numerous such romantic lines and words which couples like as inspiration in their relationship.

14. Sun and moon

It’s amazing how the sun and moon never meet each other and yet, they are inseparable parts of each other’s existence. Sun needs the moon and the moon needs the sun. you can get these different symbols to depict how much you two matter to each other.

15. Your Initials

Well, writing a complete name is a classic one but installing initials is the new adorable trend. It also keeps the actual name hidden and you can easily flaunt the initial of your partner until you decide to announce it to the world. As a pro tip, we suggest one to add some cute icons along with the letter.

16. The tree and roots

A grown tree stands tall and strong with all the strength from its roots. You can get a tree with roots tattoo to show how strong and far you’ve come up facing the challenges in your relationship in life.

17. Your favourite scene

Every couple has that one favorite song or scene from a movie that makes them emotional. You can get a small scene of one such movie or song that you both like.

18. Better Half Tattoo

Pick your favorite character and get the two halves tattoo on your arms. Mostly, to make it look more majestic, you can choose a lion and lioness image. It shows, love, power, and strength between two people.

19. Yin Yang Tattoo

When it comes to relations, how can we forget the balance? Every relationship has its own balance structure to maintain. You can get a yin yang symbol which stands for balance, compromise, and equality in a relationship and the law of nature.

20. I love you 3000

Last but not the least, how can we forget the line that has taken over the world since the endgame was released. Get an β€œI LOVE U 3000” tattoo which has not become the line to show your depth n pure and eternal love.Β 

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So, these were some of the Couple Tattoos Ideas to get done along with your partner but let us give a disclaimer to that. Tattoos are no less than a big commitment in life and getting one without thinking well can be mere stupidity. We do not encourage blind beliefs behind these tattoos and also do not look forward to transgressing any religious beliefs.Β 

Your body is your responsibility, make sure you know what you want.

Stay safe, take care.

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