Lessons that FRIENDS Series taught us about Friendship.


If you are die-hard fans of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.(as I am), then you definitely know how to handle any situation in friendship. Friends are one of the important parts of your life. They support you in your bad time and celebrates happy moments with you. They can make your fun as well fight with others for you. Simply no matter what the situation is, THEY ARE THERE FOR YOU….!!

We are here with great lessons which F.R.I.E.N.D.S. taught us. Hope you will enjoy this.

  1. Friendship is when Friends do funny things to cheer you up. They never hesitate in doing funny things to make you smile. πŸ˜€
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2. Friendship is when Friends can do a party all night with you if you don’t have a date. They even try you to fix with the guy you have a crush on. <3

3. Friendship is when They praise you for the little efforts you make in your life. Friends even make you feel better by encouraging your stupid work.

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4. Friendship is when you get a tight hug from your friend. I love that hug by my close friend anytime. When I feel sad I want that hug, when I feel happy I want that hug. When I am excited I want to hug my friend. When I have done something wrong that hug does all the work.

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5. Friendship is when a friend flirts with you and invites you for a date just to make you feel better. He can listen to your stupid gossips on a date and make you comfortable.

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6. Friendship is when They make your fun but will be there if you need them.

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7. Friendship is when friend makes you feel better by kissing you and telling you no matter what, they love you.

8. Friendship is when you Think about your friend all the time after fight with you and make efforts to resolve the distances.

9. Friendship is when you have a special group symbol which can only be decode by group members.

11. Friendship is when a friend gives best effort to resolve your problem whether they understands it or not.

12. Friendship is when you become kids with your bestie and do fun together.

13. Friendship is when Friends help each other in setting home.

14. Friendship is when friends do silly things to teach a right lesson to you.

15. Friendship is when you celebrates their happy moments together….

16. …or share sad πŸ™ moment together….

17. ….or even share dirty talks together… πŸ˜‰

Hope you enjoyed the post. Do share your happy and sad moments with friends with us.

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