Leech oil for Hair Regrowth and Hairloss Control

Leech oil for hair regrowth

Hair fall and baldness are becoming a common problem nowadays in men and women. The question is why? The main reason for hair fall is using chemical products, and not taking enough nutrition and protein which results in it causes hair fall and baldness. Your genetics can also be the reason behind hair fall.

There are so many products on market and choosing something which is not harmful is quite difficult. Nature is a God gift for us and we can get some products from nature that can be lifesavers. I hope you all have heard about leeches, it sucks human blood. They are slimy and shapeless. There is one therapy that is less or more popular in India and Indonesia known as leech therapy, it cures baldness and stops hair fall. 

The Leech Oil or Jonk Oil for hair growth is an ancient medicine that has been used as a treatment for alopecia. In this blog, I am going to tell you something about this unique Jonk oil like its benefits, directions of use, etc. So buckle up.

Leech Oil for Hair Regrowth

It’s an ayurvedic oil, and unlike other ayurvedic oils its texture is not very thick or heavy, it can easily spread on your scalp but it has an extremely strong smell, so make sure that you apply this oil only to your pampering days so you don’t have to go out or attend any event, it seems more like coconut oil. 

Benefits of Leech Oil:

Here are the benefits of leech oil:

  • It can fight with dandruff 
  • It encourages faster hair growth 
  • Prevents hair fall/hair thinning
  • Nourishes hair and the scalp 

The direction of the use of Leech Oil for hair growth:

  • Take a bowl and pour enough quantity of oil according to your hair length 
  • Massage for 5 minutes on your scalp before applying this oil, it will help you increase the blood circulation in your scalp.
  • Apply this oil to your scalp and on your hair with the help of your fingers. 
  • Massage for around 15 to 20 minutes before going to sleep. 
  • Leave this oil overnight or 60 minutes before taking a bath. 
  • Wash your hair with Lukewarm.
  • Repeat this process twice or thrice a week to see better results.

Leech oil therapy is an ancient technique to counter baldness, alopecia, and other hair-related problems. These techniques have been illustrated in ancient Egyptian tombs and pyramids depicting how to leech therapy is being done on people.

When you choose organically prepared oil, all the medical compounds and secretions remain in the oil and encourage hair stimulation and re-growth. 

What does Leech Oil offer you?

  • Histamine
  • Thrombin
  • Hirudin
  • Nitric Oxide
  • Hyaluronindase
  • Anti–collagen

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Leech oil therapy is a very effective way to regrow your hair, as the secretions from the leech’s salivary glands are very beneficial, encouraging blood circulation and nourishing hair follicles. In traditional techniques, leeches were sanitized and released on the head of the patients. Leeches are then used to suck the toxins from the scalp and used to boost blood circulation. But now this therapy is not possible. So, in this case, leech oil can be used as an alternative for this therapy.

There are lot many leech oils available in the market, make sure you buy an authentic one. Baldness and hair regrowth is the new trend and fraudsters will never leave a chance to hand over a fake product to you. So, beware of fake products as they can aggravate hair fall.

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We all love our hair and we do not want to lose them but as per the present conditions, there are lot many things which encourage or discourage hair growth and hair fall. 

Your genetics plays an important role when it comes to hair and hair fall. If your ancestors were suffering from hair fall then there are high chances that you will also suffer more or less. Other factors are pollution and your surroundings; this is one of the most important factors which affect hair growth and hair fall. If you are living in a metropolitan city then definitely you are prone to a high level of pollution and intoxicants, and you are more vulnerable to hair fall as well.

Another factor is your diet, if you are not having enough proteins in your diet then you will definitely suffer hair loss or hair thinning. Proteins are one of the most important and essential components required for our body in overall aspects. Zinc also plays an important role when it comes to the health of our hair. If you are having white hair then check the amount of zinc in your diet, your diet might be lacking this important mineral. 

Oils like Leech oil, castor oil, etc. can only act as a catalyst and give nourishment to your scalp and hair follicles but they can’t solely or independently lead to hair regrowth. Before investing in these expensive oils or any other treatment, check the above factors as well.

Many tempting brands of oils also claim to provide 100% results in hair re-growth, but at the end of the day, you will find yourself unsatisfied. In fact, the harmful additives which are present in those artificial brands can further increase your hair fall problems. 

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In the end, I would like to suggest you firstly focus on your diet and after that focus on your lifestyle. Do not use hard chemicals like hair gel, or do not use a hairdryer on a regular basis. All these small steps can save your hair. 

Leech oil is one of the most effective ways can improve your hair re-growth. Its job is to nourish your scalp and improve blood circulation without any side effects. It is easily available in the online stores or else you can get it from any supermarket. Make sure to buy pure organic leech oil, it might be costlier but your hairs are priceless. So why take the risk?

“Stay Healthy Stay Nourished”

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