40+ Latest Blouse Designs that can Make You a Hot Diva | 2022

Latest Blouse Designs

A warm hug to all the Saree lovers. This post is dedicated to the most loved Indian Traditional Outfit- “Saree” or “Lehenga”. As we know Saree is incomplete without its Blouse. A perfectly stitched blouse is one of the most important ingredients in the recipe for a “Perfect Saree Look“. The blouse that one wears reflects their personality. Stitching a perfect blouse is an art. So girls, do invest in a good tailor. Maybe you find that the cloth is cheaper than your tailor’s fees.

As the design of the blouse adds grace to the overall look. Choosing the right design according to your body shape and the fabric of the blouse is very important to keep in mind. The design of the back part of a blouse is very important as the front part gets covered by the saree or chunni.

Nowadays, the latest trend is to wear a crop top instead of a blouse. You can give it a shot. Try Crop top in place of blouse: Buy Now

Here are some latest blouse designs for Saree and Lehenga to choose from as per your choice.

Latest Blouse Designs 2022

Latest Blouse Designs

Below are the best and latest blouse designs photos that you can carry in the year 2022. Here is the link, if you want the Best Jewellery Collection To Complement With Designer Sarees

NOTE: We don’t own any of these images, these images are curated from the internet from the latest trend in blouse designs. If anyone found any image violating any rules, please do inform us. We will make it down from the website.

1. Off-Shoulder Blouse

Off-Shoulder is the latest trend nowadays. Whether it’s tops, dresses, gowns, or even blouses, girls are loving this trend in 2022. It highlights your beauty bones giving you a sexy look. So, carry an Off-Shoulder Blouse with full confidence and add the points to your saree look.

Don’t buy the off-shoulder if you have broad shoulders. This may make look your shoulder more broad and ruin your perfect look. If you are wearing an off-shoulder blouse with a lehenga try not to take a dupatta on it.

2. Front Deep neck blouse

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This blouse gives a sexy but elegant look. Perfect for weddings, office parties, or any function. This is one of the hot blouse designs from the front. If you are considering of wearing the front deep neck blouse, don’t make your blouse back neck deep. This will ruin the look as it won’t fit you well and will keep running around.

Avoid this design if you have heavy breasts. This may not look good in the Indian Ceremony.

3. Pearl blouse design

This Hot blouse design looks very sexy and trendy at the same time. You can carry it with a sari and even with a skirt to make an Indo-western dress.

If you have a broad shoulder, make the strips of the pearl blouse broad. This will balance the look and make you look sexier. Avoid padding if you have heavy breasts.

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4. A Single Strap Blouse

The blouse shown above has an elegant yet sexy blouse design. It just has a vertical strap joining the two horizontal straps. It goes well with a simple printed saree, the blouse will complement the simple saree well. You can wear this blouse style with Saree as well as a Lehenga.

This is the perfect blouse look for any lehenga or sari. You can easily carry this look to any party or Shaadi function.

5. Modern Backless Blouse with cute pom-poms

This one hot blouse design’s front and back are perfect for a badass girl. As pom-poms are high in demand nowadays. This is the perfect blend of sass and style.

Whether you are a teenager or a modern woman, you can carry this sexy blouse design to your farewell party or any wedding.

6. Triangular Shaped Blouse Back

This one is designed by the famous designer Anita Dogre. Girls with a broad back, this design has got your back. It gently hides the sides of your back yet maintains the grace and style of the blouse.

The heavy embroidery blouse looks amazing this blouse design. This design makes your back look more elegant yet sexy.

7. Classic backless blouse with strings

latest blouse design

This one is my personal favorite. It suits best the girls with a long upper body. It is basically a backless blouse, the strings are just for support. This is the perfect blouse style for lehenga.

Avoid this design if you have heavy breasts as it may not give you good support and look. If you are slim then you go for this blouse design. I am not judging anyone by their body type but this is necessary to know to avoid any kind of awkward situation.

8. Embroidered Blouse Back Design with Strings

Hello there, soon-to-be brides. This one is most loved by the brides. Bridal blouses are already embroidered and there is not much we can do. But stitching the blouse in this particular design gives the look as well as flaunts the back. This is the perfect wedding blouse style for lehenga.

You can give this beautiful back blouse design a try if you want a gorgeous design for your vidaai saree or reception saree. This will look also good on a heavy embroidery saree blouse with a heavy border.

9. High Neck blouse with Square designed Back

This one is a stylish design perfect for formal meet-ups. From the front, it is designed as a high neck covering the front part elegantly. There is a perfectly cut square with hooks. This is the best formal blouse style for a saree.

You can also style this blouse with a crop top with your skirt. This indo-western look will make your party awesome.

10. Heavily Embroidered Bridal Blouse Design

This one is a stylish option for the modern bride. It is a blend of culture and modern style. This blouse shows the bride and groom. These kinds of bridal blouse designs come heavily embroidered with ready-made designs.

You can purchase this dulhan-doli lace from the market like Chandani Chauk Gota bazaar and give it to your tailor. They make your wedding blouse sexier with this lace on the back.

Also, read Best Websites to Buy Designer bridal lehenga Choli Online in India

11. Simple Deep neck Blouse Design

latest blouse design

If you want to keep it simple, then this low-key blouse design is for you. Three-fourth sleeve length with a deep back is an evergreen combination. You can carry this blouse style with a saree as well as a traditional lehenga.

If you have seen the movie, Mela, Twinkle Khanna wore the same design of blouse with a lehenga.

12. Sleeveless Blouse with Net Cape Design

With this netted cape over the sleeveless blouse, it will definitely give you the feel of a princess. This is the most popular blouse style among celebrities. This is one of the latest blouse designs that you can carry.

Whether you are attending an office party or any Indian wedding, you can go for this design. This sexy blouse look makes you look different from the crowd.

13. Criss-Cross Designed elegant blouse design

latest blouse design

If you are one of those who like things simple yet sexy, then this one is for you. If you are going with a plain saree, this crisscrossed printed blouse will add all grace to the look. This blouse’s back design is very classy.

I basically love this design and have a bralette of the same design. I carry it with my skirt as well as a black saree. This design really looks cool yet sexy at parties.

14. Diamond cut Blouse Design

latest blouse design

Girls love diamonds, here is one more example of that. This diamond cut back of the blouse shows our love for diamonds. This cut looks good on short-height girls as well.

Whether you have heavy breasts or not, this design looks good in every way. You can make the leaves long with this back design of the blouse. This will add extra support and look good.

15. Black Net Oval shaped Blouse Design with Knot

Design with a knot or bow never goes out of style. This black Oval cut-back design looks sexy. The Satin knot at the end works as a cherry on the cake for this particular design.

We will cont recommend you this blouse back look if you have a bulgy back. It will not look good and make your back look basic.

16. T-Shaped Net Button Down Blouse Design

latest blouse design

This one is different than the usual designs. Forming a T-shape at the back with a net along with buttons, this design is apt for family gatherings. This is a new blouse design that you can also carry officially.

This back design of the blouse looks gorgeous on narrow shoulders. Avoid carrying this design if you have broad shoulders as it may make your shoulder look broader.

17. Blouse made with tassels

Hey girl, if you are thinking about something unique. Go with this ultra-modern crop top-designed blouse with tassels in it. Believe me, this will make you feel like the queen of Bollywood. Avoid if you have heavy breasts.

18. TajMahal styled Blouse

This Tajmahal style blouse is one of the most stylish Indian-designed blouses that you can carry to any party, marriage, or festival.

Instead of Dori-look, you can try strips for extra support. The strips will be comfortable if you have heavy upper body.

 19. Jewelry Blouse Design

This jewelry designer blouse is now a trend for brides’ dresses. You can make this design on your lehenga blouse or sari blouse. This looks unique and classy.

You can choose jewelry look lace and add it to any deep neck blouse design to make this look. It will definitely add extra stars to your dress.

20. Bow style blouse

This bow-style designer blouse is best for your Indo-western style sari. You can also carry this blouse to your office parties. This design also looks good with skirts.

21. V-Shape Blouse Neck

This V-shape blouse neck at back design is for your normal daily wear sari. You can make this V-neck design blouse in your sari if you don’t want a broad open-neck blouse. This looks elegant when you carry it with your office look.

22. Top style blouse

Sonam Kapoor is a style diva and her dresses are always the best in trends. This top-style blouse is the best blouse design that you can copy. This design gives a trendy look with minimal body exposure.

But Avoid this blouse design if you have an inverted body shape.

23. Bow Style Blouse Design

This is definitely something unique. This latest blouse design is the 2022 trend. You will love your look after wearing this blouse design.

24. Triangle open back Look

This look is good for you if you want a close-front blouse with a sexy back blouse. This will look good on you if you have a small breasts size or oval shape body.

25. Front close and back open blouse design

These latest blouse designs are very popular if you want a backless blouse but don’t want to expose it much. It will look good on oval shape body or small chest size.

26. Butterfly look blouse design 2022

This butterfly-style blouse is one of the elegant blouse designs but a sexy one. If you have a sexy back and you want to flaunt it, go for this back design in a blouse.

27. Shirt style blouse design

BCCL via Pinterest

This blouse gives a Rajasthani look in which Rajasthani women wear shirt blouses with sarees or lehengas. If you carry it soberly, this can be the best deign to wear during office parties or any formal parties.

28. Classic Deep Neck

This deep-neck blouse design is simple and sober. You can make this design in any of your Indian outfits even in a kurta with Patiala.

29. Full Coverage blouse

This full-coverage blouse is even sexier than a deep-neck blouse. You can carry this look with any party. Avoid this design in heavy embroidery cloth.

30. Latest Diana Penty Blouse Design

This blouse design is best for your lehenga and sari. You can carry it to any party with full confidence. If you have a slim figure, definitely go for this design.

31. Paan Shape blouse design

This Paan shape blouse design is for every age group girls and women. This is the basic blouse deigns which is in trend since the 90s.

32. Kareen Style Full sleeve blouse design

This is the latest trending blouse design which has a deep neck and full sleeves. You can also carry this design if you have a heavy chest. Just keep in mind that if the boobs bulge out it may ruin the look.

33. Net Blouse cum Bra

This is a bralette that you can buy it online on Amazon. But this bralette looks very good with the plain sarees. This is a good option for teenage girls. Try this look at your farewell party or any Shaadi function. IT will give you a sexy look with innocence.

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34. Embellished Silk Saree Blouse With Boat Neck

This is Saree Blouse with Boat Neck. This boat neck is more stylish than a regular boat neck blouse that gives you a very trendy look.

You can buy it online: Myntra

35. Sexy Back Blouse

This deep-neck blouse with a unique back design looks sexy. You can buy it online from here: Myntra

36. Shirt style blouse

Again this is the shirt-style look but in a different way. This trendy blouse design looks best with cotton sarees. You can wear it in any formal event.

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37. Pink & Gold-Coloured Printed Jacquard Saree Blouse

This collared blouse is an old trend but again came into fashion. You can try this blouse design with any saree or lehenga.

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38. Crop top blouse

This frilled leaves blouse is the perfect design for your crop top and skirt look. You can also carry it with a saree in any event.

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39. Ethnic Crop Wrap Top style blouse

Pair this crop top style latest blouse design with black sarees or lehenga: Buy Now

40. Deep neck and full sleaves blouse

41. Sexy Back Blouse

42. Frill Sleaves Blouse Design 2022

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These were some latest blouse designs that you can totally rock when you next wear Saree. I hope you guys liked it. I will be back soon with some more designs. If you want to buy the latest designer blouse online, buy here

Stay trendy, stay Optimistic.

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