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It is often said, A girl’s handbag has got everything. Every girl at some point in her life has listened to this statement from a male member that may be her brother, friend, or lover; that it is impossible to find anything in your Bag. Once my male friend said, “Your bag is like a treasure hunt for me, but I never got anything.”

I agree we girls tend to have a habit to carry lots of things in our handbags. Now the point is what should be carried and what not. Obviously, the list changes according to one’s own preference. But here I have made a list of the must-haves. So, presenting a list of such carry-on essential items for every woman’s purse. Here I am categorizing it into 4 different groups.

Handbag Essentials

These are some things that a girl must keep with her all the time in her handbag. These essentials mentioned below are necessary to carry. You can change this checklist as per your need. We have just mentioned the handbag essentials that we think are important and must-have carry-on essentials.

Emergency Purposes Carry on Essentials:

emergency hand bag essentials

Safety Pins:

Ok, So all the girls there will agree to this point. In times of emergency, Safety pins can be a very handy solution. Often a button on our dress or shirt can betray us and can create a very embarrassing situation. At those times, Safety Pins can prove to be the savior for us and must-have carry-on essentials.

Debit/Credit Card:

This is well understood by all. We all should keep our cards with us for monetary emergencies. Having a good cardholder is also a good option.

Power bank: 

In today’s world, we can’t live without our mobiles. Mobile is very much needed at all times. No one wants their phone dead. So, a power bank is a must to keep your phone alive in odd situations.

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Tampon/ Sanitary Pad: 

Every girl must have a small pack of Tampon/Sanitary Pad in her bag all the time. Not only for her, but she can also help her colleague, friend, or even a stranger in need. Although our periods may come uninvited sometimes, One can never know.

Business Cards:

Your business card is a reminder of your business and your brand. You should always keep some business cards in your bag. You never know when opportunity knocks. You should always be prepared.

Emergency Contact Info:

We all must keep emergency contact information with ourselves all the time. In case of any mishappening, it helps in contacting our near ones.

Must-Have Makeup Handbag Essentials:

makeup items things to keep in purse

Hair Accessories:

Hair accessories mean basically a couple of hair ties and bobby pins. As we lose them a lot. It is always a good option to have some handy.

Lip balm/Lipstick:

Girls must have a go-to lip balm or lipstick. A good lipstick can change your look drastically. My go-to lipstick is red lipstick which is always there with me in my handbag. I just give a touch-up and I am good to go.

Hand Cream:

This one is important, especially for those who have dry skin. In winters, it becomes necessary for all. Good hand cream with a sweet fragrance also gives a nice vibe throughout the day.


It is a good idea to keep a small comb handy in your handbag. You never know when a good hair day turns out to be a bad one.

Wet Wipes: 

Whether it is a runny nose, a makeup disaster, or a help to a stranger. Wet wipes come to your rescue.

Oil Absorbing Sheets:

Girls with oily skin, This one is especially for us. My skin becomes too oily in summers. So, I always keep Oil absorbing sheets with me. This is also helpful if you have sudden plans and your hair are looking too oily. These sheets and baby powder can save you, my girl.

Deodorant/Roll-On Perfume:

It is always a good idea to keep deodorant or perfume handy. Especially in summers, those heat and sweat can probably leave us with body odor.

Paper Soap/Face Wash:

This one is quite self-explainable. I always carry a small facewash in my handbag, at times it can also be used as an alternative for handwash.

Medical carry-on essentials

handbag essentials


Not only this heal your cuts and scrapes, but it can also save your feet from those painful shoe bites which your new footwear gives you.

Important Medicines:

One should always carry important medicines as per one’s health condition to avoid any mishappening.

Hand Sanitizer: 

One can’t find soap and water everywhere, so hand sanitizers are the best options to kill germs on your hands, whenever required. During Covid situations, hand sanitizers are really important things to carry in your purse.

Extra Face Mask

It may happen that you can be lost your face mask or it may get dirty. So, keeping an extra face mask in your handbag can save you from a covid situation.

Safety Purpose Carry on Essentials

Safety knife for women

Swiss Army Knife:

 It is an all-in-one tool for every need. Just with a swipe, it becomes a knife, for your safety. Swiss Army Knife is very compact and easy to carry.

Pepper spray:

 My Dad always tells me to keep any safety equipment with me, so I always have pepper spray in my bag. One must keep it in an easily reachable spot in the bag.

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Edibles Carry on Essentials:

purse essentials

Mint chew gum: 

Mint Chew Gums are important because you don’t want to smell like onion and garlic on a presentation or a date.

Snacks or dry fruits: 

These are my saviors, when I am running late for work or when my tummy needs a chutur-putur.


Do I need to say more?? Chocolates work like energy boosters. You can just take a bite when feeling low.

Optional Handbag Essentials:

purse essentials


If you are a book-lover, then you have already understood what I am trying to say. As it is said, There is no best friend like a good book. It is not compulsory, it is just a thought.

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Water bottle:

You can take this as optional but we recommend you to carry your water bottle with you and drink water often. This helps you in regulating your body temperature and keeps your body hydrated.

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These are things to keep in your purse whether you are a cool teenager or elegant lady or office-going girl. These are the basic purse essentials. You can add or remove any handbag essentials on your list as per your need. We love to hear about your list of handbag essentials. Do share your list with us in the comments.

Stay happy, Stay Optimistic!

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