How to Stop Your Foundation From Oxidizing and Getting Dark?

How to Stop Your Foundation From Oxidizing

Ever felt that your perfect makeup which dolls up your face suddenly turns into plump orange after a few hours? Well, if you are a makeup enthusiast and love perfecting your flaws with layers, then you surely must have noticed why sometimes your face feels heavy and dark after wearing makeup. Well, that heavy dark plum effect is what we name as oxidization of foundation.

No matter which foundation you pick, there are high chances that any foundation might react to the heat of your body and this chemical reaction might turn you all dark and orange. Oxidization is the process where your foundation once applied, gets dry and mixes with the oxygen. It settles in your skin and makes the texture more visible, dark, and enlarges the pores as well.

Believe us, a foundation applied without the right guidance can ultimately make your face look disastrous and dark. So, always follow these steps to stop the foundation from oxidizing and getting a dark face.

Step by Step Guide to Prevent Your Foundation From Oxidising

Step by Step Guide to Prevent Your Foundation From Oxidising
Step by Step Guide to Prevent Your Foundation From Oxidising

Here are some tips as to how you can stop your foundation from oxidizing

1. Clean your face deeply

Use a good cleanser that deeply cleans the pores of your face and removes all the pre-settled dirt and oils on your skin. Never skip this step or ignore it. No matter how clean and dry your skin looks, there’s so much beneath those layers which aren’t visible and need to be removed. 

2. Rub your skin raw with ice cubes

This step isn’t a must but sharing our top best tricks with you all feels so important. An ice cube helps a lot to calm down your skin and keep the skin tight. It helps to prevent oil secretion in your skin and keep the makeup intact on your skin for a long time. Also, it minimizes pore visibility on your skin even before you apply primer.

3. Grab a good toner

Well, hardly a handful of people realize how important is toner before applying makeup. A good toner is a must and should be applied without skipping before your moisturizer. Toner helps to balance the PH level of your skin and absorbs extra residue that remains from your cleanser.

Oxidization occurs more deeply in people with oily to combination skin and a good toner can truly change the entire game. It not only helps to prevent the integrity of your foundation shade but also protects your skin from breakouts and acne occurrences.

PRO TIP: Make sure you choose a toner with the right ingredient that suits your face.

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4. Freeze and roll down – Jade rollers 

Refrigerate a jade roller and use it slowly on your skin. A good Jade roller helps to improve the blood circulation of your face and helps easy absorption of product into your skin. It is also an easy cure to treat dark puffy eyes and dull skin before you apply layers of makeup on your skin.

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5. Go ahead with the primer

Apply your base with a silicone-based primer to keep your foundation in place. Primer creates a neutralized layer on your skin and prevents the foundation from oxidization. We truly love how primer bonded up on your skin blends up extremely smoothly and gives that smooth matte canvas.

I am using Colorbar New Perfect Match Primer. It is the best primer that I have used so far.

6. Get your foundation

Here’s the big and most important step you need to take now. Settling up with one brand foundation might take some time or eventually work out in the first attempt for a few as well. But to be honest, looking around carefully and picking the right brand and right shade is a challenge in itself. Some brands have light consistency of foundations whereas some are thick and tricky to blend. Light formulations usually are easy to play with but when it comes to thick foundations, they give full coverage yet are tricky to blend. Do a little research and look out for the brands that are best suitable according to your skin type. One thing not to miss here is, to pick a fragrance-free formula. They can damage your skin and irritate you. 

Make sure you do a small patch test on your skin and match the shade for 10-15 minutes. And one thing, don’t hesitate to play around with all the possible shade matches. Different brands innovate different depths of skin complexion, and you need to get the one that looks natural and flawless on you.

7. Skip using fingers to blend foundation

Here’s a little professional tip to master the art of applying foundation. Never use your fingertips to rub that foundation on your skin vigorously. Use a brush or sponge applicator to neatly blend in that foundation and smooth out your face. Some beauty enthusiasts also say that a beauty blender minimizes the chance of foundation oxidization as it prevents over-application. 

8. Bloat the excess away!

Nobody wants a heavy cakey face. Bloat that excess product and remove the foundation that unnecessarily sits on your face. 

9. Powder it up 

Set the entire base with a good setting loose powder. Loose powders help to oxidize excess oils and also prevent the foundation from oxidization. You don’t have to go for a heavy expensive one. If you are running out of one, set your makeup with some baby powder. But make sure you dust it off quickly. Or else, the white residue makes you look ghosty all at once.

10. Final set-up

Once you’ve set it all with powder and dusted off the excess foundation and powder from your face. Take a setting spray and finally set your makeup. Well, this isn’t a must-to-do step but we eventually recommend you to do this. Make sure you keep the bottle away at a distance and spray it on your face. Spraying closely might destroy the smoothness of your entire makeup look.

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Some quick tips while picking your foundation

  • Match your foundation from your neck to your cheeks. Avoid testing on hands or wrist as the complexion on your face differs from that on other parts of your body.
  • Apply the foundation and wait for at least 15-20 minutes. And see the oxidized effect first.
  • Don’t get carried away by the big brand claims. Different foundations have different ingredient and shade ranges. Apply a patch test and see the formulation and after effect on your skin first.
  • Apply two-three shades next to each other so you see the difference and can easily compare each other.
  • Check the shade in natural light. We strictly warn you not to get fooled by the lighting of the shop or showroom. Natural light is the best guide and shows you the real effect.
  • If your favorite brand of foundation oxidizes on your face, pick 2-3 shades of light. It’s ok if you apply a foundation that oxides, there’s always a chance that it might settle up on your skin and blend in well. Or else, you can always warm it up with a little bit of bronzer. But never try to get the exact shade as it might get dark later.

To conclude, we’d like to guide you that start off with a drugstore brand and find your perfect pick. Their drugstore market today has such a huge and deep variety of shades for all complexion and types of skin. Once you have a staple pick to rely on, take a step further and upgrade to a high-end brand. High-end brands perform well and give better coverage if used rightly.

These steps will help in preventing your face from getting dark after the use of foundation. Now, you know how to prevent the foundation from oxidization. Try to follow all the steps and enjoy perfect flawless makeup.

Do let us know what you think of these tips and tricks. And don’t forget to share with us any new tips that you all follow.

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