How to Remove Chicken Pox Marks at Home?

How to Remove Chicken Pox Marks at Home?

In our previous post, We share the best ways to cure chicken pox at home with home remedies. Now we are going to tell you how you can cure the scars and marks caused by chicken pox.

As we know the chicken pox is the contagious disease which

We also have written about the best home remedies to get rid of acne scars at home. Do read this also. This may also help you with removing stubborn chicken pox marks.

Home Remedies to Remove Chicken Pox Marks

There is no doubt that these scars and marks by chicken pox make you feel bad for your looks. But fortunately there are lot many ways by which you can reduce or remove the scars, you just have to keep patience and just be consistent in following the treatment.

These are the best ways to cure chickenpox spots fro your face and body.

1. Rosehip Oil

It contains phytochemicals and antioxidants which can help in repairing the skin cells. Rosehip oil also contains fatty acids and ascorbic acid which can help in removing the scars and marks caused by chicken pox. Apply rosehip oil for 10 – 12 weeks twice a day, slowly but steady it will show you the result.

2. Exfoliants  

There are two types of Exfoliants which you can use for scar removal. Exfoliation is a process in which old skin cells are removed. You can use a mechanical method of exfoliation or Chemical method of exfoliation.

In the first method, you can use tools like face scrubs and brushes to use directly on the scar in a circular motion.

In the second method, there are lotions available in the market which shows a chemical reaction on the skin when applied. This chemical reaction is mild and removes the top layer of the scar.

3. Retinol Creams or Serum

You can use retinol creams before bed, apply it gently on the affected area every day to see the results. Retinol contains Vitamin-A and stimulates collagen which helps in skin repairing and allows to restore its natural skin tone.

4. Coconut water

You can drink coconut water or you can directly apply it on your skin over the affected area. Coconut water has anti-viral and anti-fungal properties which fight the fungal growth on the skin caused by chicken pox. It also balances the PH level of the skin.

5. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera reduce skin temperature. So, applying aloe vera during the chicken pox can sooth the skin and help in reducing the itching. This helps in less scars. The scars also cure easily if we apply aloe vera time to time.

Well, it is said that prevention is better than cure, So we are mentioning some of the best ways to prevent the chicken pox.

How to prevent Chicken Pox ?

First, we should know how it is caused than only we can prevent it. Chickenpox is a contagious infection. It is spread through tiny droplets of saliva present in the air from an infected person. It is also known as droplet infection. It can also spread through directly or indirectly coming in contact with the clothes or any other material which is in touch with the infected person.

In case you never had chicken pox and you are not even vaccinated than you are highly vulnerable to the Chicken pox. You will get infected within three to four days after coming in contact with the infected person.

Following are the ways by which you can prevent Chicken Pox

  • Avoid contact with the infected person. Don’t stay in that surrounding or room where the infected person is, as the infection is contagious it can spread through the air as well.
  • Avoid scratching blisters as they contain fluids which are contagious in nature while scratching if the blisters get breaks it can lead to infection.
  • Children who are infected by chicken pox should avoid going to school or playground till the time they are no longer contagious

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So this was it, I hope you like this blog. Remember your small preventive measures can make big differences in your everyday health.

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