How To Look Beautiful Naturally Without Makeup

Beautiful Naturally Without Makeup

How many minutes do you spend daily admiring your face in the mirror and wishing to correct those visible flaws? When was the last time you felt confident with your natural beauty instead of applying layers of correctors and concealers on your face? Well, makeup might always seem to be an interesting task of transforming your face into the desired look but, to be honest, there’s nothing like the natural beauty that beautifies a woman. Natural beauty adds more authenticity and a humble charm to your face which no cosmetic product can ever do to it.

You must be wondering that is it ever possible that you skip the slightest to slightest makeup application on your face and still look dead gorgeous? Well yes, you can. There are few tips and tricks which will eventually help you save your investment in those harmful chemical face polishes and instead just develop few super easy and healthy ways for your face and body care. Learn to say “NO” to the heavy expensive harmful products which do nothing but harm your skin cells in the long run.

Why Say No To Everyday Makeup?

Applying those pretty cool colors and correctors might groom you at the moment but in reality, you are disrupting the natural balance of your skin. Excess of everyday makeup clogs your skin pores and leads to premature signs of aging. Moreover, if the makeup brushes are not cleaned properly, they might even cause serious damage to your skin as there are hordes of bacteria present in them. Imagine, you apply all that to your sensitive skin and how does it resist all that?

How To Look Beautiful Without Makeup?

On an honest note, there isn’t much effort or hard work needed from your side either to achieve the beautiful natural flawless looks. You’ve just got to develop a few healthy habits and routines which might work slowly at the initial level but does wonders to your skin in the long run. Just a mindful diet, natural routines, and a healthy lifestyle. That’s it! you’ll see a major difference in your lifestyle as well as in your skin appearances.

Here a list of top 15 ways to look beautiful with No makeup:

1. Choose a healthy diet. Eat smart!

diet for beautiful skin

There’s nothing better than fresh fruits and vegetables that you can eat to get a natural glow on your skin. Your body needs a lot of vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants to maintain that healthy glow and make you look younger.

Add some  Omega-3 fatty acid and protein-rich foods to your diet which will help fight the free radicals in our body. Free radical is the main cause of gaining and there’s just one way to eliminate with a natural process. Eat healthily, eat smart. So this season, say no to expensive fillers and magic concealers.

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2. Stay hydrated

drink water for beautiful skin

There’s no magical portion than the H2O that every function of your body requires on a daily basis. Never forget to carry a water bottle with you and consume it at regular intervals. Be it summer or winter, your body needs plenty of water to stay fresh and hydrated throughout the day.

On an average estimate, you should consume 8-12 glasses of water daily to flush out the toxins from your body. You can also try adding some fruits to your water to infuse a fruity taste in it. This will help your body take vitamins from the fruits as well as hydrate your body with the benefits of H2O. Remember, water revitalizes the energy level in your body. So don’t forget to take plenty of water daily.

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3. Get a peaceful sleep

A good sleep is a basic step to maintain your youthful skin for a long time. Your body repairs and recovers itself while you snooze and helps to set your mind afresh for the next day. A regular 8-10 hours of sleep boosts the blood flow in your body and helps you wake up with fresh eyes and a glowy complexion.

The collagen produced in the body while you are asleep strengthens your skin and provides a better elasticity to your face. Take care not to miss your beauty sleep at any cost.

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4. Cleansing before bedtime

Face cleaning: Look Beautiful Without Makeup

Never miss that one final face wash before your bedtime. Remove all the makeup and wash your face with a suitable cleanser. Make sure to pick a deep cleanser with natural ingredients that’ll wipe off all the excess makeup from your face. Follow the routine by a suitable moisturizer to prevent it from drying out. It’ll also help to repair the damaged cells and soothe them in the night.

5. Go sugar-free

sugar free

Sugar might be a good mood buster but when it comes to your body, It affects it in many harmful ways. The toxic in sugar can make you age faster and can also cause acne and wrinkles. Especially in the age of adolescents, too much intake of sugar is not a good option for anyone as your body already undergoes a lot of changes.

As a pro tip for all your sweet cravings, try replacing the preserved sugar with fresh sweet fruits and nuts. They are much tasty and more health comparing to the toxic sugar.

6. Drink Green Tea

green tea weight loss

A special call for all those who are addicted to hot caffeine beverages. Kick out those caffeinated drinks from your list and try replacing a cup of green tea in the evening. It is enriched with nutrients and antioxidants that help you flush out the toxins from your body and effectively help you in the weight loss process.

The catechin antioxidant and Bioactive Compounds helps to repair the cells in your body and overall help your health conditions. You’ll feel more light and confident with a simple cup of green tea rather than boosting your body with a caffeinated drink.

7. Give Your Face A Massage

face Massage: Look Beautiful Without Makeup

A perfect face massage on a regular basis can help you reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Pick up a healthy oil or lotion to massage your face and at the same time moisturize your skin to clean and tighten your pores. It also helps you relax and reduce your stressful state of mind.

8. Exfoliation on regular intervals

Fruit face packs for anti-aging

Exfoliate your skin at regular intervals. Your skin may appear dull and dry sometimes due to the dead, old, hardened, and dirty cells on its surface. A simple washing is not just enough to get rid of them. Try to exfoliate your skin at least once a week to clear out all the dead cells and let the new cells grow on the surface. Try practicing exfoliation followed by a good moisturizer, you’ll see the visible results in no time. Young, fresh, and bright face.

9. Follow a consistent beauty routine

beauty routine

Your body reacts faster to a habituated routine. Be its beauty routine or eating habits, a regularly scheduled routine can give you better and faster results. Set a proper day and night care routine followed by cleansing, moisturizing and toning.

Beauty experts guarantee that consistency in beauty routines can help you observe a drastic improvement in your skin quality and texture in no time. Also, try to pick the best products and not change them often. This will break your consistency and also might have a negative reaction on your skin.

10. Choose your products consciously

beauty product

There’s one thing that has to be taken care of while picking up your grooming products. Be it your facewash, shampoo or body lotions, always check out the ingredients first. Just like what goes in makes a difference, what you apply on your outer skin too does affect the natural texture of your skin.

Do a little research and look out for the reviews. If possible, it’s always better to consult a skin specialist and get a guide as what might suit your skin appropriately. Look out for the natural ingredients as much as possible. 

11. Deal rightly with your pimples


There’s a common mistake that we all do when it comes to our pimples, the moment we spot them, we try to pop it out or squeeze them thinking we can remove it out. But remember that’s the worst thing that you can do to it. Never do that. Instead, be patients and try the effective ways to deal with it.

Apply tea tree oil or benzoyl to remove them without any scar spots. Take care of your skin and try not to apply any heavy makeup portions to hide them. Have patience and wait for them to naturally vanish off.

12. Never step out without sunscreens


There are thousands of people who are dealing with the problem of hyperpigmentation and tan skin in summers. Discoloration does not affect your natural looks, but in and out, it also affects your skin cells. The Sunrays are indeed very harmful and dermatologists suggest that may even lead to various skin diseases in severe cases.

To prevent it and save your skin from harmful sun rays, always apply a good sunscreen before stepping out in the sun. A protective SPF can keep your skin nourished and moisturized the complete day.

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13. Treat your yourself with DIY masks

DIY masks

For years beauty enthusiasts have relied upon the natural DIY masks to maintain this skin quality and texture. There’s nothing safe than the natural ingredients to play around with when it comes to your skin.

Try to pick a suitable mask according to your skin and treat yourself at least once a week with it. The best part is that you can make this mask in the comfort of your home straight from the ingredients in your kitchen. Some of the popular options are aloe vera, honey, turmeric, and cucumber.

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14. Practice a regular workout

post workout meal

Physical exercises are great for your mental as well as physical health. It balances the energy in your body and boosts your mood effectively. Try to engage yourself in any of the physical activities. Be it Morning walk, swimming, morning yoga or hitting the gym, experts suggest that exercises helps in proper blood circulation in your body and push the oxygen to reach the different parts effectively. Try to reserve time for at least 3 hours a week for the physical activities. No doubt in no time, you’ll see a eat difference in your appearance and attitude as well.

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15. Kick out the stress

Beautiful Without Makeup

Most important of all that affects the natural beauty is your mental state. Try to be happy no matter what comes your way and what you are challenged with. Stress makes your face appear dull and sad. Try to engage yourself in some happy activities or join some club where you could probably divert your mind and stay happy. It may be cycling in fresh air or perhaps even reading a book. Even if it’s just a simple open-air walk, don’t miss it. Go for it and change your mood. Keep yourself genuinely happy.

16. Get Regular Hair Trims

Look Beautiful Without Makeup

The hairdo is an important part of makeup. If you want to look naturally beautiful, do take a hair trim regularly. Good hairs boost confidence and make you beautiful from the inside.

17. Wear Well-Fitting Clothes

Look Beautiful Without Makeup

The way of your clothing affects the way you present yourself. A well fitted cloths make you look slim that boost your confident. This makes your look beautiful without makeup.

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Love and appreciate yourself always! Think good about yourself and always appreciate for who you are. The moment you decide to think positive about yourself. You’ll be happy and beautiful. Be positive and spread around the same.  Hope these tips help you out to revive your natural beauty an confidence.

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