How to increase stamina and energy?

How to increase stamina and energy

Stamina is the ability to sustain a physical or a mental effort for a longer duration and for this purpose we need energy as well. Maybe you are doing office work or lifting heavyweights in the gym, maybe you are training for a marathon or sitting in front of your laptop writing an article just like me, no matter what you are doing; you will always need energy and stamina. 

You can go to a chemist shop and purchase some tempting supplements to increase your energy and stamina, and later you will realize that there is no significant change in your energy levels. So, why waste your time and money on the supplements when Mother Nature has provided so many natural ways to enhance stamina and energy?

So, let us cut down the pitch and discuss some natural ways to increase stamina and energy!

Different ways to increase stamina and energy

How to increase stamina and energy?

Here are the ways to increase the stamina and maintain the energy of your body.

1. No smoking

We all know smoking is injurious to health, but still, a majority of the population smokes. Tobacco contains nicotine which acts as a stimulant that increases the heart rate, blood pressure and influences the brain wave activity, and makes it harder to fall asleep leading to insomnia.

Furthermore, it can also induce some breathing problems as well and if you will start some physical exercise to enhance your stamina you will face more difficulty.

2. Restrict your sleep

If you think that you are not sleeping much and you are sleep deprived then I will advise you to take less sleep. It may sound odd but if you figure out the amount of sleep you need and how much time you need to complete your sleep then it will be really beneficial for you as you will reduce the time you spend in your bed turning around. This process will make you fall asleep more easily and you will get a night of quality sleep.

3. Reduce stress

Stress consumes too much energy, try to take less stress or manage it in a better way. You can also try meditation, play music, or any other stress-reducing activity. When you take stress cortisol is induced in the body and consumes energy exponentially, Whenever you feel overstressed simply leave that place and start moving, by doing this the reflexes in your mind will get diverged.

There are lot many other ways to deal with the stress like you can simply talk to a friend or go for a jog, you can also take help from professionals like psychologist or psychotherapist, or you can join some support groups, learn some relaxation therapies like self – hypnosis, yoga and tai chi to reduce stress. 

4. Drink water and stray hydrated

If you are dehydrated then you are more vulnerable to get fatigued. Water is an essential component of the human body. Stay hydrating will increase your endurance and functioning of your body. It is the only nutrient that has been known to improve performance but for the most demanding endurance activities.

5. Use caffeine  

Caffeine helps in increasing alertness and makes your reflexes sharper. You can consume caffeine as a pre-workout drink and hit the gym afterward; you will automatically see the changes in your increased energy and stamina to lift weights or doing cardio.

Make sure you do not consume much caffeine as it can also cause insomnia. To get the positive benefits of caffeine in terms of energy and stamina you have to consume it wisely, do not take it after 2 pm or in large amounts.

6. Don’t skip your breakfast

As we all know how much breakfast is important in a day, why it is important? Because it breaks a fasting period of overnight and consuming a healthy and balanced breakfast can boost your stamina and concentration. Some people start their day with a cup of tea and they simply skip their breakfast while not knowing that a normal cup of tea is so harmful as it can lead to acidity and gastric issues if you are taking it empty stomach in large amounts. So, rather than skipping your breakfast you can simply add oatmeal in your breakfast list along with peanut butter, you can also have white bread with egg. Try following this diet and feel the difference, not just your energy and stamina will increase but also you feel more positive.

7. Less intake of alcohol

If you want to stay energetic then keep your alcohol intake in moderation. Taking alcohol is definitely going to drain your energy as it will make you dehydrated and to fulfill the need your body will lose energy. Any kind of toxicity is going to affect your body in a negative sense. If you can stop taking alcohol than it will be good for you only otherwise keep the consumption in moderation. Would you like to do any physical activity or you will go for a sleep after consuming alcohol with your buddies?

8. Exercise

It is one of the most effective ways to increase energy and stamina. The more you will exercise more will be the energy. Dopamine is released when you exercise which is a feel-good hormone and relaxes your mind. It improves the circulation of blood and improved cell health. It is recommended to exercise for 20 minutes at least 3 to 4 times a week. 

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9. Eat healthy 

No doubt in the fact that if you are taking a healthy diet then you will be more energetic and optimal. Eating a balanced diet not only helps you to stay healthy but also develops your immune system. If you are healthy then you will be energetic.

10. Lighten up your load

Try to lose your belt and don’t be too harsh on yourself for a while. Make a to-do list and prioritize your work. Taking too much load on yourself will make you fatigue, give yourself some space, and meanwhile take care of your mental health and do some physical exercise.   

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So these were ten different ways to get more energetic, in the end, it is all about your lifestyle. Until or unless you are not healthy you will not be energetic. Give up your bad habits, give up alcohol and smoking, and eat some healthy food. Take less stress and do some exercise and all will be fine. No supplement can give you enough energy or stamina but your healthy lifestyle can.

“Stay healthy, Stay energetic”

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