How to increase height naturally?

How to increase height naturally?

Do you also want to increase your height and look tall? It’s a fact that tall people easily become the center of attraction. This is because somewhere height and beauty help us to boost our self-confidence. Are you also short as per your age and want to increase your height?

The height determines the overall personality of an individual. It doesn’t mean that short people are inferior to taller people. It is just a matter of perspective towards oneself or you can say it is more a personal choice.

If you want to increase your height never use any hormone changing medicine or height hormone injections. This may lead you to another health issue. Always prefer Yoga, Exercise, and natural ways to increase height.

So is there any natural process to increase height? Yes, you can increase your height naturally by following these steps. You must follow all of these steps daily.

How to increase height

increase height

1. By taking Proper sleep

I know the question which is running in your mind; can I really increase my height by sleeping properly? Yes, you can.

Whenever we sleep, a hormone known as Human Growth Hormone is secreted naturally which helps in the physical growth of a human. Our body grows and regenerates tissues and cells when we are sleeping. It is very important to sleep at least 8 to 11 hours for children and teenagers to reach their maximum height and proper physical growth.

  • You can have a cup of chamomile tea before bed to get a night of proper sleep.
  • Take a warm bath before hitting a bed it actually helps you to get an amazing sleep. 

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2. By Practicing yoga

Yoga is one of a great way to increase your height naturally, yoga does not just help you to grow naturally but also helps to maintain all over your fitness, reduce depression, and as a result you will get a healthy soul and body.

There are so many yoga poses that produce growth hormones in the body, It also helps to strengthen muscles and perfect posture of the body.

You can try some following poses to increase your height naturally:

  • TRIKONASANA (Triangle pose)
  • BHUJANGAASANA (Cobra pose)
  • TADASANA (Mountain pose)
  • SUKHASANA (Pleasant pose)
  • VRIKSANA (Tree pose)

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3. Avoid growth stunning factors:

Ensure that in your regular routine you don’t make any mistake or any of your steps is blocking your growth factors.

This factor can be internal or external. We all see teenagers with alcohol in one hand and drugs in the hand. While they don’t even know how harmful it is for their health. Also, it can block growing hormones in their body. So, avoid the consumption of drugs and alcohol.

The second thing is that this youth believe in nightlife, well yes nightlife is beautiful but it can be worst if you don’t sleep properly and just using a mobile phone, it is really important to sleep a minimum of 8 hours a day.

4. By taking proper Nutrition :

A well-balanced diet is very necessary for the physical growth of the human body. Calcium is very important for the development of bones and overall skeletal structure. Vitamins like A, B6, C, D also play n important role in the overall growth of human beings. Make sure you are taking proper meals full of vitamins and minerals. Keep yourself hydrated and eat fruits, avoid having junk foods.

5. By doing Exercise :

The more you will stretch your body, the more you will be able to increase the chances of your catching height. You can start from a lightweight exercise to get a kick. There is a myth among teenagers and kids that they will stop growing once they start hitting the gym, this statement is completely rubbish. In fact, the more you will hit the gym, the more your will stretch and hence more muscles will be developed along with increasing the length of the bones which will eventually make you look taller and sharper. It is not necessary to hit the gym but is necessary to do exercise no matter where you do it, it can be open ground, your home, or any gym. You can prefer running in the ground or simply you can do stretches at your home.

6. By Maintaining Correct Posture :

A correct posture of your body can help you increase your height, a straight back and a straight spine is necessary otherwise a bad posture can also lead to some other deformities. Just align your head and neck without slouching or bending, Purchase a good pillow and a body-friendly mattress to keep your spine and neck straight.

Right from the beginning parents should keep an eye on the body posture of their kids. You can also improve your posture by sitting straight on the chair, keeping your chin high and shoulders straight, keeping your hips over your feet while walking or standing. Don’t make a hunch while walking.

7. By Developing a strong immune system

A strong immune system is very important for growth as any disease can hinder the physical growth of the body. There are several ways to improve your immune system, like you can have ayurvedic herbs such as Ashwagandha, Tulsi drops etc. 

Take proper diet and stay strong, increase the amount of protein and minerals in your diet which will help in development of a stronger immune system.

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So, these were few natural ways to increase your height, do remember that your height depends on your genes as well, if your parents are tall than definitely you will also get a good height but if your parents are not that much taller than maybe you will have an average height. So it depends on your father and mother too. If you are not much taller than accept it, it is all about your confidence. Physical traits do matters but at the end of the day, it is all about your attitude and confidence. Never feel inferior because of your physical traits like height, weight, or color. Remember it may determine your overall personality but it cannot define your overall personality

“Beauty is all about attitude”


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