All great achievements require time. –Maya Angelou

We cannot defy the power of time. The one who knows how to walk with time, rules the whole world. And needless to say, the other person who chooses to sleep during the spring regrets it at the time of the scorching summer heat. Time and tide wait for none. It is us who has to understand the value of time. Every dream needs dedication and hard work combined with a strict routine. There should be absolutely no escape from being punctual. A man who values time succeeds in every endeavor.

Value of Time

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Well, the days in our life are numbered. But that does not alter the fact that we are the one who can write our own destiny. Yes, you read it right. Our actions make us who we are; they define us in every respect. So why not do such remarkable things that we will be an inspiration and constant motivation?

And for that, we need to worship time. It is the mightiest. In case you want to count on the benefits of being punctual then you might soon lose the count. Being on time not only helps you to adapt a better lifestyle but also form a better personality. If you start understanding the value of time, you will also save enough time for yourself.

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Doing your tasks systematically increases your positivity, way of thinking, makes you healthy and no doubt also helps in around development. Time is zillion times more valuable than wealth. Because wealth can be acquired with time, but time cannot be reversed with money.

How Does Worshiping Time Mean Being Healthy?

Our health is our most prized possession. It is the most precious gift given by God. And it is our responsibility to nourish and nurture it. But unfortunately, we neglect the importance of both time and our health. And the result is nerve-wracking.

According to numerous researchers and surveys, it can be clearly stated that people who once oversee a symptom later run out of money treating the disease. With our hectic schedule as an excuse, we tend to procrastinate the routine check-ups, consulting the physician, doing exercise, eating healthy and even getting enough sleep. We often plan to spend our weekends celebrating and getting a break. There are parties and night outs and quite naturally we hate Monday morning blues, but what we don’t notice is the mechanism of our body.

The systems in our body need rest to heal and prepare for yet another day. It is also seen that heart-attacks mainly take place during the early morning, especially when our body has sleep loss. Not getting enough amount of sleep makes one person lethargic, weak and sometimes depressed too. So, the major concern here is how to manage our time and have an ideal life.

Health Benefits of Waking up Early:

health benefits of waking up early

Early to bed and early to rise, makes the man healthy, wealthy and wise.

It won’t be wrong if I say that we have all grown up hearing these words quoted by Benjamin Franklin. And by now we have all realized how true this is. While we need a peaceful sleep, there is a certain time for it. Irregular sleeping routine can even cause more damage as the body is not acquainted with such changes.

According to the sleep chart released by National Sleep Foundation (a non-profit organization of US that helps the public to understand sleep), the ideal sleep duration varies for different age groups. For infants, it is 12-15 hours, while for teenagers, it is 8-10 hours, and for adults; it is 7-9 hours.

Definitely, our body needs a suitable amount of sleep and also naps but that does not mean anywhere that this can be anywhere in the day. Waking up early in the morning is the best practice. And to wake up early, one must start sleeping early. But waking up either not an easy task for everyone or people don’t understand the health benefits of waking up early in the morning.

Here are few of the benefits that are related to this good habit. These may help you in solving your problem of how to get up early:

  • Waking up early in the morning is not just a good habit but also a healthy habit. It fills the body with energy and mind with positivity.
  • You get a lot of time for yourself. There is not much disturbance, which allows you to have your own space.
  • It is the best time to soak in under the beauty of the vast sky. There is nothing better than beginning the day by watching the sunset and listening to the sweet chirping of the birds.
  • It increases productivity. As the morning hour provides a quiet environment, you can focus on your goal and work efficiently for it with a freshness and healthy aura.
  • You get time for exercise. Morning shows the day. Waking up early and committing to your body is the wisest choice. It also makes you feel good and kicks out the laziness.
  • It also allows you to have a healthy breakfast; sometimes even giving you time to prepare your own food and doing some experimentation.
  • For all those people who believe in spirituality, will understand the benefits of having a peaceful surrounding. And early mornings are most ideal for meditation and chanting the sacred hymns.

How to Get up Early and Not be Tired 

how to get up early in the morning

So far, you must have got an idea about the importance of time and how to manage it. Also, regarding the amount of sleep we need and the benefits of waking up early in the morning. But many times, even after realizing the value of a healthy lifestyle, we fail to follow it. The reason is very simple: our old habits. Habits die hard. We can’t change them overnight, but there are few things we can adapt to our daily life which we help us achieve our goal in the long run.

Sometimes we bluntly decide that getting up early in the morning is not a cup of our tea. Well, that is where we go wrong. Everything depends on our choice and if we choose to adopt a healthy lifestyle, then there has to be no looking back.

Here are few methods, tips or things to do to wake up that will surely help you to leave the bed early and soak in the first ray of Sun.

  • Don’t be harsh on yourself. This is not a question about your capability and willingness; it is about your body. And you should change your routine overnight. Because this will not allow your body to adjust with the sudden change. As a result, you might feel uncomfortable and sick. Make a schedule.
  • Fix your goal. You will obviously need some motivation. So stop looking for it everywhere and rather for something. This will make you responsible and help you realize that why utilizing your time in the correct manner will be fruitful later.
  • Sleep on time. You must prioritize your sleep along with waking up early. An adult requires 8-10 hours of sleep. And you must not try to wake up early in the morning when you sleep late at night. So the foremost thing is to sleep early without any disturbance. Turn off your mobile data, music system etcetera and go for a sound sleep.
  • Put aside the alarm clock. We all have a habit of setting a time on an alarm clock or our phone. But to be honest, it is a bad habit. Because that rather makes you lazier and gives you a chance to escape. Many people keep the alarm clock beside their bed and as soon as it rings, they stop it and go to sleep. This is of no use. Get out of your bedroom. Once you hear the clock ringing, don’t just stop it immediately. Rather, get out of your bed and bedroom too.
  • Utilise your time. Once you wake up early, you will get enough time for yourself. So make it a point to utilize that time judiciously. Read journals, complete your assignments, do exercise, etcetera. Do anything that will motivate you to never feel old of the habit.
  • Take a walk. Enjoy the tranquillity of nature and fill yourself with refreshing aura. Watching sunrise is indeed a reward. So why not turn it into a routine?
  • Gift yourself. Prepare some good and energizing food for yourself that will not only be a reward for waking up early but also fuel your body.

Here are more tips to That Are Actually Helpful For Better Morning. If you are wondering How to Get up Early, these tips might help you to cope up with tiredness in the morning.

It’s not that difficult to wake up early in the morning that too early but initially you might not get inclined to do it regularly. But remember that success comes with hard work. And some changes in life are worth all the efforts. Getting up early in the morning is a boon in countless ways.

Waking up in a light mood paves way for creativity and positive thoughts. Doing exercise in the morning also keeps you filled with vigor throughout the day.

Also, there is no better time than the sunrise to sit back and review your goal, check on the expenses or make plans for the day. As you are getting up early and having a good start, don’t forget to have a fulfilling breakfast while reading your favorite journal.

Stay Healthy, Stay Beautiful.

How to Get up Early in the Morning and Not be Tired

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