Every girl desires thick, long and fluttering eyelashes, right? But not all of us are born with naturally thick and long lashes. To get those perfect long lashes either we need to apply a lot of mascara or use false lashes.

But let me ask you, how long can you rely on these artificial remedies? What if you would get magic tricks regarding how to get longer Eyelashes Naturally? Here, we bring you some most effective and natural ways that you can use to grow long and thick eyelashes naturally.

All these mentioned remedies are completely natural and have no side effects. But only following any of these remedies will not help. Along with these home remedies for longer eyelashes, you need to regularly massage area near your eyelids for better blood circulation. Biotin supplements can also be taken.

Home Remedies for Longer Eyelashes

Apart from these home remedies for thicker eyelashes, make sure that you don’t sleep with any eye makeup on, don’t rub your eyes excessively. Eat healthy food and also brush your lashes. You also need to skip using fake lashes as they restrict the eyelash growth. So, now that you know all magic tricks on “How to get longer eyelashes naturally”, use the one that you like and notice the difference within just a few days.

7Petroleum Jelly for Longer Eyelashes

Petroleum jelly, when applied on your eyelashes on a regular basis, helps in making the lashes longer and stronger. Make sure that you apply the petroleum jelly on your eyelashes very carefully and keep it overnight. Repeat the procedure every day and you will notice visible results within just a few days. This is how you can use vaseline for longer eyelashes.