How To Get Chubby Cheeks Naturally | 20+ Ways to get Facial Fat and Chubby Cheekbones

How To Get Chubby Cheeks

“Chubby cheeks, dimple chins, rosy lips teeth within.
Curly hair, very fair. Eyes are blue lovely too.”

This chubby cheeks poem makes everyone want a cute, attractive chubby cheek look. Chubby cheeks are a lot in trend today. Many beauty bloggers and enthusiasts have even undergone certain surgical treatments to get those plump cheeks. Of course, the one factor why the modern crowd is wishing to have plump pink cheeks is to maintain their youthful and glowy skin in the long run.

In fact, apart from glowy and dewy skin, chubby cheeks also prevent the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face. A fuller face is a lot more in fashion than a flat sunken face.

Obviously, you’ll find many cosmetic procedures and fat transfer surgeries to transfer your face into a chubby healthy face but it’s always safe and good to go with natural methods and remedies. They are not only easy and inexpensive, but they are also safe as well. You’ll find none of these to be skeptical for you in any case.

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We are here with a few amazing facial yoga methods to help you get that plump round face with just a few easy steps.

Facial Yoga for Chubby Cheeks

1. Surprise yourself

Remember what expressions you unconsciously make when you get surprised? Widening your eyes to the maximum as much as you can. Take this as your facial exercise from now onwards. Hold on to this expression as long as you can. Start it off from 10-20 seconds in the beginning. This face yoga will cause the facial muscles around your eyes and forehead to swell and prevent the negative effects of scowling by making a reverse effect. Repeat this exercise daily to see quick results.

2. Fill Air In Your Mouth And Get Cheeky

This is another effective way to quickly get chubby cheeks on your face. Fill air in your mouth and hold on to it as long as you can. Take a big breath and puff the breath from cheek to cheek. This facial yoga works on the cheek muscles and prevents them from becoming thin and hollow. Always remember that your cheeks shape the way you play around with your muscles.

3. Stretch Those Edges

Lift and release your lower lid gently without moving any other facial muscles. Add a little pressure with your fingertips on the outer crease of your cheekbones. Remember not to add too much pressure. Go slow and gentle with your cheeks. This will make your muscles firm and prevent them from folding into themselves. This face yoga will not only help in getting those chubby cheeks but instead also prevent the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines under your eye areas.

4. Pinch Your Cheeks

Yes, you read it right. Pinching your own cheeks. This might sound a little crazy but yes this does work in making your cheeks pink and chubby. Pinch them for 2-3 minutes daily to stretch out your cheek muscles. Remember not to hurt yourself. Do it slowly and playfully. You will see that your cheeks become chubby in a considerable time.

5. Press On That Puppet Face

Say cheese and smile wide! Show off your teeth and smile as wide as possible. Now press your fingertips into the creases between the nose and lips. Circulate your face muscles in circular motions to uplift the cheek muscles and give you a full chubby face. This exercise will help you to maintain your youthful skin and prevent it from becoming slaggy with age.

6. Chin Upliftment Moves

Prevent your chin from sagging to get the proper chubby cheek by pressing the tip of your tongue to your upper lips. Point your chin towards the ceiling. This face yoga will help to add an appropriate stretch to your muscles and tighten your jaws. This chin movement also helps to prevent early signs of aging under your chin and neck.

7. Meditate

Meditation resolves almost most of the physical problems of your body. It does work on your face too. This face yoga is extremely easy to do, you just have to close your eyes and concentrate on the point between your eyebrows and make a slight smile on your face.  

To be more precise, imagine the face of Buddha and try to make one. This face yoga helps in the ultimate relaxation of your cheek muscles and prevents them from thining in. It has also been proved that meditation does prevent the occurrence of fine lines and wrinkles on your face.

8. Big O Exercise

Open your mouth and make an “O” with your lips over your teeth and smile. After that put the fingers of each hand on the tops of the corresponding cheek and smoothly lift it. Lower your cheeks for a period of 30 seconds.

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There are also some other quick tricks to get a full face and chubby cheeks.

You can try out these amazing facial yoga tips to get those plumy red cheeks. Less effort and ease as well. But on a side note, there are also a few remedial tricks with which you can attain youthful plumy cheeks. Girls usually do not like to have saggy cheeks as it makes them look aged and dull. Well to give some more tips and tricks, we’ve also added here some excellent facial masks and intake food intakes to help you get those chubby cheeks. Just the way a full cheek face is in fashion, these tips and tricks have also been trending over the internet these days.

Let’s take around and look more.

How to Gain Face Fat?

Not everyone wants to lose fat. Some are there who want to gain face fat to look a little chubby. This helps in looking a little younger as the face lines are less visible in Chubby cheeks. Apart from face yoga and face exercise, here are a few other ways to get chubby cheeks naturally.

1. Apply or Eat Aloe

Aloe Vera is rich in vitamin C and E along with loaded antioxidants which help in increasing the elasticity of your skin. Consult your dermatologist and include Aloe Vera as a daily intake every morning If you are skeptical about eating it, then you can also try applying it as a mask on your face.

2. Apply Glycerin and Rose Water

A half and half combination of rose water and glycerin will help in keeping your skin clean and young. Young skin looks more youthful and chubby.

3. Increase Apple Intake

Apples are rich in antioxidants and Vitamin A, B, and C. They improve your skin elasticity and make it more plump and soft. You see that your skin looks fresh and natural bright plumpy pink.

4. Massage with oil

Experts suggest that messaging natural oil can help and increase your blood circulation a lot better and enrich them with nourishment and care to promote around and healthy appearance. You can use almond oil, avocado oil, or coconut oil to massage your face. Try doing this once a week to see positive results.

5. Apply Milk And Drink It Every Day

Milk is full of fats and proteins. Applying it over your face cleans it effectively and moisturizes them to make it look natural to sift and plump. Milk also contains many nutrients that promote healthy and flawless skin.

6. Apply Shea butter

Mix some shea butter with sugar to prepare a post-shower regimen. Message the paste for 2-3 minutes and then gently rinse off. Shea butter is high in inflammatory properties and absorbs into your skin quickly to moisture it and repair your facial tissues and cells.

7. Consume sprouted nuts

Sprouted nuts are rich in vitamins, carbohydrates, vita proteins, and anti-aging properties. These sprouted nuts in breakfast can give your skin a fresh boost and help to get those chubby cheeks naturally.

8. Drink plenty of water

Water hydrates your skin and keeps it clean and fresh all day, all long. Make it a point to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily to keep your body hydrated.  Hydrated skin looks more healthy and plump than those saggy skinny cheeks.

9. Quit smoking

Smoking and drinking do a lot of harm to your body. Not only do they harm your body but they also damage your skin and make them dark and dull. Smoking contains harmful substances In it which eventually destroy the elasticity of your skin and tarnish its sharp fresh look.

10. Moisturize daily

Good Chubby skin requires plenty of moisturizing and peaceful sleep. Moisturizers keep your skin soft and supple preventing them from further drying and shrinking.

11. Have a good sleep

Sleep is daily essential to have clear and well-maintained skin. It’s always advised that you never go to bed without proper cleansing and moisturizing your face. Good 8-hour sleep improves the blood circulation of your face and gives you a glowy look the next morning.

12. Buttermilk and Sugar Paste:

Scrubbing the face with sugar exfoliates the skin, removes dead skin cells, and cleanses the pores. This pack hydrates the skin and increases oxygen content in the cells to give plump and fluffy cheeks.

For making this pack, add 2 tbsp of buttermilk with 2 tsp of sugar. Mix 1 tsp of honey, a pinch of turmeric, and ½ tsp of boiled and mashed oats in it. Blend the ingredients well and apply the paste on a clean face. Scrub the face in circular motions for 15 minutes and wash off with cold water.

Apply this face paste twice a day for at least a week to get the marked difference in your cheeks.

13. Eat Fatty fish:

Cold-water fatty fishes are salmon, herring, and cod. These fatty fishes contain more calories and healthful fats in comparison to other types of fish and meat.

The fats from cold-water fishes can promote skin health, as the skin needs fat cells to keep it looking youthful.

14. Eat healthy Fats

Include healthy fats like ghee or fresh butter in your diet in order to get chubby cheeks. These fats never make you fat but can make your skin healthy and cheeks chubby.

15. Love Yourself

No matter how you look, always love yourself. Self-satisfaction plays a very important role in happiness which leads to beautiful chubby cheekbones.

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Remember one thing that to have chubby cheeks you need to work on your diet and other habits as well. It’s not a single working process. It may take time for a few whereas, for others, it’s a quick process.

Experts’ Answers to FAQs:

How to get chubby cheeks?

There are some exercises and yoga to gain chubby cheeks. There are also some home remedies like applying rose water and glycerin, eating more apples, eating fatty fish, eating healthy fats, and drinking milk every day to get chubby cheeks.

What to eat to get chubby cheeks?

Always take a well-balanced diet to get chubby cheeks. Include low-fat but healthy foods like apples, carrots, oats, honey, milk, nuts, and healthy fats like dark chocolate, eggs, and avocado in your daily routine. These foods help to get soft bubbly cheeks without gaining weight.

Are chubby cheeks attractive?

Cheeks make a huge impact on how you look. They make you look younger. Chubby cheekbones look attractive and cute. The chubby cheeks poem makes everyone wants a cute chubby look.

How can I get chubby cheeks with exercise?

There are many exercises like filling the air in your mouth and holding, stretching your cheek, Making a big O, and many more to make your cheekbones chubby.

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