How to do Self-Care at Home during Covid Pandemic?

self care at home ideas

It’s been a Covid-19 pandemic for more than 1 Year. It’s safe to stay at home and avoid any contact with other people. We all feeling bored at our home and our souls and body are screaming for extra care. Although we have much extra time than ever before during this lockdown, we feel difficulty in utilizing that extra time.

Self-care is the mindset, activities, exercises, practices, and habits that we prefer to do when facing stress, sadness, sickness, depression, and many other negative emotions.

Self-care is about giving ourselves the time and maintenance that we want when we feel low. It is all about using our time and mind in positive activities and addressing our problems holistically. Self-care activities are usually initiated by, the person themselves.

Remember, no one can inspire you or make to do things if you don’t want a change for yourself. Others can only inspire you but to care for yourself, you need to know your needs and seek them out.

Here is the list of self-care at home ideas that you can do during this lockdown at your home. We know the self-quarantine time is tough especially when you are alone in this pandemic condition.

Self-Care at Home Ideas

self care ideas

1. Stay Physically Active. The first and most important part for survival during this COVID-19. This will help you in increasing your immunity.

2. You have to look after your mental health. Do not hesitate in seeking help from others.

3. Always Eat Healthy and avoid oily. Boost your immunity by eating healthy.

4. If you are parent, you have to take extra care. Healthy parenting is the key to keep your family safe.

5. Quitting Tobacco or smoking will give you an extra life. I know this is difficult and will take time, but now is the best time to quit these habits.

6. Daily Meditation or yoga is very important, even just 10 minutes each morning or evening.

 7. Take a 10-15 minute walk every 1.5-2 hours during the workday. You can walk on your balcony or from one room to other.

8. This Quarantine time is best to get more sleep.

9. Pamper you hair by giving them hair spa at home.

10. You can do Face Cleanup at home. We all missing our parlor but this can help you in feeling fresh.

11. Take a long bath. Utilize your time in keeping your body fresh and clean.

12. You can Put on a homemade face mask every day and make your face glow.

13. Pamper your hair with a homemade keratin hair mask

14. Listen to an audiobook. Whether it is inspirational or story based

15. Cuddle with your pets and make them feel special.

16. Clean and organise your home office desk.

17. Light a candle in your favorite fragrance. You can also do this during your work from home.

18. Cook yourself a nice and healthy meal.

19. Watch a nature documentary.

20. Create a space at home that’s meant only for pure relaxation. Do yoga or enjoy “me time” in that space.

21. Listen to your favorite music and do Sing with it.

22. Enjoy a long, hot, bubble bath in your bathtub or buy a plastic swimming pool for the home and enjoy your summer in it.

23. Schedule 5-10 minute “play” breaks during the work from home.  

24. Hug someone you love or a your pet.

25. Do Spiritual prayer. This will keep your mind calm.

26. Do waxing at home if you know how to do it. This will help you in maintain hygiene of your body.

27. Give massage to your partner and receive one too 😉

28. Catch up on your favorite blogs and help them to earn extra by reading bloggers.

29. Start your own blog based on your knowledge and interest.

30. Get up early and enjoy the quiet tranquility of the morning. Here are tips on how to get up early in the morning.

31. Make some art and craft and enhance your creativity.

32. Challenge your brain and do some reasoning and aptitude.

33. Learn more about your local history on internet.

34. Challenge your negative thinking and make your mind positive.

35. Learn how to make a budget and keep track of your money

36. Eat Vitamin-C, Zinc, and calcium rich food to boost your immunity.

37. Never get panic or trust any forwarded messages on WhatsApp, Facebook, or any other social media platforms. First, verify the source.

38. By chance, if you get infected with coronavirus, lock yourself in a room to save it from spreading, and don’t get panic or depression.

39. Take your medicines on time, rest, do breathing exercises, and take steam 3-4 times daily.

40. If you feel difficulty in breathing or any kind of serious issues, consult your doctor and take proper treatment.

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These are the self-care ideas during the quarantine. You can either make yourself in this quarantine time or waste this precious time. I know, you are here to make yourself more productive. So, follow this self-care at home ideas and feel more confident.

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