17 Best and Effective Home Remedies For Toothache

home remedies for toothache

Toothaches can be a really irritating and painful experience for all of us. They occur anytime, anywhere, any moment, without any notification. There’s no doubt that a toothache strikes you with a sharp throbbing pain but many times, these painful toothaches strike you when there’s hardly an option of visiting a doctor or dentist nearby. The severity of such pain can be mild to severe in many cases making you even lose your tooth.

Therefore, to keep a tooth first aid in your hand, we have collected the top toothache home remedies to help to feel a little ease and comfortable until your next visit to the dentist. These are not just easy but also very effective in the long run.

Always keep it in mind that these are temporary remedies and you need to visit your dentist as soon as possible if the pain gets worse. Do mention your doctor about the home remedies that you’ve tried.

These toothache home remedies can never treat the underlying problems of your gums and teeth. Below are the top home remedies to treat a toothache at home.

Home Remedies for Tooth Pain

toothache home remedies

Here is the list of best toothache home remedies that you must use in tooth pain. Never take toothache too lightly. Even a small pain can lead to big tooth problems later. So, always consult the doctor if you are feeling any kind of tooth pain. These home remedies for tooth pain are for mild pain or for the condition that can cure without consulting doctor.

1. Garlic Clove For Tooth Ache Relief

Garlic has many medicinal properties which make it one of the best ingredients for medicinal purposes. Garlic kills the pain causing agent and eases the toothache very effectively. It consists of a strong antimicrobial agent called allicin, which treats toothache effectively.


Simply take a piece of garlic and crush it into fine pieces. Mix a little rock salt in it and make a fine paste out of it. Now apply this mixture on the affected area or tooth to get quick relief.

2. Cinnamon To Prevent Tooth Ache

Cinnamon is one of those anti-inflammatory spices which, when mixed with honey results in easy pain relief in the tooth. Honey soothes your gums and cinnamon treats the affected area. Together, these two ingredients are highly rich antimicrobial and antiseptic properties which makes it a good alternative remedy to treat toothaches at home.


Mix cinnamon powder and honey. Apply it on your tooth and gum.

3. Peppermint Tea For Tooth Pain

If you are skeptical about treating your toothache with anything else, then you can at least try numbing down the pain in your gums. The menthol in peppermint cools down the pain in your tooth and gums thus by relaxing your muscles and eliminating irritation.

Method :

Steep few peppermints leave in a cup of hot water and bring it to boil. Strain and cool down the extract. You can use this solution as a mouth rinse to get rid of toothache. Do it daily, once in a day.

4. Black Seed Oil For Tooth Ache

Black seed oil is very easily available in the market. It contains anti-healing properties that heal the wounds and kills the bad bacteria to treat oral problems in your mouth. It easily alleviates the pain and prevents any further swelling and bleeding in your gums.

Method :

Warm the oil a little bit and apply it to the affected area with a Q-Tip applicator. Message it firmly to get rid of toothaches effectively.

5. Asafetida for Tooth Ache

Asafetida might not be available in everybody’s kitchen, but if you do have, then definitely make use of it to treat your toothaches. It’s antifungal and antiviral properties help to treat toothaches caused due to cavities or other as such oral issues.


Mix asafetida with 1-2 teaspoon of lemon juice and makes a paste out of it. Now dip a clean cotton ball in it and apply it directly on the affected area. If the pain is severe and unbearable, repeat the step after every few hours.

6. Clove Oil For Tooth Ache Relief

Clove oil has been one of the best herbal ingredients used for centuries to treat and heal toothaches effectively. Clove consists of eugenol, which helps is diminishing the toothaches quickly from your gums. Clove oil may taste and smell a little pungent but you will see the great result by applying clove oil on your gums.

Method :

Apply clove oil directly into the affected area for 3-4 times a day. Let the oil stay in place as long as you can without licking it. You will see your toothache healing from the first application itself.

7. Vanilla Extract For Tooth Ache Relief

This definitely sounds interesting right? If you wish to treat your toothache with a sweet treat, then you should give vanilla extract a try to heal the toothache in your gums. Vanilla extract is full of antiseptic and analgesic properties which help in getting quick relief from your toothaches.

Method :

Apply 2-3 drops of vanilla extract on the affected area with a cotton swab. You repeat this step and how much you want to do so.

8. Tea Bag For Tooth Ache

Tea bags consist of tannins that help in reducing the swelling in your gums and quickly heal your toothaches. It is also said that the tannins in the tea bags are so effective that they can even treat blood clots if there is any case of bleeding in the gums.

Method :

This method is the best and most effective when followed by cold tea bags. Wet the tea bags with some cold water and apply it to the affected area. Make sure that the tea bags are soaked in chill cold water before placing it on your gums. This quickly helps in healing the toothache and swelling if any.

9. Baking Soda To Prevent Tooth Ache

Baking soda is full of anti-inflammatory properties which make it one of the best ingredients to treat many problems from health to beauty. Baking soda not only solves your toothaches but also prevents any further gum infection or swelling.

Method :

Mix a heaped teaspoon of baking soda in a cup of warm water. Dissolve the powder completely in water and use it as a mouth rinse. You can do it twice or thrice in a day to get rid of severe toothaches.

10. Hydrogen Peroxide To Prevent Toothache

Toothache can also be a result of infected gums or tooth. This hydrogen peroxide mouthwash is best suitable for those who have toothaches because of infected gums. Obviously, this might not be a permanent solution for infections but you can definitely try this at home till your next visit to the dentist.

Method :

Rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide thoroughly. After rinsing with the solution, rinse your mouth with plain water several times. Take care that you at least rinse your mouth 6-7 times with water.

11. Oregano Oil For Tooth Ache

Oregano oil is full of analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It kills the bacteria and reduces pain in your gums.


Apply oregano oil directly into the affected area with a Q- tip applicator. Oregano oil is mostly safe for all of us. So, you can apply it a couple of times a day.

12. Oil Pulling For Tooth Pain

This is one of the amazing age old remedies to cure toothaches with the blend of some amazing oils together. This is also known as oil swishing therapy. This mixture is used to treat tooth infections, bleeding gums, gingivitis, and other oral problems in your mouth.

Method :

Mix 1-2 tablespoons coconut oil and olive oil in a cup of warm water. Mix all the ingredients well and now squishes the oil into your mouth. Keep it in your mouth without ingesting the oil. After 20 minutes split it out and brush your teeth normally.

13. Whiskey For Tooth Ache

Beware! Don’t make it a habit. This is just for the medicinal purpose. Whiskey can hopefully cure your toothache to a certain extent.

Method :

Soak a clean cotton ball in whiskey or brandy and apply it on the affected area of your tooth. Keep replacing the cotton until you see a doctor or feel some relief from pain.

14. Ginger and cayenne pepper For Toothache

This combo is a great duo to treat your toothaches at home if you are suffering from severe toothaches. Ginger is a great remedy to treat toothaches and any swelling in your gums. It has excellent abilities of inflammation and can effectively reduce the pain. Talking about cayenne pepper, it is an excellent source of capsaicin which is more of like a pain magnet and helps in reducing gum pain and swellings.

Method :

Grind a small piece of ginger, 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper and few drops of water together to form a paste of it. Dip a small piece of cotton ball in it and now apply it to your tooth. Leave it on for a few hours and rinse off your mouth. Take care that you don’t swallow this inside and you also keep the gums away from this mixture. It may cause a burning sensation in your gums.

15. Olive Oil For Tooth Ache

Olive oil has phenolic compounds in it due to which it is an excellent anti-inflammatory ingredient to treat toothaches. Go for virgin oil to get rid of toothaches quickly.

Method :

Dip a clean cloth or cotton in raw virgin olive oil and apply it on the affected area of your tooth. Since olive oil is completely safe, you can repeat this step 2-3 times daily ill your toothache stops completely.

16. Onion For Tooth Pain Relief

Toothaches can also be a result of germs or bacteria attack in your teeth and gums. Onions are one of the excellent natural ingredients to kill germs in your mouth and protect form toothaches. They will not only protect your mouth from germ attacks but also prevent the bacteria to further spread on in your gums and teeth.

Method :

Cut a few small slices of onions and place them in the affected area for some time. Leave it for some time and then throw away the onion. Rinse your mouth and repeat this twice daily to get rid of toothache quickly.

17. Warm Salt Water To Get Rid of Tooth Ache

Salt is a great source of antiseptic which eventually kills all the bad bacteria and prevents swelling in your gums. Since salt is easily available, this is one of the best and effective ways to treat your toothache in case of emergency.

Method :

Make your own mouth rinser with 1 teaspoon of salt in a glass of water. Rinse your mouth with this mouth rinser at least 3-4 times a day. This is one of the basic and effective treatments of toothache to follow

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These are the best home remedies for tooth pain that you can use when you are facing the toothache problem. These toothache home remedies are the best solution that you can easily get in the home. Some of these toothache home remedies can also be used in place of medicine.

Always consult the doctor if the pain is unbearable. We never suggest you to completely rely on these home remedies for toothache. These are for mild pain and for tooth problems that can be cured in the home.

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