6 Best Home Remedies for Soft Lips: How to Make Lips Pink

Home remedies for soft lips

A smile is the most beautiful expression on any face. Hence, the lips beholding the smile becomes the primary area of concern. Lips are sensitive and they need to be kept hydrated.  Moist and soft lips throughout the year is a dream of everyone including men. Dry and chapped lips are signs of unhealthy body functions and habits.

Lips do not have sweat glands and the skin of your lips are thinner than other parts of the body. Therefore, Lips require special attention and care daily to keep them healthy. Mainly unhealthy lifestyle, dehydration, excessive caffeine intake, anemia, or usage of cheap lip products lead to chapped and dried lips.

Soft and pink lips is every girl’s wish. In our fast-paced life, it becomes difficult to keep a tap on the maintenance of our lips. Using chemical based products can be harsh on our lips. Therefore, we made the list of home remedies for soft lips. Here we have collated certain easy home remedies for having natural pink lips.

Home remedies for soft lips

If you are thinking about how to get pink lips, here are the best solution for soft and pink lips. Follow any home remedy and get soft pinkish lips.

7Use of lip butter and scrapping the dry skin:

Every night, apply a thick, good quality lip butter or lip balm on your lips and scrape your lips in the morning. You can use a soft cloth or a toothbrush to gently scrape out the lip balm and the dried, dead skin off your lips. This will leave you with glowing pink lips each morning. This should be followed regularly same as a body lotion, to keep your lips healthy since exfoliation is the simplest form to remove the dead skin from your lips.

I am using The Body Shop Lip butter. It is not one of the home remedies for soft lips but it is a natural product and also a tested one. You can buy lip butter from here: Buy Lip Butter

6Pomegranate seed mask:

Pomegranate has the best benefits for the health. The seeds can help in reducing pigmentation and prevents your lips from getting darker. The Pomegranate is one of the best home remedies for dark lips.

Crush the pomegranate seeds and mix it with milk to make a paste. Apply the paste to your lips and leave it for 10 minutes. Once done, Wash it off with warm water. This can be practiced twice a week to get back your natural pink lips.

The substance named ‘punicalagins’ present in pomegranate helps to inhibit melanin. Thus, this can do wonders to keep your lips pink and saturated. This makes it the best home remedy for dark lips.

5Almond oil:

Almond oil contains considerable amounts of vitamin E along with vitamin C. So, they work together as antioxidants which gives amazing results on the lips and skin. It is a natural remedy in winters to combat the dryness of lips. Apply almond oil on your dry lips to make it soft and leave it overnight. It is easy to use home remedy for dry lips.

You can also use almond oil with honey to get baby soft lips. This is how you can fix dry lips and have pink lips. This is one of the best home remedies for pink lips and with regular use you will get soft lips in just 15 days.

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Sugar acts as a natural scrubber. You can use sugar instead of using artificial ones as a lip scrubber. You can apply sugar directly on your lips or you can mix it with jojoba oil. Scrub it gently in circular motions and after a while wash it off. You can repeat it thrice over a week to get best-desired results.

Sugar has the quality of being a natural humectant hence keeps the lips hydrated and soft. It is a natural scrubber that gives you pink lips.


Honey is known for its antiseptic and antibacterial property for a long time. It also has a high content of vitamin C. Honey can be mixed with various other things such as sugar, rosewater, lemon juice or glycerine to apply on chapped lips. It helps to peel off the dry skin and at the same time makes your lips soft and gentle.

The mixture of honey and lemon juice are the best home remedy for chapped lips. Apply this to your dry lips in the night and wash your lips in the morning. It will give you soft and pink lips.


Milk is a storehouse of calcium, potassium, vitamin B12, vitamin B2 and many more nutrients. It’s true that milk can make all the difference to your skin and body. You can make a paste of milk and turmeric and apply it on your lips for 5 minutes. After that wash it off, you will see the difference. It is a good home remedy for glowing and soft lips.

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These are some of the Home remedies for soft lips you readily start applying to get the best results. We are waiting to hear from you, your experiences and the way your lips glow with a radiant smile to make your day beautiful and pretty.