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7 Effective Home Remedies for Burns- Natural Treatments

We often face minor burns in our day to day life, especially when we cook. Burn is not only painful but one may also get an infection if not treated on time. It also affects skin by leaving dark spots that damage our beauty. If burns are not treated properly may also lead to painful blisters.

One should go to the doctor if the burn is more intense. If the burn is light, you can use home remedies to treat burns. Also, you can use home remedies for burns first and then go to the doctor. We made this list of best home remedies for burns as a first aid for burns. But do visit doctors if the burn is severe. 

Home Remedies for Burns

Below are some best home remedies for burns. You can use them as a first aid treatment for the burn. These are very effective in lessening the burning sensation.


home remedies for burns

Keeping a tube of white toothpaste in your kitchen is an excellent idea as it helps in treating burns. Before applying toothpaste wash the affected area under cold water, gently pat dry the area using a paper towel and lastly cover the area with a layer of toothpaste. Applying the toothpaste without water can also help.

Toothpaste gives immediate cooling and relief when it applied to minor burns.


honey how to treat burn skin

Well, the honey is a multi-purpose remedy for many problems. It is also antibiotic in nature and can treat burns. You will be relieved to know that it even helps in reducing the chance of developing any hypertrophic scar.

First, apply a nice coat of honey on a gauze bandage and then place it on the burn. Remember to change the bandage three to four times a day.

Black tea bags

how to treat burn skin

Black tea contains tannic acid which helps in reducing the heat of the burnt area and reduces the pain. This works really well and reduces the pain a lot.

All you need to do is steep two to three tea bags in a pot containing warm water for few minutes. Let the solution cool down and soak a cotton ball or a cotton pad in it. Place the cotton ball or cotton pad on the affected area. Repeat this two to three times a day.


how to treat burnt skin

The cucumber which is a part of our diet. It is a good remedy to reduce dark circles. The cucumber can be effective in reducing the swelling and redness of the burnt skin. Cucumber contains antioxidants which help in reducing the inflammation. In addition, pantothenic acid present in cucumber helps the skin in retaining moisture which is an add-on.

Cut the cucumber into slices and place it on the burn. Do not rub it too much as it may lead to irritation.

Aloe vera

aloevera banefits

Here comes the ‘miracle cure’ aloe vera gel!  It gives a wonderful cooling effect and soothes the burn. If you have the aloe vera plant at home, you can extract the gel from the leaf and use it to treat your burn. The store-bought aloe vera gel contains other ingredients as well which might not be suitable for any burn. Good news again it prevents any scars on the skin.

Apply the aloe gel on the burnt place just like you would apply any ointment.

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milk for fair skin

If you are wondering how milk can help in treating burns then let me tell you that it contains fat and protein which help in promoting the healing and soothing process. It helps in soothing the affected area and will hydrate it at the same time.

If your burn is new, soak the area in cold milk (if you do not have cold milk, normal milk can also help) for 15 to 20 minutes. If you don’t have milk at all, you can also use curd or yogurt.

Coconut oil

home remedies for burnt skin

Coconut oil is another magic natural ingredient that will help in repairing the burnt skin. But never use coconut oil or any oil on a fresh burn. It may increase the pain as it heats quickly at body temperature. It must use for repairing the burnt skin.

Coconut oil is an excellent source of vitamin E which has skin healing properties. You will be amazed to know that coconut oil also contains fatty acids which are anti-fungal and anti-bacterial in nature. This prevents any sort of infection. If you are worried about the scar the burn leaves behind, it helps in that too.

Simply, mix few drops of lemon juice with coconut oil and massage it on the scar.

What not to do when anyone got burn:

  • Never apply butter, jellies, sprays, first aid creams or oil to the burns
  • Never cover the fresh burn with a bandage or with anything as your skin need to breathe after the burn.

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No one wants to get burn, but accidents do happen. Prevention is always better than cure. So, beware when you or any dear ones are near the fire. Do not forget to apply sunscreen when you are near to the gas for a long time.

These home remedies for burns can act as a cure when you or anyone burn. But do visit your doctors if the burn is severe. Feel free to post any query or comment below.

Take care 🙂

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Written by Debarati Chatterjee

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