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Health Benefits of Flaxseed-How To Eat Flax seeds

Flaxseeds, commonly known as “Alsi” in Hindi is a superfood packed with healthy nutrients. When it comes to weight loss, some tell flaxseed is one of the most powerful ingredients present on the earth. Apart from weight loss, flaxseed has many other health benefits too. It helps in heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes. These days one can find flaxseed in almost all food items starting from frozen waffles to oatmeals.

We researched on the Flaxseeds and found it very beneficial to hairs, skin, and health. It acts as a catalyst and improves the metabolism of growth. So, here is the list of best health benefits of flaxseed

1.Helps In Reducing Hunger And Thus Help In Weight Loss

You may want to know how does flax seeds help in weight loss.The more you eat junks the more you will gain weight, we all know this, right? But do know that if you consume flax seed every day, it will reduce your hunger level helping you not to consume junk throughout the day. Flaxseed helps in keeping you full and keeps hunger at bay as it contains a high amount of soluble fibers.

Here are some more home remedies to reduce weight.

2.Healthy Hair And Skin

Consuming Flaxseed n a regular basis, creating a positive effect on your whole body. This superfood contains lots of healthy nutrients like Omega-3, lignans, fiber, etc. Its long-term consumption will result in healthy skin and hair as well. It makes our hair more strong and silky as well our skin softer than before.So Flax seeds are so much beneficial for our hair and skin.


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3.Preventing Cancer

According to recent research, flaxseed has preventive benefits against breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer. Lignan is a plant compound which contains antioxidant and has estrogen properties. Lignan is essential for preventing cancer and flaxseed contains 800 times more lignan compared to other plant products.

4.Rich In Dietary Fiber

If you consume only a single spoon of flaxseed, you will get 3 grams of dietary fiber at once. Consuming around 3 grams or little more dietary fibers are advisable by experts.As flax seed contains a high amount of fiber, it helps in improving the bowel movement and digestion process. So it is recommendable for a person having indigestion issue.

5.Helps In Reducing Cholesterol

People who suffer from high cholesterol can consume 3 tablespoons of flaxseed daily for reducing the amount of cholesterol. According to studies, a person who will consume 3 tablespoons of flaxseed on a regular basis will be able to lower almost 20% of the total cholesterol level.

6.Lowers Blood Pressure

Many researchers all around the globe have been studying the positive effect of flaxseed on reducing blood pressure. People who are already on medication for reducing blood pressure level can consume flaxseed to reduce their blood pressure further. According to recent 11 studies conducted, consuming flaxseed on a regular basis will result in reducing blood pressure almost around 2mmHg. Thus we can clearly say that consuming flax seed daily by people suffering from high blood pressure will prove to be very beneficial.

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7.High Source Of Protein

Being a good source of protein, flaxseeds are in great demand by the health industry. From various studies and researchers, we have gathered many pieces of information which states that flaxseeds help in improving the immunity system and contains anti-fungal properties. If you are on a diet and you are cutting a portion of your daily meat, you can rely on flaxseed as it will supply the amount of protein that your body must be lacking.

8.Helps In Balancing Female Hormones

Lignans, a type of phytoestrogens present in flaxseed can deviate the production of the active form of estrogen in your body. If you are suffering from any hormonal imbalance, do include flax seeds in your diet.

9.Immune System

Flaxseed contains Omega-3 fats, which is very good for human body. It helps the immune system to be more strong. Omega-3 are friendly fat, the main source of omega-3 is fish. If you are a vegetarian then Flaxseeds are undoubtedly your main and premium source of Omega 3


Research has shown that regular intake of flaxseed in your diet can improve blood sugar levels. It results in a lesser risk of type two diabetes in adults. This is one of the health benefits of flaxseed.

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So, these were few health benefits of flaxseeds which we tend to ignore and thus we end up not consuming ample amount of this amazing ingredient. One should definitely include flax seed in our daily diet to stay healthy and fit.

You can easily buy Flax seeds online to get healthy and beautiful skin and hair with easy weight loss option.

Stay fit, Stay Happy..!! 🙂

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Written by Debarati Chatterjee

Lady with a zest for reading and writing. Love to find out home based remedies for making ourselves more beautiful. Exploring new things and interacting with new persons is my passion.


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