Gua Sha: Uses, Benefits, and Side Effects

Gua Sha

Taking a massive turn into the beauty industry, Gua Sha is all set to break the trend record after other facial rollers made it to the top list. Gua sha is a beauty treatment that involves scraping the skin with a massage tool and improving the circulation of blood in your skin. The main trick involves how you scrap the skin using Gua Sha. Unlike the jade rollers, gua sha can’t be used in any direction. You have to scrap your skin in a downward motion to remove the dead cells from the skin. 

The main concept of Gua sha is to break the energy beneath your skin cell to reduce inflammation and promote healing. Body practitioners have claimed that the technique of Gua sha can address the stagnant energy and help to reduce inflammation in the body. 

Gua sha is mainly done on a person’s back, buttocks, neck, arms, and legs. For facial purposes, a more subtle and gentle method is used. 

How to use gua sha Stone?

Gua Sha is mainly a Chinese beauty procedure where your skin is pressed at a specific point via Gua sha stone and scrapped by pressing it in a smooth professional way.  The technician first applies oil and then uses the stone to message specific areas.

People usually prefer to get Gua Sha done on their back, neck, face, butts, arms, and legs.

The pressure is increased slowly to increase the blood flow which in return creates a lift on your skin making it look fresh, young, and glowing naturally. You can easily see gua sha before and after changes when you use it daily or thrice in a week.

Different types of Gua Sha stones

1. Rose Quartz

Soothes out wrinkles and purges all the negativity. Pink stands for love and dedication which attracts all the positive energy.

2. Black Obsidian

The most positively charged stone with the balance of 5 life elements. Fire, ice, water, and earth. It rejuvenates the skin, strengthens the tissues, and improves positive thoughts in the body.

3. Green Jade

Balances the charge and reduces puffiness.

4. Amethyst

Helps in getting rid of negativity, cools down the skin, and tightens pores 

Benefits of Gua Sha

Gua sha has many benefits other than maintaining blood circulation. You can easily notice gua sha before and after changes after regular use of this tool. Here is the list of benefits of Gua Sha:

1. Grounding Ritual

Gua sha is like a treatment and a ritual too. The clam sensation of messaging your skin is extremely grounding. The gua sha movements soothe down your skin and make it feel more relaxed and refreshed. The Gua Sha treatment instantly activates the parasympathetic nervous state, keeping your body calm and relaxed. In return, it helps in maintaining mental stability and control all the sensitive and emotional obstacles. Beauty gurus, believe Gua sha to be more of a grounding and calming treatment rather than a beauty process. The more your inner state stays at peace, the more you glow from outside.

2. Natural facelift

Just like different beauty stones work differently for various beauty purposes, the Gua stone has different edges that can effectively work to perfect your face edges and give them a natural facelift and sculpt. Women have also appreciated the use of Gua sha to prevent aging, sagging, and dull wrinkled skin. The Gua sha technique improves blood circulation and generates more oxygen, which n turn makes the skin appear more radiant and youthful.

3. Cystic Acne

People usually end up concluding that gua sha cannot be used on cystic acne or any other active acne. Whereas, the gua sha tool helps in reducing flare-ups and acne spots by compressing the size of the acne. The tool when messaged properly works on improving blood circulation and skin congestion to reduce the growth of further acne.

4. Hepatitis B

The liver problem has become one of the main issues and concerns for so many people around the world. Liver inflammation, liver scarring, liver damage, and other problems as well.  Researches have shown that Gua sha can noticeably reduce liver enzymes within just 48 hours.

5. Migraine headaches

Migraine headaches are the worst thing to deal with ever. Most of the time it gets so worsen that you can hardly continue to work or concentrate on it. Gua Sha can relatively help to calm down migraine issues in people of all ages.  A 72-year-old woman admits that she relatively felt relieved in her migraine issue after undergoing treatment of gua sha. Though more researches are needed on this, yet as of now, many people have taken this ancient healing technique as one of the best solutions to get rid of Gua Sha.

6. Breast engorgement

Breast engorgement is a situation where the breasts are overfill with milk. Most of the time, such cases arise in the initial stages of breastfeeding and then go away after some time. Even though if it is a temporary situation, the breast becomes painful and swollen. Some women were given Gua Sha after their delivery and the doctors followed them for few days. It was noticed that these women had fewer reports of engorgement and discomfort. It was also seen that they were having a proper lactic balance while feeding their child. 

7. Neck pain

Gua Sha can also be an effective remedy for neck pain. It helps in stimulating the blood circulation to some extent and further reducing the pressure build there. Researches have proven that in comparison to thermal heating, Gua stands more productive in giving relief from neck pain. 

8. Detoxifying

Gua sha helps in detoxifying the meridian channels and connects our organs to transport blood and chi (life force). Gua sha works wonders in all. Right from beauty to health, its benefits are everywhere. Gua Sha helps in clearing our channels and detoxifying them. It helps for a better lymphatic system and helps organs to work properly in function.  The toxins get easily expulsed and you instantly see the results of detoxification.

9. Tension relief and Break Muscle Knots

Most of our worries and day-to-day tensions reflect on our faces as well. some deep pressure messages by Gua Sha stone can untie the facial knots and give you instant relief. The muscles then get relaxed and can work at their best. Incorporating Gua Sha frequently in your beauty routine can instantly bring out the difference on your face. Beauty enthusiasts also focus on Gua Sha massage to reduce the tension lines from the face.

Side effects and risks of Gua Sha

No doubt Gua Sha is full of benefits. Be it beauty reasons or health benefits, Gua sha has made some amazing positive impacts in our lives. But at the same time, there are few lists of people who need to avoid it or at least consult a dermatologist depending upon their health condition before they go for it.

  • People with severe medical skin conditions should avoid Gua Sha. There can be possible some high bruising. 
  • People who bleed easily should take care before using Gua Sha. They may face some high bleeding issues.
  • People who take medication to thin their blood should probably consult a doctor before going ahead with Gua Sha.
  • People who have deep vein thrombosis, take care.
  • Patients who have an infection, tumor, or wound that has not healed fully in specific parts of the body should also take care of it.
  • People with implants, such as a pacemaker or internal defibrillator should completely avoid Gua Sha as it isn’t suitable in any way for them.

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Where to buy gua sha tools?

You can buy gua sha tools from online as well as offline. Here is the link to buy gua sha tools online: Buy Now

There’s pro and con for everything around us. To throw some light upon the benefits, Gua Sha is loaded with lots of positive impacts but at the same time, there are some negative impacts as well. 

Make sure you do proper research before using around the Gua Sha tool on your skin and body. Do share with us if you know some more benefits of the stone.

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