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GM Diet Plan is a diet plan which claims to help you reduce weight up to 6.8 kg in just a week. GM diet or General Motors diet plan was created by General Motors Corporation so that all the employees of the company can stay fit and healthy in the overall aspect of life. 

Although nobody is sure about its origin, so let’s focus on the diet, I don’t think the history of this diet will play any role in your weight loss journey. So, it is a seven-day speedy weight loss diet plan; it allows you to eat in an unlimited amount of food which is restricted to a particular food group. 

It is divided into 7 days, with different rules for each day. This diet plan is easy to follow and is not very restrictive in terms of quantity, plus point is that it is purely natural and healthy. It is recommended to do some light exercises for half an hour per day to aid weight loss goal and to boost up the metabolic rate. 

What it claims?

  • It will help you to lose weight of around 6.8 Kg.
  • Improves Digestion
  • Detoxifies your body
  • Improves the ability to burn fat

It takes your body to a calorie deficit mode and allows you to burn fat by increasing the metabolic rate. This diet plan also recommends taking high water content so that you can stay hydrated and this is how it will help you detoxify toxins from your body.

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So, now I am going to tell you to full GM diet plan for 7 days if you are on a fat loss or weight loss journey then you can definitely try this plan to reach your goals sooner and with a healthy approach.

Day wise GM diet plan 

Below is the GM Diet Chart that you can include in your diet.

GM Diet Chart Day 1 – Fruits

In the GM diet plan, we will start our first day with healthy fruits. You can have any fruit of your wish except banana. You can only have fruits in all your meals without any restriction on the quantity. Melons can be added to a fruit salad as it will make you feel full and hydrated.

Meal plan

  • Breakfast – One bowl of mixed berries
  • Snack – One Apple
  • Lunch – One Pear
  • Snack – One Bowl of Watermelon
  • Dinner – One Orange
  • Snack – One bowl of Cantaloupe slices

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GM Diet Chart Day-2 – Vegetables

high fiber vegetables

The second day is dedicated to vegetables in the meal plan. You can eat cabbage, cucumber, carrots or anything of your choice but it should be a vegetable only. Make sure you eat boiled potatoes in your breakfast only and in the rest of the meals you can have any vegetables. You can cook your vegetables without oil or eat them raw as per your choice.

Meal Plan

  • Breakfast – One bowl of boiled potatoes
  • Snack – One bowl of baby carrots
  • Lunch – One head of broccoli, cut into pieces and then steamed
  • Snack – One bowl of Cherry tomatoes
  • Dinner – 5 spears of steamed asparagus with one bowl of arugula
  • Snack – 1/3 cucumber

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GM Diet Chart Day-3 – Fruits and Vegetables

vegetables GM Diet Plan

On day 3 you can eat both fruits and vegetables excluding banana and potatoes. You will get enough carbs from fruits, eat as much you want there is no restriction on the quantity but don’t cheat.

Meal plan

  • Breakfast – One apple
  • Snack – One bowl of cherry tomatoes
  • Lunch – One bowl of spinach with cucumbers and tomatoes
  • Snack – One orange
  • Dinner – One bowl of kale with Strawberries and Avocado
  • Snack – One bowl of mixed cherries

GM Diet Chart Day-4 – Banana and Milk

banana smoothie post workout meals

Now, this is what you were excluded from your diet for three days, Day-4 is dedicated to Bananas and milk. But wait today you will be having more restrictions especially on the quantity. You can have 8 big or 6 medium-size bananas and drink 3 glasses of milk. Divide them into different meals as per your preference. You can have cabbage soup to counter the hunger calls from your stomach in between the meals. If you are not able to digest lactose then drink soy milk.

Meal Plan

  • Breakfast – Two large bananas with one glass of milk
  • Lunch – Two large bananas with one glass of milk
  • Dinner – Two large bananas with one glass of milk

{As you can see there is no snack in between the meals, so you can have cabbage soup if you feel hungry in between the meals}

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GM Diet Chart Day-5 – Proteins and Proteins

GM Diet Plan

The fifth day is dedicated to proteins, if you are a fan of nonveg than today is the day for you. Chicken, meat, beef, and pork you can have anything. You can also consider some vegetarian stuff like sprouts, soya chunks, etc. Don’t forget to drink enough water (at least 10-12 glasses of water) so that you can flush out uric acid.

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Meal Plan

  • Breakfast – Three whole tomatoes
  • Lunch – 280 grams of Steak with one whole tomato
  • Dinner – 280 grams of tilapia with two whole tomatoes

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GM Diet Chart Day-6 – Meat and vegetables

Diet on the sixth day is quite similar to that of Day 5, There are no restrictions in taking vegetables. Eat as many vegetables you want to eat, along with this you can have beef, chicken, and meat in a limited amount. If you are a vegetarian then you can take soy chunks or cheese in place of meat, beef, or chicken. Till day 6 of GM Diet Plan, you should be able to feel the difference in the weight and your appearance. Do check your weight and measurements.

Meal Plan

  • Breakfast – ½ Avocado
  • Lunch – 284 grams of grilled chicken breast with asparagus and tomatoes
  • Dinner – 284 grams of broiled salmon with kale and sprouts

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GM Diet Chart Day-7 – More vegetables and fruits

GM Diet Plan

So this will be the last day for your Gm diet, Eat as many fruits and vegetables as you can. You can also have two cups of brown rice. There is no non-veg item in the diet. You will realize that now are feeling full of having vegetables and fruits only. This is the last day so make sure not to cheat.

Meal Plan

  • Breakfast – One bowl of watermelon with a side of watermelon wedges
  • Lunch – One bowl of brown rice with broccoli and one up of fruit juice
  • Dinner – One bowl of brown rice mixed with vegetables

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This plan encourages the intake of having fruits and vegetables which encourages weight loss. You can try this method if you want to reduce weight rather than spending money on supplements like fat cutter or any other fat loss pills or powder with some side effects. Moreover it is strict and healthy plan for a short interval of time so give it a try and start your weight loss journey in a healthy manner.

“Eat Healthy, Stay Fit”

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