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GAIA Muesli Real Fruit Flake Cereal and Green Tea Mint Review: A perfect healthy breakfast Combo

Say goodbye to the breakfast blues and welcome the cheerful morning with healthy food. If you are thinking about weight loss and searching for nutritious healthy breakfast then this beautiful combo of GAIA Muesli Real Fruit Flake Cereal and Green Tea Mint is for you.

GAIA is a natural products’ company. It is founded on the belief that nature and offers the best solutions for all our health and grooming needs. This is the first time I am using its products. Before I was not sure of using it but now I am.

I have been using GAIA Real Fruit Flake Cereal and Green Tea Mint since last 15 days. I found it a delicious combo and it is also helping me in losing weight. With these two, I also tried Chocolate & Muesli Granola Bar by GAIA once. It was delicious but I recommend you to eat that if you are doing Gym or heavy workout.

GAIA Muesli Flake Cereal Review:

Gaia Crunchy Muesli Real Fruit breakfast cereal is a delicious combination of multi-grains and succulent pieces of papaya, apple, pineapple, and raisins. All the ingredients are healthy and nutritious. The rolled oats, wheat flakes, and corn flakes in this breakfast cereal provide you with a good dose of fiber and the added chunks of fruit give nourishment and bursts of flavor in every bite. I personally love the taste.

I ate the Gaia Crunchy Muesli Real Fruit breakfast cereal with milk. As it is little sweet in taste, I skip the sweetener. You can add honey to it.

The 400 g Box is of Rs. 450. But once you buy it you feel that it is worth the value of money. It tastes good plus it is healthy.

Buy from here.

GAIA green tea mint review:

Refresh your morning with the Gaia Mint Green Tea. You can take it hot as well as cold. It is an energizing and healthy drink with low calorie. So, it helps in weight loss. The green tea improves metabolism and aids detoxification and the mint extract rejuvenates the system. The fresh mint flavor soothes the mind and helps in reducing the stress and fatigue.

I used GAIA green tea mint for 15 days but didn’t use it daily because of the mint flavor. I like mint but not all the time. If you don’t like mint flavor there are many other options as well in GAIA Green tea.

I experimented with this GAIA green tea with lemon, honey and black salt. Green tea mint with black salt tastes very good. If you want to take it with honey you can. But I can tell you with lemon and honey together it tastes pathetic, at least for me. 😛

The 25 pieces GAIA green tea pack costs Rs. 150 on Amazon.

Chocolate & Muesli Granola Bar Review:

Chocolate & Muesli Granola Bar is one of the good snack bars. It is a delicious bar made of a mixture of rolled oats, muesli, chocolate, and honey. You can enjoy it anytime. It has highly nutritious, so I recommend you not to eat if you want to loose weight. Otherwise, it is good energy bar.

The 30gm of this energy bar costs Rs. 30.

Nowadays, a normal working people’s daily schedule includes working for 12 hours with little or no time left for self. This leads to an unhealthy lifestyle. But there are companies like Organic India, GAIA and many others which are making products that are healthy for us. You can use these products in your daily life. All these are healthy and natural.

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