DIY MANICURE: Steps to do Manicure at Home

manicure at home

Manicure is the treatment for your hand. The word got its origin from the French word ‘manucure‘. This beauty treatment involves pampering your hands and especially your fingers. The process is quite similar to that of a pedicure (a pedicure is the beauty treatment of feet).

Doing a manicure assures that there is proper blood circulation, removal of dead cells, and healthy nails. People also opt for nail art. It is believed that manicures started some 5000 years back. However, it was only in modern time that there has been the introduction of numerous techniques.

Spas and nail parlors offer a wide range of services. But you can also do your own manicure at your home. Well, it’s easy and equally relaxing. Here are the steps to do a DIY manicure.

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In this post we will learn about:

  • Benefits of a manicure
  • How to do a manicure at home naturally
  • How to shape your nails
  • 5 Must-Haves for a Mani-kit

Benefits of a Manicure:

Manicure is not a fashion statement but a everyday hygiene. It is

  • Manicure makes skin smoother:
  • Prevents infections:
  • Increased Blood Circulation:
  • Prevents Calluses
  • Increased Productivity
  • Ease Anxiety
  • Stress Relief.

Steps to do a Manicure at Home

  • The first thing, to begin with, is cleaning your nails. Use the nail remover to wipe off the old nail polish.
  • File your nails into the perfect shape. Always make sure to file your nails in a straight direction. Do this slowly taking extra care if you have thin nails.
  • Once done with filing your nails, get a small bucket or basin filled with warm water. Add liquid soap to it and soak your fingers. After some time apply cuticle oil to your cuticles. Wait for some time and let it do the work.
  • The next step is to use the cuticle pusher and fix your cuticles. While it pushes back the cuticles, it is not recommended to cut them.
  • Use nail polish remover and wipe off the oil. Now your nail surface is clean and ready for applying the base coat.
  • After applying a base coat, let it dry and follow it with two thin coats of your favorite nail polish.
  • Fix the smudges and yes, you are ready.

So, this is the whole procedure to do a manicure at home. If you want to do a pedicure at home read this: DIY Pedicure

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