Deyga Hair Growth Oil Review


Hair fall is literally the biggest beauty problem faced by almost everyone. Constant exposure to heat, dust, climate change and pollution can cause huge hair damage resulting in weaker strands, split ends, and dullness of hair. Your hair needs extra care in today’s busy life. You need a permanent and harmless solution for your hair fall.

In our Optimisticgirls, we always prefer natural remedies for hair care and skin care. Today, I am going to share a review of the natural product from a brand called Deyga Organics. It is an Indian natural cosmetic brand based in Tamil Nadu. They have many skincare, haircare, and baby care products and all the products are handcrafted and natural. The brand claims that it is cruelty-free, chemical-free, and organic.

Deyga Hair Oil

Here is the review of Deyga Hair growth oil after using it for 30 days. Let’s start with the product details and price of this hair oil.

Product description:

Deyga Hair Oil Review

The company claims that the Deyga hair oil strengthens thin and limp hair and makes them thicker, fuller, and healthier in look. It also helps in reducing frizz and breakage and makes the hair smoother and shinier.

Massaging the scalp with Deyga hair Growth Oil by using the root applicator can help the oil penetrate evenly into the scalp. This helps in reducing hair loss, controlling dandruff, reducing itchiness, and making hair glossy and voluminous.

Deyga’s Hair Growth Oil is a mixture of pure natural oils such as castor oil, coconut oil, rosemary oil, and grapeseed oil. It is formulated with Hibiscus and fenugreek that help in stimulating hair growth.

Coconut Oil: Coconut oil nourishes and strengthens the hair.

Castor Oil: Castor oil is good for fast hair growth.

Grapeseed Oil: Grapeseed Oil is rich in linoleic acid. This acid is a type of fatty acid that can not naturally be produced in the human body. Lack of this fatty acid may lead to hair loss, dry scalp and hair.

Almond Oil: Almond Oil is rich in vitamin E that is a powerful antioxidant and is known for repairing damaged hair. 

Rosemary essential oil: The rosemary essential oil in this hair growth oil by Degya is a widely used ingredient that has anti-inflammatory properties and circulation improving capability.

Khuskhus oil: Khuskhus oil has unsaturated fats that boost collagen and elastin while stimulating blood flow. This leads to hair growth.

False daisy or Bhringraj: The Bhringraj helps in preventing hair loss, dandruff, and graying of hair.

Walnut: Walnut contains biotin, vitamin B, E, and a lot of magnesium. These are required to strengthen your hair cuticles, nourish the scalp.

Hibiscus: Hibiscus is known for promoting hair growth.

Fenugreek:  Fenugreek has high protein and nicotinic acid that helps in fighting dandruff and hair fall. Therefore, it is used in hair oil for hair loss as it is the best solution to hair loss and hair thinning.

Curry Leaves: Curry Leaves are rich in antioxidants and proteins that neutralize the free radicals and keep hair healthy and strong.

Triphala: Triphala is known for reducing dandruff.

Benefits of Deyga Hair Oil:

The company claims that after using Deyga Hair oil for 3 weeks you can see the positive effects. Following are the benefits of using this hair growth oil.

  • Promotes growth of hair and makes it thick and healthy
  • Adds shine and lustre to hair
  • Reduces blow-drying time
  • Softens and detangles hair easily
  • Free of additives
  • Suitable for all hair types

Price: 600 INR for 100 ml

Buy Now: Deyga Official Site | Amazon

How to use Deyga Hair Growth Oil?

You can apply this hair oil in two ways. One by pouring onto palm and massage and other is by using root applicator.

  1. Take a few drops of the hair oil onto your palm and rub is to your scalp and hair. Apply the oil from your roots to your tips.
  2. You can also apply the oil directly onto your scalp with the help of the root applicator.
  3. You can keep it over night or wash your hairs after 20-40 minutes of application.

My Experince of using Deyga Hair Growth Oil :

Deyga Hair Growth Oil Review

I use Deyga hair growth oil 2 times a week for 30 days. Here is Deyga Hair Oil review:

The hair oil has a nice texture with rusty color. It has good Coconut like fragrances as the coconut fragrance is dominating other fragrances. If you are concerned about the oiliness of this product then in my opinion you can’t expect a hair oil to not be greasy.

I applied this hair oil overnight and cleans the hair the next day. You can also apply this oil for 1 hour before head bath to avoid acne. As the oil is greasy, I generally cleanse my hair in two rounds to get rid of the oil completely.

First, I used this oil twice a week at night but my hair used to get oily soon after 2-3 days. So, after 1 week, I applied this oil once a week. Within 30 days of use, I see baby hair growing in the temple area. Therefore, I assumed that if someone has bald patches, it can be clearer to note.

It makes my frizzy hair manageable. I love the texture of my hair after using it. In my opinion, if your hair gets frizzy and dry in winters then you can give a chance to this natural hair growth oil by Deyga.

If we talk about the quantity of oil used then it totally depends on the individual hair type. It’s not about the length of hair. So, you can use this hair growth oil like your regular oil.

I suggest you use this Hair oil 3 times a week for 1 hour before taking a head bath. You can leave it for a minimum of 1 hour before shampooing. You can also leave it overnight and wash it off the next morning. This process is also good.

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This is my experience of using Deyga Hair growth oil. It is also possible that its effect is different on everyone’s hair. It completely depends on the type of your hair, your old health issues, or where you live. Always do the patch test before using any new products for any kind of allergies.

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