Girls note it down- ‘BITCH’ is the new ‘STRONG’..

In today’s world being a GIRL is not easy, that too being an strong-headed independent girl with your own values and views. That’s even a bigger CHALLENGE.

Every modern girl has been called a ‘BITCH’ at some point of her life(those who are can relate, this is for you).
Now the question is WHYYYYYYYY so?????

Because she speaks her mind out loud, lives her life in her own way,  says NO and mean it, makes her decisions herself, stands against the crowd, challenges the societal norms, lives her dream, is a Boss of a male, wears the clothes of her choice, is determined towards her goal, wants respect, fights for what she deserves, competes in this bias world, is the best in her field, manages both family and work, defeats all and WINS.

After seeing this video the word ‘BITCH’ would not seem as an insult anymore. Actually ‘BITCH’ is the new synonym for ‘STRONG’.

So Girls… Next time someone calls u a ‘BITCH’, don’t feel offended. Just remember Shruti’s words and smile. Always keep your head high to the sky.

Lets be ‘BITCHES’ and be proud of it..!!

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What do you think?

Written by Rashmi Daryani

A food lover for whom travelling is a great escape..
A reader and writer by heart..!!


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