Binaural Beats Therapy: A Complete Guide

Binaural Beats Therapy

How many times have you felt a load of heavy work or your busy schedule pile up on your head? Did you ever feel that your brain probably needs a vacation too, to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life?

A little relaxation session for your brain is needed every now and then. Our brain works more than we imagine and think. To all that we hear and respond, there’s a different reaction to every thought.  With the increasing level of stress and anxiety, therapists have come up with a different and unique solution to treat the stress levels of your brain known as binaural therapy.

Therapists say that binaural beats therapy works on the auditory illusion of your brain and works to soothe the sensation of the nervous. In this method, two tones of different frequencies are played which is processed by your brain. These beats are called binaural beats. Interesting right? We’ve been playing different frequency beats now and then, but never looked at them as a source to get out from our stress and anxieties.

The entire process plays around with two different beats being played in less than 1000z frequency in different ears which in return processes auditory illusion in your brain. The difference between the two tones should not exceed 30Hz. Also, the tones have to be played one at a time and heard differently.

Apart from releasing stress and calming your mind, binaural therapy is also associated with meditational practices. It treats and instantly calms the stress level in your brain and works to improve your concentration power. 

Like every other therapy, there are also certain things where we come and stop to conclude that, binaural therapy might not be always a good safe option. Binaural therapy was discovered in the year 1839 by Heinrich Wilhelm who was a Prussian physicist and meteorologist. His study shows that binaural therapy can effectively reduce sleep cycles and anxiety issues in a better way. But some doctors have concluded that there might be some dangers of binaural therapy as well.

Binary beats can be a cause of trouble for people with irregular heartbeats and epilepsy. Mr. Joshua Leeds, a well-experienced sound researcher explains further that, very few people have a chance to experience certain disturbances with Binaural beats. Most of the time, there’s a positive impact and better results obtained.

Binaural Beats Therapy

According to the researchers of the National College of Natural Medicine in Oregon, they did research on 8 students with binaural therapy for around 60 days. It was observed that the students had a decrease in the level of anxiety and mental disturbances to a great extent.

Some researchers also state that 10 minutes of exposure to a 6hz binaural beat can induce your brain in a state of medication and calm you down.

Binaural therapy is also identified as a good therapy for mood swings in high blood pressure patients and hence, it works in improving the quality of life as well.

Different patterns of Binaural Beats:

Delta pattern:  Delta pattern is designed to operate at a frequency of 0.5–4 Hz at the maximum. It helps to cure dreamless sleep and improve the quality of sleep as well. People who have taken delta binaural therapy have observed better sleep and felt refreshed when they woke up.

Theta pattern:  The Theta binaural beats are set up at a frequency of 4–7 Hz. This pattern is known to improve meditation, creativity, and sleep. All of this works together and the Theta pattern soothes the senses of your brain.

Alpha pattern:  In this pattern, the binaural beats are designed to play at a frequency of 7–13 Hz. It generally encourages your thinking powers and promotes more relaxation.

Beta pattern: Frequency played at 13–30 Hz comes under the Beta pattern. This frequency range promotes concentration and alertness in human beings. However, a little too much of this frequency may play your mind to get some not needed alertness and stress your mindset. Make sure these beats are listed as and when required.

Gamma pattern: This frequency pattern is usually used under 30–50 Hz to promote maintenance of incognitive and flexible thinking. 

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You’ll need a good set of stereo headphones and an MP3 player or mobile phone to listening Binaural Beats. Make sure you choose a good set of music that suits you. Sometimes, the chosen music doesn’t seem to show any effective results. In such cases, please stop using the wrong set of binaural beats. There are different patterns in every frequency and we suggest you consult an expert before choosing one.

Health benefits of Binaural beats:

Here are some quick benefits of binaural therapy:

  • Reduces the level of anxiety and stress.
  • Helps to improve concentration and focus
  • Reduces the chances of negative mood swings
  • Promotes more creativity
  • Manage migraine in the long run

How to use Binaural beats?

Though this method isn’t recommended by certificated doctors, some still believe it works effectively. You can even download these tunes via websites or play them on youtube.  There are multiple options to decide and pick according to one’s taste and choice.

  • Beats with  delta (1 to 4 Hz) are used for peaceful sleep
  • Beats with alpha frequencies (8 to 13 Hz) promote calmness, relaxation and also decrease stress.
  • Beats with lower beta frequencies (14 to 30 Hz) help to generate better focus, alertness, and improved memory.
  • beats of 40 Hz were more linked and helpful for learning activities.

Things to take care of while using Binaural beats

  • Make sure you choose the right frequency beats
  • Sit in a place free of distractions and external voices.
  • Listen to the suitable binaural beats for at least 30 minutes a day
  • Use good quality working headphones
  • Follow the instructions carefully and don’t confuse your psychotic treatment with binaural therapy.
  • Avoid taking binaural therapy while performing a task that requires focus and attention such as driving or solving mathematical problems.

Side Effects of Binaural beats therapy:

As such there comes no side effect to binaural therapy except for one, don’t play the beats at a loud volume. There are chances you might hurt your ears.

A self-help tool or take away as required?

Though binaural beats can be taken any time of the day by anyone, we still believe that everything around us has its limitations and benefits. Despite being a self-help tool, patients should still consider and consult a health care professional before using binaural therapy.

This therapy is safe but at the same time, there are some preventive measures to be taken care of. Studies have revealed that appropriate matches of frequencies have caused more stress and anxiety in humans.

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Binaural beats therapy is best in many ways but you have to choose the right beats. There are many binaural beats available on youtube for different problems. You can try those but use only trustworthy sources.

FAQs related to binaural beats:

Are binaural beats addictive?

No, they are not. Binaural beats don’t have any sort of chemicals in them so you aren’t going to get addicted in any way.

Can you use binaural beats on the loudspeaker?

No. You can’t listen to binaural beats on loudspeaker. You need a good set of headphones. Binaural beats are played in different frequencies and you need to play them in headphones themselves.

Will I get headaches when I listen to binaural beats?

Yes, you might. Listening to binaural beats initially is like a gym workout for your brain where for the first few attempts you’ll feel exhausted and might get a slight headache. But once your brain gets used to it, you’ll start seeing the results. 

Are binaural beats safe for children?

We personally haven’t found out any research that suggests the use of binaural beats on children. It’s better to avoid binaural therapy on kids. You can try other mindful exercises and try to calm them down. But binary beats are still a BIG NO.

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