Best Tips for Dry Skin in Winter: 7 DIY Face Masks and 5 Homemade Moisturizers

tips for dry skin in winter

We all love winter because of the cozy blankets, scarfs, boots and delicious food. But we all face a very common problem during winter which is dry skin. The flaky patches, cracked skin, and itchy red patches are the signs of dry skin in winters.

Our skin fails to cooperate with the chilly weather and it turns all dry and flaky. This happens because of the lack of moisture. The humidity level outside gets a drop in winters that lead to dry skin. To get rid of these problems we often look for winter body washes, cold creams, and moisturizers. No doubt cold creams and moisturizers are good for our dry skin but there are some remedies as well which we can use for better results.

If you are searching for tips for dry skin in winter. Here we are with some great winter skincare tips and homemade face mask for winters. Always use cream-based body wash in winters. After that do apply moisturizer on your body to keep it hydrated. Always apply cream or face moisturizer after face wash.

Winter Skin Care

Table of Contents:
Winter skin care tips for dry Skin
Homemade face masks for dry skin in winter:
1. Papaya Face Mask
2. Milk and Almond Face Mask
3. Avocado and Honey Face Mask
4. Coffee Face Mask
5. Strawberry Face Mask
6. Egg Honey Face mask
7. Yogurt-Honey-Oatmeal Mask
Homemade moisturizer for dry skin in winter
1. Glycerin Moisturizer
2. Lemon and Honey Moisturizer
3. Aloe Vera Moisturizer
4. Olive Oil
5. Yogurt Moisturizer

There are some home remedies that are good for winter dryness. Below is a list of winter skin care home remedies for you. You will fall in love with the season all over again by using them. Take these winter skincare tips for dry skin.

Winter skin care tips for dry Skin

Here are the best winter skin care tips to keep your skin hydrated in winters:

  • Never ever drop the moisturizer from your daily routine. Keep a body butter or moisturizer in your bathroom and apply it on your body after shower.
  • Always use lukewarm water for bathing. Hot water takes away moisture from the skin.
  • If you are using warm water for bathing, do pour slightly cold water on yourself after the bath. This helps in locking the moisturizer in your skin. Always remember, never use too cold water for this because it makes a lot of difference in body temperature which may make you sick.
  • Always use a face moisturizer after face wash.
  • Use vitamin E cream or any night cream before going to bed.

Homemade face masks for dry skin in winter

best DIY Face mask for dry skin in winters

The face is an important part to take care of during winters as it always open to the cold weather. So, winter care for face is very necessary. You can use a homemade face mask or homemade moisturizer or both in winters to take care of your face. Below are homemade face masks for dry skin in winter.

1. Papaya Face Mask

For making this papaya face mask you need only three ingredients: papaya, banana, and honey. First, mash a piece of ripe papaya and a banana together and then add 1 spoon of honey to them. Mix them properly so that the mixture is lump-free. Apply this mixture to your face. You can also apply this mask to other dry parts of your body. This is the best winter face mask.

Benefits of Papaya mask in winters:

Banana contains vitamins and papaya is known for containing antioxidants. Both papaya and banana are amazing anti-aging agents and honey help in providing moisture to our skin. Using this face mask will make your skin rejuvenated, firm and make it look younger.

2. Milk and Almond Face Mask

For making this face mask you need only two simple ingredients: 1 tablespoon of almond powder and 2 tablespoons of milk. Mix both the ingredients well to get a smooth paste. Apply the winter face mask on your face with the help of your fingers or a face mask brush and let it sit on your face for 10-15 minutes. After 10-15 minutes, massage for some time and then wash your face using water.

Benefits of Milk mask in Winters:

Almonds contain fatty acid and vitamin E which are essential for dry skin. Milk helps in maintaining the moisture level of the skin thus prevents it from drying. This mask helps in exfoliating your skin and makes it soft and glowy. Using this face mask will reduce the dryness from your skin and will make it soft.

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3. Avocado and Honey Face Mask

For this wonderful homemade winter face mask, you need avocado and honey. Mash half avocado and then add 1 spoon of honey to it. Mix both the ingredients well so that they are well combined and there is no lump. Apply the face mask on your face and neck and then keep it on your face for 10 to 15 minutes. After it dries wash it off with normal water.

Benefits of Avacado and Honey mask in winters

Both the ingredients are humectants thus help in solving dry skin problems during winters. Avocado is rich in vitamins C and E and also contains healthy fats. These ingredients help in protecting the skin during winter’s free radicals and keep the skin hydrated. Honey is a great moisturizer but it also helps in making the skin look younger.

4. Coffee Face Mask

coffee is one of the best ingredients in a homemade face mask for dry skin in winter. all you need is One Tablespoon Coffee Ground, One Tablespoon Cocoa Powder, One Tablespoon Honey and Milk. Mix all the ingredients well and apply it on your face and neck. keep it for 20 minutes and then wash it off.

Benefits of Coffee mask in winter:

The coffee is best for ejuvenating tired skin. This face mask brightens the complexion and decreases puffiness along with treating dryness. Coffee is suitable for all skin types so you don’t have to worry. The cocoa powder used in this mask is rich in antioxidants and is good for repairing damaged skin.

5. Strawberry Face Mask

For this recipe, you need 2 strawberries, 1 tablespoon honey, and 1 tablespoon fresh cream. Start by mashing the strawberries in a bowl and then add honey and cream to it. Apply this mask on all over your face avoiding your lips and eyes. Let the mask dry for 10 minutes and then wash off using lukewarm water.

Benefits of Strawberry mask in winters

Strawberries are rich in vitamin C which helps in getting rid of dryness during winters. They also help in making the skin soft and smooth. Additionally, strawberries are exfoliants and help in removing dead skin cells and impurities from your skin. Fresh cream and honey in the face mask help in making the skin moisturized.

6. Egg Honey Face mask

For this winter face mask, you need 1 egg yolk and 1 tablespoon of honey. Take an egg and separate the yolk from the egg white. Add 1 tablespoon of honey in egg yolk and mix it well. Apply it on the face for 20 minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water.

NOTE: This face mask can smell bad due to the use of egg yolk. If you can’t bear the bad smell, I recommend you to go with another facemask.

Benefits of Egg Honey facemask in winter:

The egg white mask gives tightness to the skin and egg yolk masks give deep hydration to the skin. The egg yolk has fat and protein in it. Therefore, it helps in fighting dryness and revive dull skin.

7. Yogurt-Honey-Oatmeal Mask

ou need 1 tablespoon of yogurt, 1 tablespoon of honey and 1 tablespoon of Oatmeal to make this face mask for winters. Blend oats to make it powdered. Add yogurt and honey in it to form a thick paste. Apply this mixture on the face for 20 minutes and then wash the face.

Benefits of Oatmeal and yogurt face mask in winter:

Now, let’s talk about the benefits of this face mask. The yogurt in this winter mask is a natural cleanser and moisturizer which removes dead cells and gives clearer skin. The oatmeal is a great scrubber that cleans and exfoliates the skin.

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You can also use the homemade serum in the night to moisturize your skin. I made this awesome Vitamin E serum at home and you can also give it a shot: Homemade Vitamin E serum for glowing skin in Winters

Homemade moisturizer for dry skin in winter

During winters the main issues for everyone are how to take care of your skin in winter. The dryness also leads to itchiness. Your body needs daily moisture during winters. You must use the cream-based body wash or soap during winter along with the moisturizer. No doubt there are many good moisturizers available on the market but homemade moisturizer adds extra benefits.

1. Glycerin Moisturizer

When it comes to getting rid of dryness during winter, glycerin is a wonderful ingredient. Mix glycerin, lemon juice, and rose water and keep this mixture in an airtight bottle. Apply this homemade moisturizer after the bath.

You can also use only glycerin for the face. Just wash your face and pat dry it, leave it a little damp. Dip a cotton ball in glycerin and then apply it on your face. Do not apply glycerin of your eyes and lips. Do not wash your face and let the glycerin stay on your face.

Benefits of glycerin moisturizer in winter

Glycerin is a natural moisturizer and helps in keeping the skin soft and hydrated during winters. It is also very easily available everywhere. If you want to give someone tips for dry skin in winter, don’t forget to mention glycerin.

2. Lemon and Honey Moisturizer

For this remedy, you need the juice of half lemon, 1 spoon honey, and a cotton ball. Take the juice of half a lemon and simply add honey to it. Uses a cotton ball to apply the mixture prepared on your skin and then leave it on your skin for 10 to 15 minutes. Wash it off with normal or cold water. You can keep this home moisturizer in a bottle for daily use.

Benefits of Lemon honey moisturizer in winters

Honey is anti-inflammatory in nature and lemon contains a high amount of vitamin C. When both these ingredients are combined, they help in soothing itchy and dry skin during winter. This is a good homemade moisturizer for winter.

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3. Aloe Vera Moisturizer

Aloe vera has many benefits. You can use it for skin, for hair and even for your health issues. For making Aloe Vera moisturizer, Mix aloe vera, glycerine and few drops of essential oil and keep it in a jar. Use this mixture after bathing.

Benefits of Aloe Vera Moisturizer in Winters

Regularly applying aloe vera gel on your face can help in making complexion clearer, smoother and reduce inflammation.

4. Olive Oil as a Moisturizer

You can use only olive oil as a moisturizer. The antioxidants in olive oil help in fighting dull and dry skin and also gives fair skin. It also prevents age-related wrinkles and fine lines.

5. Yogurt Moisturizer

This moisturizer is used before the shower. Take yogurt and apply it on your body. Keep it for 10 to 20 minutes as per your body need and then take a shower with warm water.

Benefits of Yogurt moisturizer in winters:

The yogurt mildly exfoliates the skin and gives it a glow. It cures the itchiness and dryness of the body.

Here is the list of Home Remedies for Skin Care in Winter

These are few tips for dry skin in winter. I am sure you will have a beautiful experience and notice the change in your skin the very first time you use it. Do not forget to share your experience in the comment box below.

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