12 Best Stretch Mark Removal Cream to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

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On a sympathetic note people may tell you that stretch marks are like your natural adornments so wear it proudly, but on an honest confession, we all feel embarrassed and irritated with those white lines appearing on our body. Stretch marks mainly appear either due to pregnancy or excess weight loss or even weight gain during pregnancy or puberty in a female body. They initially start off as pink lines and then turn white scarlike lines on your body.

Stretch marks are usually non-harmful and fade away with time. But you can still work on them to quickly erase them off your skin, either by natural ingredients or the medical creams and serums to treat your skin.

Here’s a list of best stretch mark removal cream that most of the women swear by for treating their stretch marks completely. You can use these stretch mark creams once or twice a day as per your need.

Best stretch mark removal cream

This is the list of best stretch mark removal creams for new or old stretch marks or stretch marks during pregnancy. You can use any of them to get rid of stretch marks.

1. Bio Oil

There has been a lot highlight on this product already since a very long time. Bio oil is one of those formulas that work on your stretch marks and erases them in just a few days.

The formula contains Retin A content which is a strict no for pregnant ladies, you are suggested to use the product only after the delivery. You can also use this oil for any old stretch marks or new ones.

The non-greasy oil clears all the clogged pores from your skin and helps in improving the uneven skin tone and stretch marks. It is clinically proven and tested by the dermatologist to safely work on your skin.

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2. Palmer’s Massage Cream for Stretch Marks

Palmer launched this message cream specifically for the stretch marks and white lines in your body. The formula is created paraben and phthalate free which makes it an ideal use for pregnant or post-delivery women. Being one of the most easily available product, this cream runs for a good 8 to 9 hours continuously.

This cream for stretch marks removal is also best for old stretch marks.

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3. Vichy Complete Action Anti-Stretch Mark Cream

Sudden weight gain or loss can also become a reason for the appearance of stretch marks in your body. Most of the time, women face stretch marks issues in their lower body parts such as hips, buttocks, calf, stomach, etc.

Vichy stretch marks cream is a complete action formula that targets the visible lines in your hips, buttocks, and stomach to firm down your skin and rebuilds it.

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4. Biotique Coco Butter Cream

Biotique products are already really famous for their natural ingredient products in the market. This product seems to be another promise in their range which is specially designed and curated for stretch marks and scars.

It is a perfect blend of pure cocoa butter, mustard oil, the bark of the Arjun tree and Indian butter, which makes your body look more firmer and toner.

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5. RevAyur Stretch Mark Cream

RevAyur is an anti herbal cream with the goodness of 10 rich essential herbs (aloe vera juice, calendula, cocoa butter, vitamin e, olive oil, shea butter, almond oil, vitamin c, wheat germ oil, jojoba oil ) that effective work in removing your stretch marks and white lines completely from your body. It is nongreasy and completely absorbs into your skin to make it soft and supple.

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6. Chicco Intensive Anti-stretch Marks Serum

Chicco has been a renowned name since ages in the line of baby and baby related products known across the world. Chicco has come up with an intensive anti-stretch mark serum which can be used in any part of a woman’s body.

The most amazing thing is that this product is completely safe for the mommies out there and yet to be mommies. Yes, you got it right, this product can also be used during pregnancy. The formula is neither thick nor too thin like oil, it’s a moisturizing serum that works on your existing stretch marks and prevents further stretch marks in the future.

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7. Mederma Skin Care Cream for Scars

Mederma is an intense healing formula that promotes an effective healing on your skin and reduces the scar making your skin soft and smooth. Apart from TV commercials, you’ll also see many doctors and women recommending this product it is indeed one of the most promising ones in the market.

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8. The Moms Co. Stretch Mark Cream

The Moms Co. Stretch Mark cream is a beautiful blend of 7 powerful oils and natural Vitamin E that increases the elasticity of your skin and eases out the process of stretching skin. It effectively on the stretched lines of your skin around belly, hips, and breasts.  The Seabuckthorn Oil and Rosehip Oil also works great in repairing damaged cells of your skin. The product comes in two varieties, one as a body butter and the other as Stretch Oil.

For best results, Use the Stretch Oil twice a day in the morning and evening, and use the Body Butter at night before sleeping.

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9. Sebamed Anti-Stretch Mark Cream

Sebamed anti-stretch marks cream might definitely be an expensive one for many of you but trust me, this is not less than a magical formula for your skin. With the extracts of avocado oil and Shea butter, it nourishes your skin and keeps away the itchiness during your pregnancy.

This unique formula is designed with the presence of tiger grass, extracts and peptides by the liquid crystalline structure of olive oil which heals the stretch marks on your skin and helps are reducing the structural damage to the fibers of the upper layer of the dermis.

If you are truly ready to spend a little more, then definitely go on for this cream to fight those stubborn stretch marks.

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10. Olive Oil/ Coconut Oil/ Vitamin-E Oil

If at all you feel little skeptical about trying on those market introduced creams and serums, then try using the natural coconut oil or olive oil or Vitamin-E oil to reduce the scars in your body.

The oil supports more growth of new skin cell and revs up cell regeneration in your skin reducing the visible stretch marks and scars in your body. Apply the oil directly on your skin and you’ll see some visible differences in no time.

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11. Luciara Cream

Luciara cream is an effective formula to work on the ance and body stretches that appears in the course of time. With dual Hydro action and hypo-allergenic ingredients, the cream smoothly absorbs into your skin and settles down to erase the white lines from your body.

It tightens your skin cells and repairs the damaged tissues to repair your stretch marks quickly. Apply the cream on abdomen, thighs, and buttocks after washing your body thoroughly and message for 2-3 minutes. This cream is suitable for a woman of all ages category and those who are pregnant and breastfeed. It is safe and paraben free to use.

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12. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin-E

lotion for stretch marks

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter is a rich formula with the sweet smell of cocoa and goodness of rich butter that works smoothly on your skin and works on your stretch marks.

Let’s get one thing straight right now, this cream is definitely not an anti-stretch mark cream but yes, it definitely works in making your stretch marks less visible and keeps your skin moisturized all day.

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Some quick tips to prevent stretch marks

  • Control your weight
  • Stay hydrated – drink lots of water
  • Eat a nutrient-rich diet
  • Include vitamin C in your diet
  • Eat foods rich in zinc
  • Treat fresh stretch marks when they appear

We hope our article helps you out and benefits in a positive way. Do share more tips regarding stretch marks and help out others. And also share your views after using any Stretch Mark Removal Cream from this list.

“There’s nothing stronger than a woman empowering other woman and helping her out.”

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    I’ve been using Dermalmd stretch mark removal to diminish appearance of my pregnancy stretch marks. So far I’ve had great results and I’ve been using it for about 3 months

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