12 Best Relaxing Music for Relaxation and Relieve Stress

Relaxing Music

We often feel stuck, overwhelmed, with a lot of things that take place in our everyday lives from hectic everyday schedules to deadlines to some major life event, stress always has a way to seep in. In this hectic life, no one can escape from stress. So, all you need is to manage the stress and make your life peaceful.

Before going further, let us discuss the stress:

What is Stress?

Stress is any kind of pressure that affects a person in his daily life: This effect may be healthy or unhealthy depending on his reactions to the stress factors. The physical, environmental and social causes of stress are called stressors.

Stress on the other hand can precipitate psychological responses like anxiety, hopelessness, depression, fatigue, irritability, etc. 

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What’s for the rescue then? Music. Music On the other hand can relieve stress, enhance our mood along with increasing our spatial awareness, interestingly the genre of music can be important as well. 

Music is everywhere, we hear it all the time, it wakes us up in the morning, motivates our workout, gives us company in our lowest days, music makes us sway our heads, move our body, music can even give us chills, music makes us cry and surprisingly music has the power to activate all parts of our brain.

We as humans are lucky to have music. It compliments emotions and can change emotions. 

People are oftentimes so passionate about music and instrument playing, because the music that they listen to, they play or even the music they chose to play is an extension of them. Relaxing music are for calming soul.

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Best Relaxing Music

Here is a list of the best relaxing songs that are beneficial in relaxing you and relieving your accelerated stress levels.


Whenever you will listen to this, you will instantly feel a sense of relaxation crawling down your mind and body instantly easing out all tensions of your body & mind. This in all sense is soul-stirring and uplifting music. “Om mani Padme hum” is an ancient Buddhist mantra. 

Imagine standing on a beautiful divine monastery on a hill, looking over a beautiful scenic valley, wind with a slight sense of incense caressing your face and faint chanting of this mantra in the background as you let go of your worries for some time.


Scientist by Coldplay is a very mellow song that talks about a broken relationship. The song is slow and will certainly help you calm your nerves. The beauty of the song isn’t about how it just focuses on broken relationships, but how essential it is to prioritize things and people accordingly.


“Kun Faya Kun” is a verse from the holy Quran that says whenever God wants something to happen, he just says “Be it” and it happens. 

If there’s a song that best fits among the criteria of “music that heals” it has to be “Kun Faya Kun by A.R Rahman and Mohit Chauhan.” A.R Rahman’s music is so peaceful and stress relieving that no matter how hard the day has been or how big a problem seems to be, you will find solace and serenity in his songs. Every line of this song gives you the power to fight your past, present, and future. 


This is a beautiful Kashmiri song written by Mahmoud Gami. The lyrics of this beautiful song talks about the morbidity of human life. The singer has used electric guitar but it still somehow will tug the strings of your heart in a magical manner, the lyrics are simple and direct, what beautifies the whole song is how subtle and melancholic the song is.

An attempt at translation of Karyo Maz Jigras:

I will hold you deep inside my heart, close and safe

Ah! This yearning that I have is unforgettable 

Ah, many of these people left this market, and whosoever left never returned, I have 

yearning, a yearning that is unforgettable.

Dear, take this! Drink this tea that I have made in the cup, take it,

For I have to die this evening.

My body, which is made of silver, is now covered with these dusty webs.

Ah, this yearning is painfully unforgettable. 

This song is soothing and beautiful in itself and there’s a possibility that you’ll fall in love with each and every couplet of this Kashmiri song, everything aligns with the lyrics, the rhythm, and the melody. It is mesmerizing in all aspects.


According to Neuroscience, “Weightless” is the most relaxing song. It was recorded in such a way that hearing this piece helped individuals lower their anxiety level up to 65% and what’s more interesting is that the song was specifically created to reduce and balance the high levels of anxiety, blood pressure, and heart rate. The song was created by the band in a joint collaboration with the sound or music therapists. The song is dreamy, mellow with a hint of piano, guitar, and electronic samples of ambient nature sounds. It’s also commonly known as the world’s most relaxing song. 


Watermark by Enya is a simple and relaxing song with a very serene and beautiful arrangement of piano, with a hint of the human voice in the chorus, the sound of the song can be best described as “white noise” which is proved to induce sleep and high level of relaxation to individuals going through intense levels of stress, anxiety or insomnia, white noise can be often accompanied with the word serene. 


This song is basically a poem; beautiful poetry: imagery and music that has been combined to tell a story of love, compassion, empathy, and joy. The strumming of electric guitar and gentle beat drops work together in a beautiful melody to listen to, it is certainly one of those that will relax your nerves in an instant. This song gives you the feeling of a bowl of hot brothy soup on a late winter evening that fills you and warms you from the inside, even though the whole track is instrumental it gives you a gentle encouragement to do better and to be better. 


Queen by bohemian rhapsody is not a very tasteful or subtle piece but it is that song that will gradually kick out stress in numerous ways, it’s a good hummable melody and indifferent music arrangement. It’s a masterpiece, a beautiful rock opera music, that will Quickly evaporate all your low lows, and get you up on your feet swinging and enjoying. This song is definitely a mood changer, the first relates to our sadness but later on it energies you and motivates you. 

9. Can’t help falling in love with love you – Elvis presley

Can’t help falling in love with you is possibly the most relaxed love song, even though the song belongs to the pop genre it is comparatively more complex than the average song when it comes to the Chord- Bass Melody.

It is advisable to hear it late in the night to soak in all the subtlety that this song evokes.


This is a beautiful calming ambient zen music that provides soothing music for both meditation and chakra meditation. This song has effortlessly incorporated the use of flute beautifully, Tibetan singing bowls. It is a piece of perfect relaxing music to achieve a state of zen. This can even be used as sleep music so that one can relax and sleep peacefully.


This Relaxing music is a blend of opera and rock.

Occasional strumming of full-electric guitar riffing its way made this album stay on the Billboard chart for 741 weeks, this certainly isn’t a generic zen music beat that’ll relax you, this album certainly is a rollercoaster that will burst you with energy. 

Pink Floyd from his time to ours was and still is light-years.

The slow humming of the singers will softly release all your tensions. 


This song is so beautiful to not be included in this list.

This is a song that talks about peace and harmony. It is simple, honest. It is a soft rock piano ballad, the melody is free-flowing with hints of harmonic tones and sounds.

Oftentimes when the stress is overflowing and we feel overwhelmed by everyday stress and chaos, we resort to yoga, meditation, art, and even naps, but listening to relaxing music is one of the most effective ways to get that dopamine flowing. 

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The list of Relaxing music has been created in such a way that it has captured all the possible never-calming genres from Tibetan music to ambient nature sounds, from white noise to soft Sufi beats. If you ever find yourself in distress, consider giving these songs a listen, and adding them to your relaxing playlists to ease out those heavy stress clouds hovering over your head. 

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