15 Best Perfumes for Women in Budget -2018

best perfumes for women in india

Every woman around desires to smell good and feel confident about her body. Be it indoor or outdoors, Women love wearing good, strong scents all the time. It not only does keep your foul odor away but, also gives you the confidence to carry yourself boldly on every occasion.

Well, when we talk about good strong fragrances, many times people expect it to be only from those expensive luxury perfumes. None the less, there are few amazing affordable perfumes too that’ll blow off your mind with top notes and strong charming fragrances.

We’ve brought you the best affordable perfumes for women to wear in a different season and on different occasions just the way you want it to be. From floral to woody, spicy to classy, there’s something for everyone in the list. Let’s go round and check these amazing perfumes.

Best affordable perfumes for women

1. Revlon Charlie Gold Perfume

best affordable perfumes in india

Charlie gold by Revlon is a unique fragrance which offers you a fresh fruity fragrance with the notes of orange, apricot, sandalwood, cinnamon, peach, jasmine and rose in it. It is an ideal perfume for all the girls out there who wish to wear a fresh fragrance and hang out with their girl’s squad on a casual evening. You can wear it for your girl’s brunch date or maybe even for summer shopping, the top note of bergamot, oakmoss and musk will keep you fresh all day long.

Price:  Rs. 632.00

But it here: Amazon

2. Playboy Play It Spicy Perfume

Playboy play is a spicy fragrance with the vibrant burst of pomegranate, bellini cocktail, and pink berries. The base tones of amber, sandalwood and vanilla essence make this perfume a perfect mix of oriental and seductive smell. This fragrance is absolutely perfect for a special date night occasion or even a candlelight dinner with your partner. The spicy sweet smell will perfectly fit in your romantic mood and surrounding.

Price: Rs. 1611.00

But it here: Amazon

3. Diesel Plus Plus Feminine

Diesel Plus Plus By Diesel is a pure aromatic perfume with the top notes of bitter orange, valley lily and pineapple to add a tint of vibrant and fresh fragrance to your body. With a combination of base notes of musk and  Virginia cedar, this perfume is absolutely perfect to wear on a business meeting or any formal gatherings in the mid of summers.

Price: Rs. 940

But it hereAmazon | Flipkart

4. Yardley English Lavender Perfume

Yardley is a well-known name in the line of perfumes and fragrance sprays across the world. Yardley English Lavender perfume is a mix of fiery and spicy notes of lavender and vanilla as the top notes in it. For all the lavender lovers, this perfume is a must have this season. It almost suits every occasion and every season. Enjoy the grand majestic fragrance of lavender with Yardley English Lavender Perfume.

Price:    Rs. 597.00

But it here: Amazon

5. Envy 1000 Women Perfume Blush Eau de Parfum

Envy 1000 is a rich classical fragrance for the bold women of today. Infused with sandalwood and transparent musky notes, the fragrance gives a very happy, positive vibe throughout your day. The perfume is an ideal pick for all those workaholic women who have many events to attend and often travel from one place to another. It stays strong for the whole day and you’ll for sure love wearing it on every formal occasion.

Price: Rs. 742

But it here: Amazon | Flipkart

6. Versace 19.69 Italia La Paradis Perfumed Spray For Women

Versace 19.69 Italia La Paradis Perfume for women is an ideal creation for a mysterious and classy woman who loves a deep magical fragrance. The oriental mist of La Paradise brings a heavenly combination of floral toes to infuse with some magical ingredients to give you the perfect spicy fragrance. It’s strong and long lasting from a minimum number of sprays.

Price: Rs. 495

Buy it here: Amazon | Flipkart | Nykaa

7. Trendy from Nike

From an affordable range to trendy in style, Nike is the name that speaks in every way about feminism to the world. Being a well-known face, Nike brings a unique oriental fragrance for modern women. The simple classy packing of this perfume makes it one of the travel-friendly perfumes of all. The spicy, bold fragrance is best to wear on a sports occasion or maybe to the gym to smell fresh and good for a long time.

Price: Rs. 599

But it here: Amazon 

8. Avon Scent Essence Romantic Bouquet Eau De Toilette

Avon brings an exotic fragrance with a tint of talcum and vanilla essence to make you feel light and fresh with the feminine touch in its absolutely charming pink bottle. With the top notes of Floral Fruity woody scent and lush dewy petals, this perfume is the best wear on big grand parties or weddings to attend in India. The fragrance is fruity as well as smooth to wear for such festive occasions.

Price: Rs. 799

Buy it here: Amazon | Nykaa

9. Vanesa Rio Women Perfume

Best perfume for women in budget

For those women who look for a strong, soothing and an irresistible fragrance in their budget, Rio perfume by Vanesa is the best option for them. Smudge a small amount of this spray in your pulse area and behind your earlobes and you are ready to go for the complete day.

Price: Rs. 135

Buy it here: Nykaa | Amazon

10. United Colour Of Benetton Hot EDP For Women

Launched by the United Colour Of Benetton, Hot is a special exotic fragrance for the women who love to have to wear a light yet a long lasting fragrance on them. With the perfect combination of  Brazilian rosewood, Water Jasmine, and Lily-of-the-valley, this perfume promises to make you stand out in the crowd. The base notes are Sandalwood, Amber, Musk, Vanilla, Oakmoss, and Cedar. Perfect for college students or young office interns for daily use.

Price: Rs. 849

Buy it here: Amazon

11. ADIDAS Natural Vitality EDT

Natural vitality by ADIDAS is a refreshing perfume with some of the finest combinations of floral notes to make you feel beautiful inside out. The perfume highlights the athletic spirit of the women and is perfectly suitable for a woman with sportsmanship. The base of the perfume is infused with musk and sandalwood. Floral accords of lotus and osmanthus along with the scent of watermelon perfectly balances the heart note of the perfume. Best to war for work or meetings.

Price: Rs. 494

Buy it here: Flipkart

12. Colour Me Flower EDT

Colour Me Flower is a rich fruity gourmand fragrance which perfectly compliments the young ladies of the modern times. Designed and packed with floral design and simple bottle, the perfume offers a classic scent with the top notes of rose, violet, and peach. You can choose to wear this sweet fragrance on any casual day or just on a happy Sunday.

Price: Rs. 449

Buy it here: Flipkart

13. Archies UXR Original Eau De Parfum

With the notes of jasmine and rose, Archies UXR is one of the best affordable perfume that you can pick this season. It keeps away the foul odor caused by sweat and gives you a fresh fragrance even in extreme summers. Perfect to wear on hectic work days, it makes you feel fresh and relaxed.

Price: Rs. 399

Buy it here: Nykaa

14. Biotique Royal Saffron Eau De Parfum

From the finest combination of floral notes, Biotique Royal Saffron brings an explosion of sweet fresh flowers that will evocate your deepest senses of life. With the magical notes of Saffron, jasmine, Tuberose bloom on a base of patchouli, biotique brings a special romantic scent for a woman that will leave your man mesmerized. It is suitable for daily wear as well as on selected occasions.

Price: ₹699

Buy it here: Nykaa | Amazon

15. Rasasi Blue Lady EDT For Women

Marked favorite by most of the ladies, Blue lady is a classic fragrance with a perfect combination of vanilla essence and base notes of floral woody musk for every woman. The long-lasting sensuality of the perfume will keep you fresh and vibrant for a long time in your busy schedule. With a flair of attitude and perfection, this perfume comes with a small sample size deodorant bottle to give you an extra dose of luxurious scent to your body. A perfect pick for date evenings or coffee meets up with your friends.

Price: Rs. 742

Buy it here: Flipkart

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These are the best perfumes for women that you can buy in your budget. All of these are best in their respective range. If you ask me I will suggest you to buy Titan Skinn Perfume Range. You will love their fragrance. 

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