12 Best Natural Appetite Suppressants that help in Weight Loss

Best Natural Appetite Suppressants

There’s no hidden truth or secret to a healthy lifestyle. Mindless eating is indeed the biggest culprit why we struggle today to maintain a good lifestyle. One has to maintain their lifestyle and body weight to ensure healthy living.  Well, since weight loss isn’t an easy task for all of us, appetite suppressants in certain natural ways can work wonders if you are looking to limit your food and calorie intake. 

Before going further, let’s discuss what are appetite suppressants?

What are appetite suppressants?

A natural suppressant is a food that may work down your metabolism more actively and make you feel less hungry. At the same time, it ensures your body gets all the necessary vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and fit.

Why appetite suppressants?

Food can be a foe and a friend at the same time. The ratio of food that our body consumes matters a lot. Small portions and the right food can make a huge difference to your end results and energy. Food suppressants make you feel less hungry for a long period of time and meanwhile, keep you full of energy to sustain your day. An appetite suppressant can be natural or medicinal as well. But here, we prefer natural sources as these options are super safe to pick and rely upon. 

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Don’t forget, that these appetite suppressants won’t help you reduce weight or get in shape. The main purpose is to maintain your entire appetite quantity and keep a check on your current body situation.

We do not recommend or suggest any medicine in this article as an appetite suppressant. We believe nature’s true essence has to be the first and major approach for everything. Here’s a list of the top 10 food items that we’d recommend as a natural appetite suppressant.

Natural Appetite Suppressants

Check this list of the best natural appetite suppressants that you can eat to control your hunger:

1. Almonds

natural appetite suppressant

Your grandmother wasn’t probably wrong when she said a handful of almonds can give you that daily dose of required energy and vitamins to grow strong and intelligent. Almonds are rich in antioxidants, Vitamin E, and magnesium, which can keep you feeling full for a long time. Almonds in the morning can keep you feeling full and energetic for a long time. We’d recommend all our readers to do keep a handful of almonds with them wherever they go. 

2. Coffee 

Well, coffee is one of those tricky things which when over exceeded in the wrong dose and wrong way, can leave your stomach disturbed and upset, and at the same time, consuming in moderate quantities can be a friendly intake for your health. A moderate and less sugar coffee can keep your metabolism active for a long time. 

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3. Ginger

ginger to boost immunity

From digestive to antibiotical properties, ginger rules so many areas altogether.  Gingers are super amazing for digestive benefits. It helps in quick food digestion and keeps the metabolism super active. One of the main reasons why Indian food almost all goes incomplete without ginger in it.  Ginger energizes your body and acts as a natural appetite suppressant for long hours. 

4. Avocado

avocado- potassium rich foods

Another effective natural appetite suppressant is avocado. But this monounsaturated fruit needs to be consumed in moderation and not in large quantities. The healthy fats signal your brain to feel less hunger and stay full for a long time. 

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5. Cayenne pepper 

cayenne-peppers-for weight loss

If you are an all-time foodie and love eating spicy flavourful meals, then do keep the mechanism a little reverse and smart rather than limiting your food choices. Add some cayenne pepper to your meals instead of the regular spices and consume it slowly. Cayenne pepper increases the body’s metabolism and makes your body burn extra 10 pounds without many workouts. You can simply add it to your curry or salad to make it more flavourful and tasty.

6. Apple

Apple fruit

An Apple a day, keeps the doctor away. but also, An apple a day, keeps all the bad food away is the new line to highlight.No doubt why we call the apple the magic fruit. Apples are rich in high soluble fibers and pectin which keep you feeling full for a long time. They also regulate your glucose level and help to increase energy levels. We recommend you all grab an apple straight when you feel hungry. The loaded vitamins and nutrients also keep your body protected and healthy from various body problems. 

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7. Egg

boiled egg as a snacks

There is a reason why the egg is always advised to be consumed in the mornings.  Egg helps you to stay full for almost more than 5 hours straight. Avoid carbs in the morning and substitute them with some healthy options along with eggs. You’ll see a massive difference in your appetite in just a few days.  

8. Sweet potato

sweet-foods high in potassium

Potato and starch go hand in hand. But nutritionists suggest sweet potatoes to be a little beneficial in their starch content and can keep you feeling full for day long if consumed in the right way and in quantity.

The starch in sweet potato has some amazing enzymes which help in keeping your body feeling full for a long time and suppress your appetite to the maximum.  We suggest you eat them boiled along with your salad so that they are consumed in moderate quantity.

9. Dark chocolate

dark chocolate food for healthy skin

Well, we don’t count it as an appetite suppressant, but yes, it helps to reduce your sweet cravings and send signals to your brain to consume less food. The slightly bitter taste in dark chocolate signals your brain to eat less and the stearic acid in it helps in quick digestion.

Make sure to avoid a cup of milk or anything that contains dairy. You can opt for some black coffee or tea to enjoy the sweet-bitter taste of dark chocolate.

10. Tofu

Natural Appetite Suppressants

A plant-based gem that is truly blessed to keep you full with its delicious taste and loaded minerals. Tofu is indeed a super amazing ingredient which one can cooperate and how they like. Be it raw in some salad or curry, you’d enjoy it. Tofu is high in isoflavone called genistein which helps to suppress your appetite and feel less hungry. Over the past few years, people have gone super creative with tofu and we’d suggest you browse the net and look for some amazing recipes.

11. Green leafy vegetables:

leafy vegetables: Natural Appetite Suppressants

Last but not the least, we had to keep the staple favorite on our list. The favorite green leafy veggies. One can never deny how beneficial green veggies are. They are versatile enough to be shaped and mixed any way you like them. The list is almost endless on the possibilities you can eat these. The greens are natural appetite suppressants and keep you full and energetic for a long time. Here’s a little tip to maximize the benefits, try to eat them raw or sauté lightly in olive oil. Overcooking them may kill the main purpose of eating them.

12. Flax Seeds

flaxseed: Natural Appetite Suppressants

Flax seeds are high in soluble fiber and fatty acids which boost your nutritional value and add upto your energy level. Add them to your salad or add them to your smoothies, ½ tsp flax seeds can fuel up your metabolism and help you stay full for a long time. A tip, grind and consume them to make digestion easy and also increase the taste of these flax seeds.

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So these were our top picks from the natural suppressant which we would love to recommend to our family and friends. Note, that we have mentioned everything from a general perspective. If you are allergic to any food item, please take care.

Do let us know if you know more about such superfoods that can act as Best Natural Appetite Suppressants. We’d love to add them to our list and share along.

Till then, stay happy, stay healthy.

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