8 Best Foot Creams for Cracked Heels

best foot creams for cracked heels

It is said that our body tells a lot about our health, and it is equally true that our feet tell a lot more about our health. In our fast life, we take care of our face and body in whatever time we have got. But most of us tend to ignore our feet. This regular ignorance later becomes a big problem in the way of dry feet and cracked heels.

Our feet have fewer oil glands compared to rest of our body resulting in the dry and flaky skin of our feet. This problem further increases in the winter season. As the skin of our feet become more dry and flaky in this season. So, in this post, I have made a list of  Best Foot Creams for Cracked and Dry Feet. Before moving forward to the list of cracked heel cream, First of all, let us know the prime causes of dry and cracked feet.

What are the causes of dry and cracked heels?

Feet are the foundation of our body and it bears whole body weight. Deficiency of certain vitamins, diabetes, high blood sugar, obesity and poor blood circulation are most common reasons behind dry and cracked heels.

Some tips for dry and cracked heels:

cracked heel creamWash your feet daily:

We must wash our feet daily. I know you will say us bath every day. No, apart from bathing, one must wash their feet with a mild soap. The best time to Wash and moisturize your feet is before going to bed.

Remove hard and dry skin:

With the help of a Pumice stone or Foot filer, the hard and dry skin of feet can be removed. This can use this great electronic hard skin remover.

Moisturise your feet with a good quality foot cream:

We spend a lot on moisturizers for our face and rest of our body. But very few of us spend on a good quality foot cream. Moisturising our feet is more important as it bears the weight of our whole body and it has fewer oil glands.

Wear right shoes:

Wearing right size of shoes is very important. Also, we must wear good quality shoes.

Avoid harsh Soaps:

The skin of our feet is dry by nature and harsh soaps make it drier creating cracks. So, we must avoid harsh soap uses on our feet.

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Best Foot Creams For Cracked Heels

Here are 8 best foot creams for cracked heels. Try one of these best cracked heel creams and make your heals soft and crack free.

Himalaya Herbals Foot Care Cream

best foot creams

I will start with none other than everyone’s favorite Himalaya Herbals Foot Care Cream. When I was making this list and asking for suggestion, this one got highest votes. Himalaya Herbals makes good quality products in an affordable range. So, if you don’t want to invest much and still want best results, this product is for you.

Buy it here: Amazon, Flipkart

Biotique Costus Foot Massage Cream

best foot cream

The best thing about Biotique Costus Foot Massage cream that it is paraben free. If you are suffering from cracked heels, I will not suggest you this. As this is more of a pain reliever and stress diffuser cream. It makes your tired and sore feet more relaxed.

Buy it here: Amazon,

Aroma Magic Foot Cream

best foot creams

I have tried some of the products by Blossom Kocher’s Aroma Magic. The products are quite nice. It depends on the type of skin you are using it on. It has a great smell. Though it is slow in the healing process, this cracked heel cream definitely makes your dry and dead heels, soft and supple. I would not recommend it to anyone having deep cracks in their feet. As it may take months to heal it completely. It is recommendable for a person having too dry and hard skin.

Buy it here: Amazon, Flipkart

The Body Shop Hemp Foot Protector

best foot creams

I know its too costly for a budget buy, But believe me it is worth it. As The Body Shop is one of most lovable and trusted brand among our generation. The most positive point about this brand is, that all its products are paraben free. So if you are looking for a paraben product, then you must go for it. It deeply nourishes your feet and protects it from cracking.

Buy it here: Amazon, Flipkart

Khadi Natural Herbal foot crack cream

best foot creams

This is the perfect product for those who are a fan of herbal products and suffering from cracked heels problem. Within one week of regular use, one can see the results. It is a thick cream with the goodness of jasmine and green tea. The green tea does the wonders for the cracked heels. It has a strong jasmine fragrance which may be a problem for some, but that can be avoided by wearing socks.

Buy it here: Amazon, Flipkart

Amway Attitude Foot Cream

best foot creams

Here comes Amway in this list. This is no doubt one of the best foot creams present in India. You need to use it constantly for better results. It even heals the severely cracked heels. If anyone suffers from extremely dry skin and hard feet, then this product will surely make your feet soft and supple. I have never got a negative review about this.

Buy it here: Amazon, Flipkart

Ranbaxy Xerina

Best foot creams

So I came to know about this particular foot cream by a chemist. I had once visited a chemist in my local area and I found this in the showcase there. Just out of curiosity, I asked him about it and turned out he was in favor of this particular medicated foot cream. It is manufactured by the famous medical company Ranbaxy. It heals your cracked heels and makes it soft and supple. It is thick and creamy in texture. If you are more of a medical-trusting person, then this one is for you.

Buy it here: Amazon,

Oriflame Feet Up Advanced Cracked Heel Repair Foot Cream

best foot creams for cracked heels

Oriflame is very popular for its amazing and affordable beauty product range. This product by Oriflame is also very nice. It hydrates the skin very well. It has urea, cocoa butter, and vitamin B5 as its main ingredients. It repairs the damaged and dried skin of the feet. It starts showing its result in 4-5 days of regular use. It is a comparative fast reliever.

Buy it here: Amazon, Flipkart

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So, this was the list of best Foot Creams for Cracked Heels. I hope it helped you. It is also said that feet are the reflection of your personality. So, your healthy feet represents a Healthy you. Tell us your favorite cracked heel cream in the comment box below.

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