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August has started and Raksha Bandhan is just around the corner. This is the festival dedicated to the bond of brother and sister. The love of sister and brother is incomparable. No matter how much they fight, they always end up together.

Let’s talk about Raksha Bandhan now. This is the time when brothers are always confused about what to give them as Raksha Bandhan gift. If you are one of the confused brothers,  then this post is or you. Here I am providing some unique gifts for your sister. Hope this will help you guys.

Best and Unique Gift Ideas for Girls

Here are the unique gifts for girls or women that you can give on any special occasions:

1. Mermaid Tail Blanket Crochet

Mermaid Tail Blanket as a gift for girls

This Mermaid Tail Blanket Crochet is best for adults. This is a unique gift idea for girls. It is like a super soft sleeping bags that she can use while reading, watching TV or anywhere she wants. You can even give it to your mom, friends or girlfriend.

Price: Rs. 2,479

Buy Now: Amazon

2. Philips Air Styler

Philips Air Styler

This Philips Air Styler is one of the best gifts for girls with wavy or frizzy hairs. She will thank you a thousand times when she will see this straighter in a gift wrap.

Price: Rs. 2,452

Buy Now: Amazon

3. Unicorn Hoodie Neck Pillow:

hooded pillow gift for women

Cute warm unicorn Hooded U-Shape neck pillow is the best gift for a girl who travels a lot. It will keep her warm and she can sleep while she is traveling without any discomfort. This pillow gives good neck support and can be used for a short nap in office as well. 

Price: 2,800

Buy Now: Amazon

4. Moon Star Light Standing Lamp

moon lamp gift for her

This Moon lamp is best for room decoration purpose. There are lots of other shapes also like star, cloud, cactus and more. You can choose any shape to gif her. She surely will love this gift without any doubt.

Price: Rs. 2,225

Buy Now: Amazon

5. Moon Lamp:

3D Moon Lamp gift for girls

The moon night light is made by a 3D printer with eco-friendly materials (PLA). It looks awesome at night and restores the real appearance of the Moon vividly. The Moon has been a divine and enchanting symbol, it brings you luck and happiness. So, this will be the perfect gift to give a girl or woman. 

Price: Rs. 1,450

Buy Now: Amazon

6. Tea Kettle Set:

Tea Kettle Set gift for sister

This is the perfect gift for your sister or childhood girlfriend to remind her about the games you played in childhood. There are many designs like this Tea Kettle Set on Amazon. Search your favorite designs over there.

Price: Rs. 1,450

Buy Now: Amazon

7. Ring Holder:

Elephant Ring Holder

The ring holder is used to hold the rings while washing face or as a storage for rings. This elephant ring holder is very elegant in look and stores many rings. If she is fond of rings then you can gift this to her.

Price: Rs. 1,397

Buy Now: Amazon

Here are other options in Ring Holders:

  • Brass Swan Ring Holder- Rs. 249- Buy Now
  • Elephant Ring Holder – Rs. 973 – Buy Now

8. 4-Tier Kitchen Storage Organiser Rack:

Kitchen Storage Organiser gift for women

With the help of this 3-Tier Multipurpose Wheel Rack, one can make use of every narrow strip of space at the house. This is the good and reasonable gift for a woman. This will help her to organize her home in a perfect way.

Price: Rs. 1,099

Buy Now: Amazon

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9. Table Foot Hammock:

Office Foot Rest Stand gift for her

If she spends most of her workday sitting on a chair, she needs a footrest to ease the pressure of her lower back. Gift her this Hammock Office Foot Rest Stand and she will be thankful to you. This footrest improves blood circulation and helps in sitting more comfortably while working.

Price: Rs. 1,024

Buy Now: Amazon

Here is another cheap option in Footrest: Buy Now

10. Infinity Mirror Lamps:

Infinity Mirror Light

The Bell-Shaped Infinity Mirror Light LED Tunnel Lamp is a battery-operated lamp that you can gift to women or girls on their birthdays, anniversaries, valentines or any festivals like Rakhi, Diwali.

There is another shape, a Christmas tree-shaped lamp that you can also gift to a girl.

Price: Rs. 1,020

Buy Now: Amazon

Here is the better version of this lamp but a bit costly than above one–> Amazon

11. Chess Wooden Box with Hip Flask and Glass

drinking gifts for women

This is the perfect gift for a woman who is very cool and intelligent in your Niche. She will definitely jump out of joy after seeing this gift. Shee can play chess while enjoying with friends.

Price: Rs. 950

Buy Now: Amazon

Here is another beautiful flask that you can gift her on her special day:- Amazon

12. Wireless Skipping Rope:

Digital Wireless Cordless Skipping Rope

You can gift this Digital Wireless Cordless Skipping Rope to the fitness enthusiast girl. She will be happy to receive a unique gift like this jumping rope.

Price: Rs. 850

Buy Now: Amazon

13. Astronaut USB Night Light:

stronaut Spaceman USB LED Adjustable Night Light

Astronaut Shaped USB Light is one of the best gifts for girls if they are in the IT field or still studying in college and living in a hostel. This USB Light helps them to use laptop at night without disturbing their roommates.

Price: Rs. 669

Buy Now: Amazon

14. Wooden Storage Organiser Box:

Wooden Multi-Functional storage box

This wooden storage is one of the best ways to organize a Home & Office Desk. If you gift her this, she can use it to organize Desktop Table at the office or use it as Storage Organiser Box at home.

Price: Rs. 649

Buy Now: Amazon

15. Makeup organizer:

makeup organiser gift

This makeup organizer can hold cosmetics, jewelry and daily necessaries. You can gift her this High-capacity makeup organizer on her birthday or on festivals. It has reasonable price and good looks.

Price: Rs. 478

Buy Now: Amazon

16. Stainless Steel Professional Manicure Pedicure Kit:

Manicure Pedicure Kit

Veryfewers girls buy a whole Manicure Pedicure Kit for themselves but happy to own one. So, if you gift this Manicure Pedicure Kit to a girl, this makes her very happy. 

Price: Rs. 449

Buy Now: Amazon

17. Artificial Bamboo Leaves Plant:

Bamboo Leaves gift for woman

Artificial Bamboo Leaves Plant is made up of plastic and wood but looks like an original. This is the perfect gift for a woman who loves to decorate her home. You can gift this to her and make her happy.

Price: Rs. 375

Buy Now: Amazon

18. 6-in-1Cable Organizer for Earphone and Charger:

cable organizer gift for girls

The Rapidotzz 6-in-1 Multi Combo includes Spiral Cable Protectors, Earphones Winder, Sticker, Cable Clips and Earphone Jack Clip. They stop tangling for wires and also makes them look good. If you want a budget gift for a girl then this can be your option.

Price: Rs. 349

Buy Now: Amazon

Another best option in this category is Minions Earphone Winder Cable Cord Organizer Holder. It is specially design for earphones and charging cable. Buy Here:- Amazon

19. Earphone Carrying Case:

Earphone Carrying Case

Earphone Carrying Case is the good gift for a girl under Rs. 500. Every person has an earphone and they always struggle with tangled earphone. This will solve their problems. 

Price: Rs. 329

Buy Now: Amazon

20. 3D Screen Magnifier for smartphone:

3D Screen Magnifier Enlarger gift

This 3D Screen Magnifier Enlarger magnifies your phone screen so as to reduce your eyes’ fatigue during watching videos on the phone. It is compatible with any smartphone device.

Price: Rs. 299

Buy Now: Amazon

Here are some tech gifts options to buy for girls: Best Tech Gifts To Gift Your Sister This Rakshabandhan

These are best gifts ideas for girls that are very unique. If you also have any ideas then do share with us in comments. Gift her any gift listed here to her and mke her feel special.

Love, Optimistic Girls.

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