8 Best and Effective Face Exercises to Get High Cheekbones: A Complete Guide

how to get high cheekbones naturally

According to studies, your cheekbones have a significant impact in determining whether or not you are attractive. Persons with higher cheekbones lead the attractive list. Instead of seeming long and flat, high cheekbones make your face appear wider from the center. They also create a shadow that adds to the contours of your face by creating a dip in the cheeks. People with higher cheekbones have the broadest piece of their facial features under their eyes. Hence, higher cheekbones exude a distinct sense of beauty and appeal.

The existence of a favorable association between high cheekbones and estrogen levels in women has been confirmed through research. This hormone is important for fertility and reproduction, which are two characteristics that men subconsciously want in their mates, explaining their attraction to them. Furthermore, high cheekbones are associated with youth, whereas shallow cheekbones are associated with gravity’s aging influence. Youthfulness and fertility are two important health factors that people subconsciously look for in a partner. As a result, it’s no surprise that prominent cheekbones are regarded as a global sign of beauty.

High Cheekbones Celebrities:

High Cheekbones Celebrities
High Cheekbones Celebrities

High-cheekbones Hollywood stars have always been the buzz of the town. From Katharine Hepburn to Angelina Jolie, these women have been among the most attractive women on the planet. They have long been regarded as Hollywood’s best feature. High cheekbones were a trademark of Katharine Hepburn, a star of several eras. Even male celebrities with prominent cheekbones are popular among teenagers. The naturally full cheeks of Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie are the most sought-after shape. Keira Knightley has been regarded as one of the biggest beauties in showbiz, and recent research has revealed that she possesses the cheekbones that most women crave. The star’s high cheekbones offer her an ‘ageless beauty,’ since they provide the very symmetrical’ look that many Hollywood stars desire.

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The symmetry of a face is almost entirely determined by the position of the cheekbones. Faces with high cheekbones appear more symmetrical than those with lower cheekbones, and hence have a greater visual appeal to human eyes. Nevertheless, let’s not forget that beauty is subjective, and perspectives differ from one individual to the other. Without further ado let’s jump right into the discussion.

How do you differentiate between high cheekbones and low cheekbones?

High Cheekbones VS Low Cheekbones
High Cheekbones VS Low Cheekbones

The way you differentiate between low vs high cheekbones is – High Cheekbones are situated below the eyes, adjacent to the nose bridge. The only difference in low vs high cheekbones is that high cheekbones are beneath the eyes and beside the bridge of the nose while low cheekbones are placed slightly below in line with the tip of the nose. Your ethnic history and genetic background play a strong role in influencing how your face is structured.

How to find out the type of cheekbones you have?

A simple method to find out if you have high or low cheekbones involves the use of your hand, a mirror, and a source of light.

Cleanse your face completely and remove any make-up you may have on it to reveal the features of your face. Place yourself in front of a large enough mirror to see your entire face. The space should have plenty of light.

Place your index finger on the gap between your upper lip and your nostrils and place either of your thumbs at the top of your ear. The mapped-out straight-line denotes the location of your cheekbone. If your cheekbone is closer to the upper section of your nose or is on the upper side of the straight line, then you have high cheekbones!

How to get high cheekbones Naturally?

How to get high cheekbones Naturally
How to get high cheekbones Naturally

Although clinical procedures like Dermal Fillers and Cheek Implants exist, it is to be kept in mind that these procedures are irreversible and will definitely change your appearance. So, if you don’t want to take a chance with clinical procedures, you can still use cosmetics to accentuate your cheekbones.

Makeup strategies:

Contouring is a technique for enhancing the appearance of your cheekbones and emphasizing the structure of your face. It’s a fantastic method to chisel your face and draw attention to your best features. Enhancing your features with makeup can be a little tough or complicated. However, if you do it correctly, you will be able to bring out your features more effectively.

You can play with where shadows appear on your face with bronzer or blush and a highlighter product, as well as a contouring makeup brush or makeup sponge, to make your cheekbones appear higher.

Methods differ, and there are numerous tutorials on YouTube to get high cheekbones by contouring depending on your face shape and what products you have on hand.

Best And Effective Face exercises to get high cheekbones:

Another method to achieve these cheekbones is through facial exercises. Here are some facial exercises that will help define your cheekbones give them a try, some of them are actually fun!

1. O-X Face:

Make a tiny ‘O’ with your lips to begin. Now spread them out as wide as you can, as if you were saying ‘X’. For around 10 repetitions, alternate between ‘O’s and ‘X’s, making sure to stretch and tighten your muscles fiercely with each move. To give rhythm to the movements, say the letters ‘O’ and ‘X’ out loud.

2. Balloon Face:

Inhale and blow up your cheeks as if you were filling a balloon with air. Changing your air concentration from one side of your face to the other is a good idea. Exhale slowly and deeply through your mouth until you reach the end of your breath. Repeat as many times as you want for as long as you want. If you run out of breath, take a break, breathe normally again, and then restart the workout.

3. Fish Face:

This is a well-liked and effective method. Suck your cheeks in (as far as they will go) and hold the position for 6–8 seconds with your lips tightly closed. If you, do it correctly, the skin around your cheekbones will stretch. Rep the movement 3–4 times more, and your face will feel like it’s been through a rigorous workout!

4. Mouthwash Face:

Inhale some air, roughly equal to the amount of mouthwash you’re using. Move your tongue in the same way you would if you were washing your mouth with mouthwash. Make the maneuver as quickly as possible. Continue for 1 minute, then take a break and do it again. You could do this with genuine mouthwash when brushing twice a day if you like.

5. Clown Face:

Close your eyes and smile as broadly as you can. Push your cheeks upwards with your palms directly beneath your cheekbones. Your face will resemble that of a clown for a short while. Hold the position for 15 seconds before letting go. In a single session, repeat 10–15 times.

6. Cheekbone-lift smile:

Stretch your smile horizontally and strain a little until your cheekbones have lifted to their maximum. Hold the position for 15 seconds and then relax the face for another 5. Repeat and complete 5 reps. To get an idea of how much your muscles are working, try to touch them with a finger while practicing the exercise: you’ll feel them tense and turgid.

7. The Bumblebee:

For this one close your lips gently together, then inhale through your nose. Make a chewing motion with your jaw, moving it up and down while you hum out of your nose, vibrating your lips slightly. Repeat for four breaths.

8. The Jaw Tilt:

Start by opening your mouth wide. Tilt your head back with your mouth still open. Close your mouth while your head is back. After then, return your head to the beginning position. Every day, do this 18-20 times.

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You’ll see benefits in a couple of weeks if you complete even a couple of these exercises to get high cheekbones every day. Establish a routine, do them right before you go to sleep or right after you get up. You might be able to do them while watching TV, listening to music, or sitting in the bathroom. The point is that if you set aside the time and perform the workouts, you’ll be one step closer to a more sculpted face with gorgeous cheekbones.

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