15 Benefits of Black Seed Oil or Kalonji Oil for Hair, Skin, and Health

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Black seeds come from a small plant known as Nigella sativa. It has pale purple, blue, or white flowers and people use this as a natural remedy. It has many different names like black caraway, black cumin, kalonji, and black onion seeds. It is also known as onion seeds. However, it has nothing to do with onions. There are many Benefits of Black seed and it is an important spice in the Indian kitchen.

In India, it is very popular as a kitchen ingredient and uses in day-to-day life. It may also use in treating cancer and diabetes. It is used as remedies for asthma, hypertension, and weight loss. 

Kalonji contains nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, and healthy fats. Yes, it contains 100 more important nutrients. It also contains the essential fatty acids omega-6 (linoleic acid), omega-3 (alpha-linolenic acid), and omega-9 (MUFA).

So, what are the benefits of kalonji oil? Here in this blog, I will tell you some benefits, precautions, and dosage of Black seed oil.

Health Benefits of Black seed:

Here is the list of health Benefits of Black seed:

1. Black seeds for Asthma:

Thymoquinone is an essential component in kalonji that has the power to control the symptoms of asthma. Thymoquinone has the best antioxidant properties. The researchers initially found these optimistic results from animal studies. Apart from this, research on humans has also confirmed that Kalonji has therapeutic power to reduce the symptoms of asthma.

Taking black seeds by mouth with asthma medicines can improve asthma. But it only works in people with very low lung function.

1. Take 1/4 or 1/2 teaspoon Kalonji powder.
2. Mix it with honey and takes it twice a day.
3. Continue taking this for at least 1-2 months to manage the symptoms of asthma.

2. High blood pressure:

High blood pressure is not just a common problem it has various severe health impacts which can lead to cardiovascular diseases. Research had shown that taking black seeds every morning may help in dealing with high blood pressure.

Kalonji powder and oil help in decreasing blood pressure in people with both high and normal blood pressure in just 8 weeks of treatment.

3. Acne:

Black seeds are antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory and this property can help to improve acne. Oily skin is prone to Acne and Kalonji works best on oily skin. It helps in reducing post-acne scars on the face.

4. Breast pain:

Normally women suffer from breast pain during their menstrual cycle. Applying a gel containing black seed oil or black seeds oil can help to reduce pain in the breast during the menstrual cycle.

5. Improve sperm function:

Research has shown that taking black seeds oil can increase sperm count. You can take Kalonji seed powder along with milk to increase testosterone levels and improve sperm production in men.

6. Reducing stomach upset:

Stomach pain and cramps can be relieved by eating black seeds or taking black seed oil. It can help in reducing gas, bloating, and sometimes ulcers too. As kalonji has antioxidant activity, it maintains a balance between good and bad cholesterol levels. 

Skin Benefits of Kalonji Oil

Here are the Skin Benefits of Black seed:

1. Treating scars:

Scars can make you look low confident. But not to worry. Just apply black seed oil directly on the scars, and leave it overnight. This helps in lightening scars. Even it will make your skin softer than before. 

2. Skin moisturizer:

It’s a great skin moisturizer, this oil will give you a supernatural glow, it will help you to get over acne. With regular usage of this oil, you can make your skin so flawless and baby-soft.

3. Removes dark spots:

The black seed oil is rich in vitamins and amino acids which can help to treat dark spots in just a few days. It is also beneficial in removing blackheads.

4. Prevents wrinkles:

Are you getting old with your appearance? If your answer is yes then black seeds oil is the perfect answer. 

Mix black seed oil with honey and apply it to your face. Remove this pack after 30 minutes and try this remedy thrice a week for better results.

Benefits of Kalonji Oil for Hair

Here is the hair Benefits of Black seed:

1. Hair growth:

Black seed oil is amazing for hair growth or to stop hair fall. Just add black seeds in castor oil, coconut oil, and olive oil, and heat all of them together. Apply this oil at night before bed and wash after 3 hours of the application you will see great results in just one month.

2. Fights hair loss

Kaloji is helpful in fighting hair loss problems. One of the studies shows that when people who have hair loss due to stress were treated with a lotion that has kalonji oil for 3 months, their hair thickness increased. The kalonji oil Strengthens hair from the inside and helps in reducing hair fall.

3. Controls dandruff

The kalonji oil help in treating itchy scalps and dandruff as it has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties.

4. Prevents premature graying of hair

The linoleic acid in Kalonji seeds helps in preventing premature graying.

5. Conditions hair

The fatty acids like linoleic acid and oleic acid in kalonji oil help in conditioning the hair and make them manageable.

Homemade masks of black seeds oil:

1. Kalonji Glowing skin face mask :

  • Warm some milk and pour it into a bowl 
  • Add some black seeds to it and leave it for 1 hour 
  • Grind all the mixture in a grinder and a make paste of it 
  • Apply this paste on your skin and leave it for 1 hour 
  • After that scrub it in a circular motion and wash it off with cold water 
  • Apply any moisturizer you want 
  • Use this face 2 times a week 

2. Instant glowing face mask:

  • Add honey and black seeds to a bowl 
  • Mix both of them together and apply this mixture to your face 
  • Leave it for half an hour 
  • Once you will wash off this mask, you will get glowing skin.

3. The solution for acne:

  • If you are facing problem with acne then mix apple cider vinegar with black seeds 
  • Mix both of them together 
  • Apply this mixture to your affected area for a while 
  • Use this on a regular basis.

4. Black seed Hair fall mask:

  • Add 2 hands full of black seeds to 4 to 5 cups of water.
  • Boil it for 10 to 15 minutes
  • In the water of black seeds, oil add 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • Apply this mixture and leave for 30 minutes to 1 hour 
  • Use this mixture 2 times a week 

5. Kalonji mask for Hair fall

  • Apply the black seeds oil directly on your scalp 
  • Massage your scalp for 30 minutes 
  • Leave this oil for 2 hours 
  • And wash with any mild shampoo 

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Precautions against Black seed oil

Along with Benefits of Black seed, there are a precautions that you need to take against kalonji oil:

1. Pregnancy – Taking a more considerable medicinal amount of black seed oil is unsafe during pregnancy as it can slow down or stop the uterus from contracting.

2. Bleeding disorders – Taking black seed oil can slow down blood clotting and can make the situation worse during an injury or blood loss.

3. Low Blood pressure – Black seed oil can lower blood pressure. So people having issues with lower blood pressure should avoid using black seed oil.

4. Surgery – As black seed oil can lead to bleeding disorders so in case of any kind of surgery, the patient should avoid using black seed oil.

Benefits of Black seed

1. For diabetes: One gram of black seed oil can be used twice a day for twelve months.

2. For High Blood pressure: Take 2.5 ml of black seed oil twice a day for eight weeks.

3. To improve sperm count: Use 2.5 ml of black seed oil twice a day for two months.

4. For Asthma: Take 2 grams of black seed oil for 12 weeks. You can also take 500mg of black seed oil twice daily for one month.

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Black seed oil was also found in King Tut’s tomb by the archaeologists which tell the importance of black seed oil in terms of healing and protection. 

So these were some interesting facts about black seed oil, Keep one thing in mind these facts which are mentioned above are concluded after general research only. Results may vary from person to person, so it is better to consult a doctor or physician before using this oil for any purpose.


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