5 Reasons Why to Read the Book “A Road Not Traveled” by J. Alchem

IF your soul is seeking something different trapped inside a book-lover’s body, then this book will definitely fulfill your crave. This book has got it all, new ideas, vision, motivation, emotions and much more.

The Blurb of the novel “A road Not Traveled” is so good that you can’t stop yourself to read after having a look on it. The cover of the book is attractive, and title has a power to make you flip the pages right away.

“A road Not Traveled” is the first novel by the Author J. Alchem. He is the winner of StoryMirror 2015 ( A nation wide writing competition), NaNoWriMo -2015 and super hero storyteller (2014). He is also voracious reader and critically acclaimed author.

Here we are giving 5 reasons telling you that this book is worth giving a shot :-

Untouched Issue combined with Unique presentation:

You will definitely fall in love with “A road not Traveled” by J. Alchem just reading the acknowledgement.

“Can the world be a single country?’ is a fresh issue which author brings into limelight through this book. The concept of single country is not only a topic to debate but it is a dream of author. The way he uses symbolism in his writing is beyond awesome.

A unique blend of Motivation and Emotions:

The author penned down every emotion whether it is mother-son bond, a broken heart grief, a friendship or senior-subordinate understanding. You can easily relate yourself with every character while reading the book. The book is a see-saw of different emotions.

Way to Portray Women:

Every women character in the book is full of self-respect. You will learn new things from them as well as you will learn how to tackle every problem in life. Three women are the main part of this book, Niorgast’s mother, His teacher cum Lover and Librarian. His mother was an illiterate woman but was an ocean of wisdom. These women are inspiring characters in Niorgast’s life.

Personality of Mr. Albormi :

The character of Albormi is the coolest thing in the book. He is portrayed as a great influencer and has great leadership qualities. The story he told about his childhood was truly inspiring. He has a self made personality.

Where there is a will there is a way:

“If destination is beautiful, the path will become easy to go even when it is not.” this is a line picked from the book. Do i need to say more??? I think the line speaks for itself. There are many such motivational lines to keep you inspired and get going. 

The author takes you to the journey with his words on an unknown path that’s not yet traveled. You will definitely learn something from this book. So keep your pen and dairy handy (If you know what I mean 😉 ).

As they say, First impression is the last impression. With this first impression, I must say there is a long way to go for sir J. Alchem. Waiting for your next work – one of your fan.

Website: Author J. Alchem

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