20 Perfect Photos That Captured at the Very Right Moment

Photographers are very creative minded people. They see the ordinary object in a extra-ordinary way. The world is totally different through their lenses.

Photographers spend their precious time in waiting for only that perfect click and sometimes they ends up by capturing something extra-ordinary perfect photo instead of that click. And these are the clicks that makes their photography life.

We searched all over the internet and found these perfect captures for you. Hope, you will enjoy this post.

  1. Cloths of sand:

Dress of sand by UnTill Photography on

2. Fight of these cute deer:

Young Elk Sparring by Johnny Andrews on
3. Miss Horse:

Ms.Horse by Vladimir Levin on

4. Hanging Airplane:

" Tower crane Holding the plane " by Mahmoud Marei on 5. Hey, I am Fish:


6. Did you ever read the story of a bird who took away baby (source: Reddit):


7. Perfect beach moment:

Shell on Beach, Zanzibar by Dale Johnson on 8. Real Sun Flower:

Good Morning little Avocado by Karsten Würth on 9. I am spider and I have four eyes:

lazy queen by Vasekk on 10. Line of birds:

The Right Time by Armen M on 11. Smash…

ON THE RIGHT MOMENT by Ivan Garcia Aguirre on 12. Caught the fly:

Got my catch by Evelyn Gibson on
13. Facepalm Moment or Little confused:

Confused Chipmunk HD by Michael Holliday on 14. Way to heaven:

There is light at the end of the Track by Marcel de Groot on
15. Perfect balloon Blast:

The Waterballoon by Frank Vogelskamp on 16. Mirror Mirror:

Preparing for a cold night by Marco Grassi on
17. Playing with waves:

mexican bomb, Puerto Escondido, Mexico by Jeff Farsai on

18. Airplane Prison :

Flight Path by Tedz Duran on
19. Don’t worry, I am There for You:


20. My Crown:

Moon stork by Catalin Pomeanu on

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