We all wish to have long, healthy and shiny hair but our daily activities do not permit it. Our hair does need an extra care as it is constantly exposed to dirt, heavy pollution and extreme weather conditions. Even we are the culprits often to style our hair in so many ways using chemicals and heat.  Your hair just needs lots of proteins and a regular protein treatment that can rescue your damaged hairs.

If your hairs got damaged and you are searching for Hair mask for damage hairs, you are at very right place. Here is the doorway to keep your hair beautiful, free from damage and help you attain the shine and growth you desire without stepping into the parlor!

Hair Mask for Damage Hairs

1. Curd, olive oil and egg hair mask:

Well coming to hair care treatment egg can do wonders to your hair! Curd mixed with olive oil and egg (1 or 2 depending on the hair length) can moisturize your hair. It helps to grow hair fast as well as add the shine you want. Olive oil can give your hair the smoothness that every girl wants.

2. Butter, milk, olive oil, castor oil, glycerin hair mask:

This is probably the best mask for making your hair smooth. Butter can instantly make your hair smooth and soft and you will absolutely love it. This mask can make even the driest hair moisturized and smooth. This pack provides a glossy look too.

3. Banana and egg:

Banana can be a very useful ingredient when it comes to dryness or nourishment of hair. Banana mixed with egg is a highly protein rich mask which can take away all your worries about dry and damaged hair. This pack not only makes your hair smooth and shiny it also strengthens your hair follicles.

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If you are having frizzy hairs and it’s getting difficult to manage than you can use following hair mask. This hair mask has power to manage your hairs and heal the dryness of hairs.

4. Avocado, banana and olive oil:

Have too frizzy hair and managing it becomes a headache? Well avocado can be your savior and make this mask a must once every week and feel the difference! Avocado is rich in proteins, amino acids and vitamins which really solve your hair problems. Mix it with banana and olive oil and get smooth, frizz free nourished hair that you will love!

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If your hairs are damaged and getting thin day by day, we have a best hair pack for your hair loss. This hair mask has miracle power of onion which can control hair fall.

5. Mustard oil, onion juice, egg:

Onion juice on your scalp can help grow hair in just two weeks. Prepare a mask of onion juice, mustard oil and egg and see the magic! Onion is rich in sulphur and will help to grow hair in a very short period of time. Egg is rich in proteins and strengthens your hair and nourishes it well. Mustard oil is great for strong hair and preventing hair fall.

6. Hot Oil Massage:

The olive oil is the ultimate treat to your hair. Mix olive oil, castor oil and almond oil and heat it. Apply this hot oil on your hairs by doing massage. This is loved especially during winter. Warm olive oil and a good massage can be the best boon for your hair. Keep it overnight for best results and see the efficacy the next morning.

Last but not the least, eat healthy, sleep a lot and keep on reading our blog to preserve the ‘beautiful you’!