70 Things You Can Do if You’re “Quarantine” at Home

Things You Can Do if You’re Quarantine at Home

I know you had planed a lot in the year 2020 and due to the new Coronavirus, all the plans of 2020 are canceled. Well, this COVID-19 disease is unavoidable and we must quarantine ourselves in order to avoid this disease and stop the chain of COVID-19.

Quarantine has become a part of our new reality. We hope this would not stay longer but we should utilize this time in something best. So, we thought to make a list of things that we can do if we’re “Quarantine” at Home.

Here is the list of things that you can do during your home alone time. You can also enjoy your time with family by doing some of these activities.

Invest time in your Home

Things You Can Do if You’re “Quarantine” at Home

1. Organize your Home

2. Decorate your Balcony or terrace

3. Rearrange your living room

4. Organize your basement or attic or store room

5. Rearrange the furniture of your home

6. Rearrange your cloths in the cupboard and give away the old clothes

7. Clean out your kitchen and kitchen pantry

8. Arrange Alphabetically your books, CDs, video games, records, or DVDs

9. Clean your kitchen electronics items

10. Oil your wooden kitchen tools and cutting boards

Invest in your Hobbies

11. Read Books and Novels

12. Try new cooking skills

13. Find a new podcast to listen to

14. Learn a musical Instrument

15. Write an ebook and sell it if you are interested in writing

16. Learn how to code and learn new programming language

17. Learn a new language online

18. Come up with a travel bucket list

19. Start a blog on your interest

20. Interested in Singing? Learn singing

21. Learn Dancing on new songs

Invest in Self Improvement

Things You Can Do if You’re “Quarantine” at Home

22. Take an online course

23. Learn Social media marketing for your Instagram and Facebook page

24. Improve your writing skills

Invest in increase your Knowledge

25. Tour famous museums online and learn new things

26. Explore history on internet reliable sources

27. Start a YouTube channel about things on which you have the best knowledge

28. Increase your General knowledge and General awareness.

Invest in Personal Finance

29. Make a personal/family budget spreadsheet

30. Learn about the stock market

31. Start a savings plan

32. Download a money management app and track your monthly expenditure

33. Download a time management app and make a daily schedule

Invest time on your Body and Mind

yoga poses for weight loss

34. Start a workout plan

35. Do Meditation and Yoga Daily

36. Practice a new hair or makeup style

37. Do Cleanup and facial at home

38. Make a homemade hair mask and pamper your hairs

39. Invest time in skin care routine

40. Do manicure and pedicure at home

Invest time in your creative side

41. Paint or do arts and crafts

42. Start a journal

43. Send someone you love a handwritten letter

44. Make a homemade greeting card and mail it to someone

45. Make a Instagram account based on your hobbies

Give time to your friends, family and Pets:

46. Call the people you haven’t talked to in forever

47. Make a video call to your parents

48. Call your friends and talk for a long time.

49. video call to your love ones

50. Spend time with pets

Spend your time with Nature

Things You Can Do if You’re “Quarantine” at Home

51. Research ways to make your living situation more sustainable and green

52. Start a vegetable garden

53. Look up indoor plants that would thrive in your apartment or house

54. Grow an herb garden

Invest time in your Professional Life

55. Update your resume

56. Rename and organize your computer files/photos

57. Plan a business

58. Improve your skills to get your dream job

Invest time in Improving your Cooking skills

59. Learn chopping

60. Learn new cocktail recipe

61. Learn baking

62. Learn Italian Cuisine

Know about Earth

63. Learn geography and animals

64. Watch Stars and know more about universe

65. Watch National Geographic channel and know more about wildlife

Explore Entertainment World

67. Watch a documentary

68. Watch new TV Series

69. Play offline WiFi Multiplayer games

70. Play Carrom, Ludo, Chess and more games with family

By trying these things, you can make your home more spacious, do art and craft, do gardening, and lot more. I hope you found your way to spend these days in quarantine.

Stay at home and help humanity.

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