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How to Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat Naturally

I came across an article last month that said “Science is showing that how you feel isn’t just about what you eat or do or think. It’s about what you believe.” and I could not disagree with a word written there. Undoubtedly the power lies within us. Being a fitness enthusiast myself, I completely understand the value of a healthy living and body fitness. Fitness is not a legacy that you can pass from one generation to another. You do it solely for yourself. And honestly, there are no such set of rules. Only you have to visualize your goal and put endless efforts to achieve it.

It is somehow mandatory to be stubborn when it comes to achieving the goal you’ve set for your body. But in the process, you must not be hard on yourself. No matter how much we try, there are times when we fail to get the optimum result. Soon it starts bothering us and distracting us. At that point of time, we must understand the minute details and put maximum effort.

I have often found people complaining about the unwanted lower belly fats they have. The concern they carry is good. But what disturbs me is seeing them so worried yet not taking any measure. To tackle a problem, we must understand what it is and then look out for ways to solve it. The foremost thing is to know how lower belly fats are formed and why do people get it.

Fats play an important part in maintaining our body functions. There are both good and bad fats. Unsaturated fats, when taken in moderation are good for health but saturated fats don’t provide enough healthy components. People get lower belly fats for various reasons. The major ones being an unhealthy lifestyle, lack of regular exercise, improper diet, age factor. Genetics and hormones also have their share. More or less, cutting the long story short, our body is a temple that needs our devotion. It is our duty to take proper care of it.

You can read this post of Best Home Remedies for Weight Loss and Obesity if you want to lose full body fat. Now let’s start with how to get rid of lower belly fat. But before that, we should know what causes belly fat.

What Causes Belly Fat and How to Avoid that

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As we have already acquired knowledge on how lower belly fat accumulates, we must learn the ways to get rid of it. The most effective way for this is to find the cause and work for the result.  Here are some main issues, avoiding which will definitely lead to better body type.

1. Unhealthy lifestyle:

Not having adequate sleep, stressing too much, consuming excessive alcohol may lead to increase lower belly fat and many other underlying health issues. Studies show that people who don’t drink too much alcohol and get proper sleep are more fit and have better immunity. 8 hours of peaceful sleep is required for an adult. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can help us reduce belly fats.

2. Lack of physical activity:

We all do some amount of physical activity on a daily basis. But only that much work will keep us fit and give us a toned body. We must give 30 minutes to 1 hour minimum for exercise regularly. Doing cardio and strength training will ensure that we feel relaxed and build more stamina. Similarly, doing yoga every day is even effective.

3. Improper diet:

There are a lot of dos and don’ts when it comes to reducing belly fats. Protein is necessary to increase the metabolic rate in our body and maintain a ratio in muscle mass proportion. Avocados, Salmons, Olive Oil, Coconut oil etcetera are a rich source of healthy fats. Prefer soluble fiber in your diet. One must strictly avoid sugary beverages, carbs etcetera. Also, knowing what to eat and how much to eat is vital.

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Workouts to Lose Belly Fat

How to Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat Naturally


The gym is a commitment. You must be punctual and honest. Not just to your trainer but to yourself. Because whatever efforts you will put dedicatedly will ultimately bear fruit. The Instagram pictures of models that we admire are not an overnight result.  It demands intense labor and utmost discipline. You may include high-intensity interval training or weight training, according to your comfort level.

Here are few basic workouts to help you lose belly fat.

1. Sweat out on the Treadmill and Elliptical machine:

First thing first, abdominal fat can’t alone be targeted without losing the overall body fat. Running on the treadmill is considered to be the most effective way to lose fats. They burn the calories and help you lose your body fat. Start with little warm up and zero inclination on the treadmill, while simultaneously increasing the time limit and variations. Elliptical trainers are also called the cross trainers for their multi-tasking ability. It is one amazing form of cardio where you can work on resistance and speed.

2. Do Crunches:

Crunches are one of the best belly fat burning exercises. There are varieties of crushes and of course, you must have a proper planning to do them. Twist crunches, Side crunch, Reverse crunches, Vertical leg crunch are few variations. While doing crunches, you must be slow and steady, thus avoiding any kind of injury or difficulty.

3. Rolling Planks:

Plank is one of the isometric core strength exercises. It improves balance, strengthens the core, hamstrings, abs, and back. It tones the muscles. Rolling Plank is where you lose the extra belly fat while toning your abdomen muscle. You should start with maintaining the position for 30 seconds and gradually increasing it. If you want to lose belly fat, do planks on regular basis.

4. Bicycle exercise:

When it comes to training the abs, bicycle exercise is greatly preferred. Here you are supposed to lie on a mat and alternately bend your knees (as the moment of your knees while riding a bicycle) and take it near your chest; while keeping the hand behind the head.

Along with exercise, keeping a proper diet and drinking an adequate amount of water is important. While some people include intermittent fasting in their fat losing journeys, you must be aware of the pros and cons.

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Foods That Burn Belly Fat

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We require food to fuel our body. Choosing the right superfood can help us achieve our desired goal. We have already gone through the list of junks to eliminate from our everyday diet. Here is the list of foods that we need to include in our daily diet so to reduce lower belly fats.

1. Oats:-

Oatmeal is filled with goodness. This superfood cuts the cholesterol and the probiotics in it help the good bacteria in our system. Moreover, they are rich in fiber which helps in burning belly fat.

2. Olive Oil:-

Extra virgin olive oil is an essential ingredient in fat loss diets. They not only taste great but are filled with healthy fats. Coconut oil is also considered helpful for fat loss.

3. Nuts:-

There are innumerous benefits of nuts. Almonds, peanuts, groundnuts, walnuts, hazelnuts etcetera have monounsaturated fats in them. Monounsaturated fats reduce the bad cholesterol and ensure good heart health. This fat is definitely required for our body. Also, eating nuts in moderate quantity can boost our intake of vitamins, proteins, and fiber, among others.

4. Eggs:-

While following the fat loss diet, it is always advised to eat at regular intervals. And skipping the meal is never an option. Eggs are rich in protein. Adding them to breakfast, salads or pre-workout diet can boost your energy level. Eggs are considered to help in belly fat loss.

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5. Onions:-

Onions are rich in quercetin. Quercetin not only possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties but also increases the metabolism. Onion is a superfood for belly fat reduction. It can be added to salads to spice up the flavor or you can simply drink onion juice. The list of dishes goes on.

6. Fish:-

Fishes are rich in protein. Those like Salmon and Tuna are enriched with various nutrients that stop belly fat from increasing and subsequently reduce it. The benefits these fishes are also scientifically proven.

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How to Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat Naturally?

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Natural ways are not only cost-effective but also give you the best results. Make sure to adapt the natural ways to lose belly fat and practice them meticulously for best results.

1. Drink green tea:-

Green tea is filled with anti-oxidants and catechins. These help in fat burning, along with other benefits. Having a cup of green tea as a pre-workout diet can show wonderful results in belly fat loss.

2. Jogging:-

If running on the treadmill sounds tiring for you, then you can go jogging every day. Jogging is running at a slow speed. It is a form of cardio and burns calories too. So, jogging in a part or your garden is easy and a great way to lose belly fat naturally.

3. Herbs:-

Herbs have quite a lot of medicinal benefits. And one of them is losing belly fat. Herbs like Cinnamon and Ginger have thermogenic properties. They increase metabolism and help in fat burning.

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4. Drink an adequate amount of Water:-

Drinking adequate amount of water will keep you hydrated. Also, water is 100% calorie free and helps to burn calories. Drinking warm water also increases the metabolic rate.

Here are 8 more ways to Lose Belly Fat Naturally. Do read these also.

Losing belly fat is not an overnight process. It needs a good amount of investment of time in exercise and proper diet, along with some lifestyle changes. Now you know what causes belly fat and how to get rid of lower belly fat, do follow all this in your life. Also, do eat foods that burn belly fat. And remember to take a walk after every meal.

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