Best Home Remedies to Get Rid of Blackheads on Your Nose

Best Home Remedies to Get Rid of Blackheads on Your Nose

Nowadays, Blackheads are one of the most irritating problems for girls. Blackheads decrease the beauty of the face and it is unhygienic as well. It is not possible for us to go to the parlor and pay hundreds of bucks every week for cleanup. Also, it’s not good for the skin to rub it hard every now and then.

What are blackheads?

 Blackheads is a type of acne which is dark in color. These are small bumps on Nose, Chin, neck, and shoulder that appear on skin when a clog develops in the opening of hair follicles in skin. They are easy to spot on the skin due to their dark color. They don’t cause pain or inflammation.

How to pop blackheads?

Some people find popping blackheads very tempting. But before popping the blackheads, you should know the procedure.

  1. Take steam or bath before popping blackheads. It can help pores relax, and the blackheads on nose will start to loosen on its own.
  2. You have to wash your hands before removing the blackheads to prevent the spread of infection on your dermis. The dermis is the layer of skin where bacteria can be easily trapped.
  3. Take a tissue or clean cotton gauze. You can also use blackhead removal tool but remeber to sterlized tool before using it..
  4. Move your fingers back and forth around the clogged pore if you are using tissue. Apply pressure from diffrent angle by fingers. If you are using blackhead removal tool, apply pressure from diffrent angles to remove blackheads.
  5. Clean the area with mild astringent or toner. 

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To get rid of the blackheads, you don’t have to go to the parlor every time or use harsh products. You can use some home remedies along with the above steps on popping blackheads. We made this list of best home remedies for the removal of blackheads. These ingredients are easily available at your home. So, you don’t have to put extra effort to get rid of blackheads.

How to get rid of blackheads

This is the list of ways on “how to get rid of blackheads in an easy way”:

1. Pineapple pulp, honey, and sugar as a scrubber:


  • Sugar: 1/2 tbsp
  • Pineapple: 1 tbsp juice
  • Honey: 1/2 tbsp

The way of Preparation:

Take out the pulp from the pineapple and mash it. Add a half tablespoon of sugar and honey in it. After that mixed it well.

The way of application:

Rub this paste of pineapple pulp, sugar, and honey on your nose. You feel sugar crystal while rubbing. Sugar works as a scrubber. Rub this paste for 3-5 min then let it dry for a few minutes and after that wash it.

2. Honey and soda as a Mask:


  • Baking Soda: 1 tbsp
  • Honey: 1 tbsp

The way of preparation:

Mix both the ingredient thoroughly. After mixing, it looks like a paste.

The way of application: 

Apply this paste to your nose. Keep it for 10-15 min. As the paste dries on the nose. Wash your face.

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3. Egg white, corn starch and tissue paper as a peel-off:


  • Egg White from 1 egg
  • Corn Starch: 1 tbsp
  • Tissue papers as per need

The way of preparation:

Remove egg white from the egg. Add corn starch in egg white. Make a paste.

The Way of application:

Apply this paste to your nose. Tear 1 tissue paper in 4 parts. Paste 1 part of tissue paper above this paste on your nose. Again Apply this paste and then put tissue paper above it. Repeat this step 4-5 times till it creates a thick strip on your nose. Let it dry and after that peel the strip off your nose.

4. Activated charcoal and PVA glue as a peel-off:


  • Activated Charcoal Powder or capsules
  • PVA glue

The way of preparation:

Make a thick paste with charcoal powder and PVA Glue. This looks the same as the charcoal peel-off you have seen on Facebook videos.

The way of application:

Apply a thick layer of this charcoal paste on your nose and chin. Peel it off when it becomes dry. You can even see the blackheads on it. This is one of the best blackheads removers.

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5. Water, gelatin, and instant coffee as a mask:


  • Water to make paste
  • Instant Coffee: 1/2 tbsp
  • Gelatin: 1/2 tbsp

The way of preparation:

Add water, instant coffee, and gelatin to a bowl and mix it properly to make a paste.

The way of application:

Apply this paste to your nose. Rub it for some time and then leave it for few minutes. Wash your face afterward.

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How to prevent blackheads?

“Prvention is always better than cure.” Therefore, it is necessary to prevent blackheads before they arise. Here are a few ways to prevent the blackheads:

  • Use a cleansing scrub or a dry brush daily to exfoliate the skin.
  • Always keep your skin hydrated with a moisturizing cream.
  • Drink plenty of water all the day for healthier and beautiful skin.
  • Always remove makeup every night.

These are the best ways to get rid of your blackheads. These best home remedies for blackheads removal are very simple to use and these ingredients are easily available at home.

Hope you guys like it. Happy freedom from those nasty blackheads. 🙂

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