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Best Fruit Diet Plan for Weight Loss

We cannot deny the benefits of fruits for maintaining our health. When it comes to weight loss, one must always include fruits in their diet. Fruits are not only beneficial for losing weight but also in making our skin flawless.

In this article, we are speaking about the best fruit diet for weight loss. A fruit diet is a bit different from a regular diet and one can only eat fruits while following it.

A fruit diet can be continued for 2 weeks to even 2 months, depending on the result you need. Below we have shared a fruit diet plan that you can follow to lose weight super quick.

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Best fruit diet plan for weight loss

Fruits that must be included in fruit diet:


Papaya is a rich source of minerals and fibers and it also has high nutritional value. It is great for our skin.


Apples are rich in vitamins and help in reducing chances of cancer and other diseases. It is right indeed “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”.


Mangoes are very popular and have antioxidant quality.


Not only oranges are a great source of vitamin C but they also help in digestion and act as a cleansing agent to flush out all the impurities from our body.

Some quick tips:

When you are starting with the fruit diet make sure that you eat as many fruits as possible as the first few days will be the toughest. It may be easy to imagine, but quite tough when it comes to reality. Even if you get tempted to eat anything other than fruits, try and control your temptation and do not consume anything but fruits.

Start your day with fruits having high calorie for example bananas, grapes or mangoes. Starting your day with these fruits will boost your metabolism and will give you more energy. On days when you don’t have much work to do, cut the number of fruits that you consume.

Daily fruit diet chart:

Breakfast at 8 AM:

Eat 2 ripe bananas on day 1 and 2. Have mangoes on day 3 and grapes on day 4. On day 5 again have mangoes.

11 AM (Snacks):

Have half an apple on the first day and from the second day onwards you can have oranges as well.

Lunch at 2 PM:

For lunch on the first day have half an apple. Have an orange on the 2nd and 3rd day. For the 4th day have a mango. You can have a banana on day 5.

Snack at 5 PM:

One orange on day 1, 1 guava on day 2 and 3, 1 banana on day 4 and grapes on day 5.

Dinner at 8 PM:

Have a watermelon on day 1, one papaya on day 2, carrots on day 3 and pineapple for day 4 and 5.

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Some days you can also alter the fruits as per your likings. You can add fruits like strawberries, kiwi etc. You can also have coconut water as a drink. So, this is the best fruit diet plan for weight loss.

There is no hard and fast rule on the choice of fruits, you can have anything that you like just make sure that you consume less high-calorie fruits like bananas. Whenever you feel low you can always have a glass of lemon juice and salt water. It will curb your appetite, as well as lemon, will do its work by flushing out toxins and adding to your weight loss.

The fruit diet is very effective when it comes to fast weight loss but with benefits comes to some disadvantages as well. You may feel little less energetic. The suggestion here is to not to starve and have enough sleep. You can also take some home remedies for weight loss along with this fruit diet plan for weight loss.

I would like to conclude by saying that only eating healthy and being on a fruit diet will help, if you do some regular exercise and lead an active life. Try to practice exercise or yoga regularly, or just have a walk and you will notice that you have successfully lost weight.

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I hope this article will help you in maintaining a balanced weight and leading a healthy lifestyle. We would love to hear from you, your own experience with fruit diet plan for weight loss.

Stay healthy. Stay Happy..!!

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