Your skin indicates your health and your well-being. If you have dryness, blemishes then there is something in your diet which is not healthy and it hints to a wrong lifestyle. Our skin is sensitive, and it reacts according to your diet. Many of the common foods we eat on a regular basis are processed and refined which promotes inflammation and oxidation. It also fastens the process of aging. If you remove those food items from your diet, you can have glowing, bright skin.

There are dermatologists and companies producing various creams, ointments which are advised to be used but it might not be a solution. To have a long-term solution and a glamorous healthy skin, diet becomes one of the primary ways to reach the desired goal. Nutrition is unsurpassed to maintain your skin and body.

There are many research articles on healthy foods. They have found out several food items which you can add to your diet in order to maintain the charm of your skin being agelessly beautiful. We are listing few best foods for healthy skin and also some tips for healthy skin.

10 Best Foods for Healthy Skin


Generally, oats are known to be a part of the diet to maintain your calorie intake. It helps you to keep fit and slim. Often unknown, oats help in keeping healthy skin since it contains a high amount of zinc, potassium, biotin, magnesium, and potassium. You can have a regular breakfast with oats, milk and assorted fruits for best results.

You can also replace fried noodles with oats in order to get glowing skin naturally.


Remember Popeye!!! He had the energy dosage of spinach. It is also found by research that its content of carotene is an anti-aging ingredient. Hence, it is a beneficial food for healthy skin. Spinach can be used in salads with other vegetables and pinch of lemon as a quick snack. This can give you the proper dosage to be young and glowing.


Eggs are high in good quality proteins, amino acids, cholesterol and important nutrients. The egg is rich in sulphur which helps in liver function with the absorption of vitamin B. Sulfer adds to produce collagen and keratin which helps to maintain shiny nails, skin and thick hair.

Eggs are the best food for healthy skin and hairs. You can take eggs daily in your breakfast. Also, there are numbers of ways to prepare healthy eggs. You will never get tired of eating them.

8Coconut oil and Coconut Water:

Coconut is a powerful anti-oxidant that prevents wrinkles on your skin. Coconut oil helps in moisturizing as it is rich in fatty acids. Coconut oil can be used even unrefined, virgin coconut oil for your face and body. Change your cooking oil to coconut oil for better results. Coconut oil also helps in reducing weight with glowing skin.

Same way, Coconut water is also great for healthy skin. One cup of coconut water contains almost 24 milligrams of vitamin C. So, it helps in protecting your skin against damage from the sun. This property makes it one of the best foods for skin.


Avocados are high in healthy fats. These fats benefit many functions in the body. They are important to maintain thick and moisturized skin. They have vitamin C and vitamin E which becomes primary for skin care as well as protects the skin from ultraviolet rays.

The combination of vitamin A and C produce a compound named collagen which is one of the prime protein-rich bases for the skin. Often, deficiency in vitamin C and E leads to dry, scaly skin, may also develop acne and pimples. So, include Avocado in your diet for glowing skin.

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Fish is an important food which helps to maintain the wellness of the skin and hair. Omega 3 is the best compound present in fish which are fatty acids and nourishes the skin. It is necessary to keep the skin thick, moisturized with the glowing texture. Rather dry skin mainly occurs due to the deficiency of Omega 3. It reduces inflammation and helps the skin to resist the harmful effects of the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Hence, a certain amount of fish intake on a regular basis helps to brighten your skin and hair growth.


A small amount of garlic has the ability to activate liver enzymes to flush out the harmful toxins. Allicin and selenium are the main ingredients in garlic which help the liver to work better and maintains the liver in undamaged shape.

Hence, garlic becomes an antidote for the maintenance of skin as well clearing the body of the toxins. Eating garlic on daily basis can help with glowing skin.


Tomatoes are the best getaway to maintain good skin. They have high anti-oxidant content which drains away the toxins and hence curbs the threat of pimples, acne and so on.

You can directly consume tomatoes or use a paste of tomatoes and olive oil mask on your face once or twice in a week. You will get the best-desired results with regular use and continued trust on tomatoes. You can include tomatoes as main food for healthy skin in your daily diet.


Pineapple acts as a skin softener with a high content of vitamin C and bromelain. Hence, intake of raw pineapples or in the form of juice will help your skin to remain soft and hydrated. It helps to maintain the skin structure and that leads to the glowing and healthy skin. It is one of the best fruit for healthy skin.

2Sweet potatoes:

It contains beta-carotene as a nutrient hence becomes integral to help in skincare. The beta-carotene acts as a natural cover for the skin cells from being ruptures by harmful rays, wear and tear as well as pollution.

Sweet potatoes can be baked or added to salads to make them a part of your diet. It is a good diet for glowing skin as it helps skin from getting damaged.

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This is a set of 10 products which you should readily add to your diet to maintain your beautiful and healthy skin untampered by pollution and harmful rays. Always choose the best foods for healthy skin. Share with us your experiences and the positive results of infusing the above food items in your diet.